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Ricoh D6500 Interactive Whiteboard

The Ricoh D6500 interactive whiteboard features a 65-inch HD touch-panel display and a range of collaboration features that are useful for larger meetings across multiple locations. Users can manage, mark up, and share documents and other content during meetings whether using their finger, the optional pen, or the intuitive tablet app, enabling them to more quickly and effectively manage and transform dynamic content. The D6500 can host up to 400 attendees via 20 connected IFPDs and 20 connected devices—including laptops, tablets, and projectors. Using the RICOH IWB app for iPad, attendees can participate in a remote meeting session that is being held on the D6500, along with viewing, drawing, erasing, adding and switching pages of the remote display from an iPad. Its interactive LCD flat panel display supports HD resolution of up to 1920×1080 for more vivid, in-depth sharing of detailed content.

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