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Tannoy V300 Loudspeaker

Micahel R. Garrison reviews the Tannoy V300 Loudspeaker

Tannoy V300 Loudspeaker

Micahel R. Garrison reviews the Tannoy V300 Loudspeaker

Peer Reviewer: Michael R. Garrison, owner, Michael Garrison Associates (MGA). MGA, a systems integrator with offices in Fresno, CA, and Springfield, MO, specializes in church assembly spaces, acoustical and technical systems consultation, as well as design-build services for audio, image display, lighting, stage, and video systems. MGA has been in operation since March 1976, and works throughout the United States.

My Pick:

Tannoy V300 loudspeaker, $4,219 MSRP (each).

What I Like About It:


System Type: Full range, ported

Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 23 kHz, ±3 dB; 49 Hz, -10 dB

Recommended Amplifier Power: 400 to 800 W/8O

Power Handling: 250 W average; 500 W program; 1,000 W peak

Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1 Meter): 98 dB anechoic; 101 dB half space

Maximum SPL: 122 dB average; 128 dB peak

Impedance: 😯

Dispersion (-6 dB): 90 degrees conical

Driver Complement: 1 x 12-inch SuperDual

Crossover: Passive 1.8 kHz

Enclosure: 3/4-inch vented, birch plywood, 1-inch MDF baffle with perforated black steel grille covered with foam

Connectors: 2 x Neutrik Speakon (NL4MP)

Dimensions: 23.25 x 14.6 x 14.75 inches

Weight: 75 pounds each

MGA has been using the Tannoy 12-inch Super Dual products (the V300 being the most recent iteration) extensively for the past 10 years because of their excellent sonic quality and smooth coverage for both speech and music reinforcement. I’ve used them in an “exploded cluster array” with great success in a wide variety of situations, including rooms with difficult geometries and acoustical characteristics.

I love the V300’s compact, relatively light-weight package with its high output, low distortion, high resolution, and nearly perfect coherency. I’ve tested many other manufacturers’ coaxial devices and haven’t found one that comes close to the combination of excellent characteristics of this product. And compared to other loudspeaker types and array technologies, this Tannoy solution is extremely cost-effective.

I Would Change:

I’ve found two minor shortcomings with the V300 that I’ve asked Tannoy to address. First, the Super Dual isn’t a true constant directivity device; although the high-frequency “beaming” is moderate, smooth, and gradual, the lack of extended high-frequency coverage to some seating areas is noticeable.

Second, although I recognize that the current power-handling capacity and efficiency of the Super Dual is amazing, I wish its maximum output was greater. I see a trend with more and more churches wanting to regularly achieve concert levels, which in some cases exceeds the capabilities of this device. If Tannoy could increase output another 3 to 6 dB without sacrificing performance in any other area, I could use the V300 in even more applications.

Where I Used It:

Northside Christian Church in New Albany, IN, which will complete its new 3,000-seat main worship assembly space later this month.

My Results:

The main sanctuary of this church has a sloped floor and stadium seating. I’ve employed three Tannoy V300s for the main mono exploded cluster array, four Tannoy V300s for the main stereo exploded cluster array, seven Tannoy V300s for the delay loudspeakers, and four Tannoy V8s for stage lip “precedence” loudspeakers. The client was extremely pleased with the performance of our Tannoy Super Dual-based loudspeaker system.

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