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Sony Bravia Goes Green

Sony Bravia Goes Green

Sony added several eco-friendly features to its newest Bravia LCD television to make the display more “green.”

According to Sony officials, the new Bravia WE5 Eco TV consumes an average of 20-30 percent less power than last year’s Bravia family. Available in 40- and 46-inch sizes, the TVs operate in full 1080p HD, saving energy via a new micro-tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight that boosts efficiency without compromising picture quality, Sony said.

Other energy-saving features include an intelligent Presence Sensor that detects the body heat and movement of anyone sitting within normal range of the screen. If the viewer leaves the room to answer the door or during a commercial break, the sensor activates an energy-saving Picture Off mode, while leaving TV sound on. The picture turns back on as soon as the viewer re-enters the room, says the company. If no movement is detected in the room, the set automatically switches to standby after 30 minutes.

According to Sony, most other televisions draw a small amount of power when they’re in standby mode or even switched off. The WE5 is the first Bravia model with an Energy Saving Switch that turns the display off completely, further cutting electricity bills. When switched on again, the TV returns to its previous state.

“This year’s Bravia lineup…is an emphatic statement that Sony is serious about cutting the environmental footprint of everybody’s home entertainment experience,” said Hiroshi Sakamoto, vice president for Sony TV Marketing Europe, in a statement.

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