SIM2 Partners on 'Better Than Blu' System

experience for high-end home theater installations.
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SIM2 Partners on 'Better Than Blu' System

experience for high-end home theater installations.

SIM2 and Entertainment Experience have partnered to create what they call a "Better than Blu" experience for high-end home theater installations. The hardware-software content solution delivers video that they say is better than HD.

"The time has come for top-tier home theater content to move beyond HDTV standards, to a format that can truly equal archival-quality film for visual content," said Charlie Boornazian, SIM2's vice president of marketing and sales, in a statement. "SIM2 already has the display technologies well in hand to allow us to begin migrating these technologies from the commercial digital-cinema world, while Entertainment Experience has the know-how and access to help make this a practical reality."

The Digital Entertainment Solution uses SIM2'S C3X 1080 full HD 3-chip DLP home theater projector, which is capable of reference-grade home-theater imaging at up to 1920x1080p. The projector complements Entertainment Experience's Digital Entertainment Center, which includes hardware/software that stores, secures, manages, and outputs content.

Using advanced video processing, company officials say the center is calibrated to the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) color standards recently adopted by most Hollywood studios and distributors and has removable hard disk data storage to accommodate multiple DCI-standard motion picture titles ready for immediate playback. The systems' AV signal processing allows users to integrate current digital media into the advanced Digital Entertainment Solution.




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