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Cover Signal Communications The Sentry is a rugged, polycarbonate cover used to protect manual alarm stations from false alarm, vandalism,


Nov 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Signal Communications Corp.

The Sentry is a rugged, polycarbonate cover used to protect manual alarm stations from false alarm, vandalism, dust, and weather. The Sentry is designed to have little influence on area aesthetics. Instruction for use is clearly labeled, both in text and in braille. Sentry covers may be used in any application.
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Jeron Electronic Systems

The Spectrum Series security intercom offers multiple choices and powerful solutions for facilities of all types and sizes. The Spectrum Digital Duplex intercom system has the flexibility for efficient and effective handsfree or private two-way voice communication throughout an entire facility. For instant, high-speed connections and clear, crisp voice quality, the Spectrum family of products offer solutions for a variety of security applications, including secured entryways, parking structures, elevators, stairwells, dock areas, and storage rooms. The Spectrum Series is for small and large facilities requiring anywhere from 2 to 9,072 stations internally or across wide geographical areas.
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Test Equipment

PI Vision

The Rotakin is a black-and-white life-size human silhouette that displays video test charts similar to those used in video equipment laboratories. Video test charts have long been used in labs as a method for testing video equipment performance such as camera image resolution. The Rotakin testing concept allows the security industry to bring the lab to the field. The Rotakin was developed in the United Kingdom by the Police Scientific Development Branch.
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Belden Electronics Division

The HomeChoice product line includes cables for home networking, telephone services, security, energy management, CATV, direct broadcast satellite (DBS), high-definition television (HDTV), distributed audio and video, and access control. The HomeChoice line has more than 50 products to meet the changing demands of the intelligent home. Single-component cables are available for the following applications: data — Cat-5e, Cat-6 UTP cables, and fiber data cables are available for multimedia, voice, video, and data use; video — Series 6 and Series 59 coax cables are available for HDTV, CATV, DBS, SVHS, CCTV, and cable modem applications; audio — speaker cables for audio distribution applications; and security — Series 6 and Series 59 coax cables for use with CCTV applications and paired, unshielded cables for security and alarm applications.
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Door-Entry System

Aiphone Corp.

The DA two-wire audio door-entry system is an entry security system for small businesses and residential applications. The DA system uses two wires from an existing doorbell to connect the door station and activate the electric door strike without using an extra power supply or wire. The master station is equipped with a handset for private communication, a door release button, and an extra function button to activate an entrance light or gate. The vandal-resistant one-, two-, or four-call door stations have a backlit directory and are available in a choice of two color panels, silver or gray.
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The SCS-1R network enabled and encrypted central station receiver is a fully functional multiline receiver that comes ready for network/Internet monitoring. This updated version of its predecessor, the SCS-1, is fully backward compatible and has many enhancements over the previous design. Upgrade kits are available to upgrade first generation SCS-1 receiver to the new SCS-1R. The SCS-1R incorporates an all-in-one, easily rackmountable design that requires 5U of 19-inch rackspace.
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Remote Badge System

Zeosoft Technology Group

The Mobile Badger can be integrated with leading commercially available ID solutions. By integrating the Mobile Badger, organizations can extend their current investment in access control to expedite the ID badge enrollment and verification process from remote field locations using a handheld PDA device. With the Mobile Badger, organizations can easily capture and retrieve digital images and text information using a handheld PDA device with an integrated camera. It wirelessly sends remote ID badge data collection to the enterprise side imaging database for processing and printing to a PVC card printer.
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Alarm Management System

Liebert Corp.

SiteScan Web is a full-featured, open standards Web-based global monitoring and alarm management system for computer support systems in business-critical facilities. SiteScan Web minimizes the effects of unforeseen temperature changes and power interruptions in computer rooms, telecommunications centers, and industrial process control facilities through early problem detection and automatic notification of responsible personnel. Systems supported include UPS and battery systems, static transfer switches, power distribution units, HVAC equipment, generators, fuel tanks, security access points, and fire detection systems. SiteScan Web’s open architecture can incorporate graphical floor plans, maps, or building pictures.
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The OmniTouch is a colorful plug-and-play touch-screen interface for the Omni family of integrated security and home automation controllers, which coordinate security, temperature, and lighting for comfort, convenience, and energy savings.
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