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Standvision Introduces Internet-Based Digital Signs

StrandVision LLC, a provider of hosted digital signage services, announced its first Internet-based digital signs for colleges and universities.

Standvision Introduces Internet-Based Digital Signs

Jun 2, 2006 10:00 AM

StrandVision LLC, a provider of hosted digital signage services, announced its first Internet-based digital signs for colleges and universities. The signs, which can be placed virtually anywhere on campuses, are an efficient way to inform students, faculty, and the rest of the community of upcoming events and news, as well as academic, sports, and club schedules.

Designed to supplement traditional communications, StrandVision digital signs are low-cost, timely, and efficient since they use institutions’ existing networks and standard televisions, LCD or plasma screens to deliver text, graphics, and video content. StrandVision digital signage is available to provide students with the latest information any time of the day or night in student centers, lounges, dorm lobbies, food courts, dining areas, etc.

“We’ve found that digital signs are a great way to communicate with students and faculty,” explained Mike Strand, StrandVision founder and CEO. “Digital signs are passive and can be ubiquitous, and students are oriented towards televisions and other electronic media. A side benefit is that digital signs can build community inside and outside of the campus walls with the Web-based distribution option. They’re a great way to reach day and non-traditional students to connect them with the larger community.”

StrandVision digital signage takes an innovative approach by delivering information over the Internet. The network is easy to set up and maintain. It requires a personal computer with Internet access to act as a server that distributes information to televisions, LCD or plasma screens over the organization’s existing cable television or local area network. Typically, campus computer or technical support staffs handle the installation in less than an hour if the display technology is already in place.

The day-to-day administration does not require any technical expertise. Administrators simply log onto the password-protected StrandVision server over the Internet to type in the latest announcements or upload photos and graphics. The entire digital signage system or designated location is updated at the next refresh within minutes. Commented Strand, “With our fill-in-the-form entry system, if you know how to browse the Web, you can do the daily updates on a StrandVision digital signage network.”

The college community is presented with a constantly scrolling text and graphics message loop. It enables them to check locations and times of their activities throughout the day. The StrandVision digital signage system can also be configured to send different messages to different locations and at different times of the day. Some institutions are using digital signs to display dining room menus, or to promote the college and encourage ticket sales in athletics and recreation centers, while others send customized information to different student areas, such as law, engineering, or education schools.

StrandVision digital signage for colleges and universities is available immediately from StrandVision and through a national network of resellers and installers. Pricing begins at $54.95/month: the annual subscription rate. Installations require a high-speed Internet connection and a personal computer with Web access to develop or receive content. A free trial is available at

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