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September 1999

September 1999


Outside the box: Prospering for the long haul

Alan Kruglak

As a rule of thumb, human beings are creatures of habit. The status quo is everything, and change is truly the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, encouraging…


Christie purchases Electrohome

Cindy Scullin

Electrohome Projection Systems announces that Christie has agreed to acquire the division from Electrohome Limited. The ongoing Electrohome Limited will…

Meyer opens European office

Cindy Scullin

Meyer Sound has launched a European satellite office, bringing localized and improved pre- and post-sales support to the Benelux region (Belgium, Luxembourg…

NSCA creates Education Foundation

Cindy Scullin

Plans for creating the NSCA Foundation have been approved. The educational NSCA Foundation will fund the professional development of those entering or…

Yamaha launches Web site

Cindy Scullin

The professional audio group of Yamaha’s Pro Audio & Combo division has created a World Wide Web site, now online, designed to give customers access to…

Philips announces merger

Cindy Scullin

Philips Electronics has merged Communication & Security Systems, Lancaster, PA, sales organization with Observation Systems group, Atlanta, (CCTV and…

Projectavision changes name

Cindy Scullin

Projectavision has changed its name to Vidikron Technologies Group, reflecting the transaction that combined Vidikron and Projectavision. In connection…

Crestron expands sales force

Cindy Scullin

Crestron announces the expansion of its sales force in the Midwest. Crestron partners now have Crestron-direct sales and support from a Wisconsin-based…

PHAST and Virginia Iron and Metal enter agreement

Cindy Scullin

AMX’s subsidiary, PHAST, has entered an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) agreement with Virginia Iron and Metal (VIMCO) to provide PHASTLink and…

Crown teams with California Microwave

Cindy Scullin

Crown International has reached an agreement with California Microwave, Inc. (CMI) that will bring together the satellite communications divisions of…

Digigram receives award

Cindy Scullin

Digigram, a provider of PC-based professional digital audio solutions, has been recognized with a special award by the French government, the Victoires…

Ultrak and Telexis announce alliance

Cindy Scullin

Ultrak has reached a bilateral sales and marketing agreement with Telexis, Ottawa, Ontario. This agreement makes Ultrak the exclusive distributor of Telexis’…

Ambient AVL opens

Cindy Scullin

Ambient AVL, a full-service audio, video and entertainment lighting systems design and engineering firm headed by Ron Eckerman, a 30 year veteran in the…

Richardson Electronics acquires Sahabsa

Cindy Scullin

Richardson Electronics has acquired Sahabsa S.A., a broadcast transmitter and component distributor operating in Mexico. Sahabsa has been renamed Sahabsa…

Auerbach+Associates announces new office

Cindy Scullin

Auerback+Associates and Auerback+ Glasow now have an office in San Francisco at 225 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94111. Contact by phone at 415-392-7528…

Vela moves

Cindy Scullin

The Vela OEM products group has relocated it offices to 5733 Myerlake Circle, Clearwater, FL 33760-2804. The company can be reached byphone at 727-507-5300…

OWI and IMP unite

Cindy Scullin

OWI and IMP Systems have united to create Evolution, a complete sound system for indoor and outdoor use. The Evolution line is designed to distribute…

JEC and NCTA develop standard

Cindy Scullin

The Joint Engineering Committee (JEC) of the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA) and the National Cable Television Association (NCTA)…

Digital Projection and Ballantyne form alliance

Cindy Scullin

Digital Projection and Ballantyne, Omaha, NE, announce a strategic alliance in the development and distribution of advanced digital display systems. The…

Home Automation wins award

Cindy Scullin

Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) is the recipient of the 1999 HAA Leadership Award. The Home Automation Association Leadership Award recognizes the winning…

Rane granted patent

Cindy Scullin

Rane Corporation has been granted patent number 5,848,146 for its Engineered Conference Systems (ECS)….

Analog Devices and Intel ally

Cindy Scullin

Intel and Analog Devices announce the signing of a joint development agreement to design a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core architecture. Under terms…

IMP Systems relocates

Cindy Scullin

IMP Systems announces its relocation to 3544 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127. The facility has more than doubled the company’s facility space. The company…

Telect resctructures

Cindy Scullin

Telect has launched its Signal Management Group to focus on marketing the company’s A-V product line to the broadcast and entertainment industries and…

Harman changes management of UK companies

Cindy Scullin

The structure of the Harman Pro Group Companies that are located in the UK has changed. Soundcraft, Spirit, BSS, C Audio Amek, DAR, and Allen and Heath…

SCM Microsystems and Philips Digital Video Systems team

Cindy Scullin

SCM Microsystems and Philips Digital Video Systems have cooperated on the development and deployment of OpenCable-compliant Conditional Access (CA) modules…

Intelix releases package

Cindy Scullin

Intelix has released its entire library of application and technical documentation, product specs, user manuals and software as a single CD-ROM Media…

Video Projections

Plasma display panels: form over function

Pete Putman

I recently completed an extensive test of six plasma display panels in my studio. Having now tested 12 different models in one year and after conducting…

Security Trends

The Anatomy of a false alarm

Steve Filippini

People working in the alarm industry will generally agree that the number one cause of sleepless nights and premature hair loss is the evil and dreaded…


Waves are waves

Glen Ballou

A study of the similarities and differences that exist between sound waves and light waves and some equations to quantify those defining characteristics.We…

Delivering the word

Stephen Whitesell

With a legacy dating back 144 years, St. Joseph the Work-man Cathedral, Lacrosse, WI, was founded by French, German, Polish and Irish immigrants. Their…

The Great Indoors

Ted Uzzle

The primary responsibility of architectural acoustics is to exclude outside sounds that would disturb hearing conditions. This can be especially difficult…

Under lock and key

Ted Uzzle

A primer on controlling noise, determining rumble and hiss, and predicting noise transmission.This article covers the measurement of noise and its Evaluation….

The taming of the barn

Frank Daniels

Gaines Dance Barn at Miss Porter’s School receives total aural transformation with minimal visual impact.The interior of the Gaines Dance Barn at Miss…

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