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Sony Expands Its Professional Display Group

Sony’s Professional Display Group has expanded its family of professional displays.

Sony Expands Its Professional Display Group

Jun 8, 2006 10:08 AM

Sony’s Professional Display Group has expanded its family of products to include a full line of personal displays (IT monitors) and public displays (LCD and plasma models).

The company has also refocused its sales and marketing efforts, forming dedicated teams to address the needs of specific display product categories, respond to customers faster and deliver even higher levels of end-user service and support.

“Our heritage is in display and in developing products that produce extremely high levels of image quality and resolution, from consumer HDTVs to top-of-the-line digital projectors,” says John Kaloukian, director of marketing for Sony’s professional display group, which is headquartered in Park Ridge, N.J. “The resources we’ve dedicated to our display group should benefit our professional customers as they continue to move into multi-format and high-definition workflows.”

New flat-panel LCD and plasma displays join Sony’s portfolio of LCD business projectors, Luma LCD professional monitors, BVM-A series CRT monitors, and SXRD 4K large venue projectors. The result is a wide variety of solutions designed to meet nearly any type of presentation requirement for professionals in markets encompassing broadcasting, healthcare, houses-of-worship, government and education, among others.

“We offer personal displays that provide the flexibility and performance needed for use as a non-linear editing workstation GUI, a back-office PC, or for automation systems,” Kaloukian says. “Our public displays are designed for digital signage applications in retail spaces, hospitality environments, sports arenas, entertainment venues and even high-altitude installations. With the addition of HD resolution, the signage potential becomes even more dynamic.”

Sony’s presence in the large-venue market has also been strengthened by the continued acceptance of its SXRD 4K projection technology, which offers more than four times the resolution of current high-definition home theater systems.

Already gaining traction in the digital cinema industry, the 4K technology is also making in-roads as a display medium for universities, lecture halls, and research facilities to conduct educational discussions, analytical viewings, scientific visualization and flight simulation.

This growing diversity of applications led to the formation of a Sony sales team dedicated to “non-cinema” large-venue projection, just one of the recent enhancements that the company has made to its display sales organization.

“Our goal is not only to sell products,” Kaloukian says, “but to also follow-up each sale with comprehensive service and support. We are well-equipped to do more than just meet and respond to market needs. Now we can anticipate needs and deliver solutions our customers really want.”

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