Reaching the Top

The parallels between mountain climbing and managing a business in the A-V contracting industry are many. Among the most noteworthy of their shared traits
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Reaching the Top

Feb 1, 2000 12:00 PM, Jared Blankenship

The parallels between mountain climbing and managing a business in the A-Vcontracting industry are many. Among the most noteworthy of their sharedtraits is the underlying theme of competition, and the obstacles toattaining the ultimate goal - whether reaching the peak or enjoyingfinancial success - are as difficult to overcome as they are numerous. Forboththe climber and the manager, preparation is essential; failure toprepare oneself can bring consequences far worse than simply not meetingthe desired objective. Further, the environments in which both operatepresent a series of specific challenges. The climber faces bitter winds andchillingly cold temperatures; the contractor faces the omnipresentuncertainty inherent in a technologically dependent industry. Rivals alsovie for the same goals, often throwing barriers in their wake, eitherinadvertently or deliberately. Another enemy is time. The climber mustoften make an objective before nightfall; the contractor must meetinstallation deadlines. Finally, both must compete against themselves.Apprehensions must be conquered and energy conserved if each is to succeed.

In this month's issue of S&VC, we offer the tools to help you overcome manyof the obstacles that seem to bar the road to financial success. Byexamining some of the research findings of the report commissioned by theNSCA to determine the size of the audio industry, you can supply yourselfwith information helpful in planning successful long-term strategies.Implementing those strategies, however, can be impossible without theproper supporting cast of qualified team members, and in this month'sissue, you will find articles on both hiring in today's job market andworking with consultants. The climb to the top of the mountain can be longand arduous. S&VC will help you get there.




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