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LCD Monitors NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of The NEC MultiSync 60 Series includes the 15-inch NEC MultiSync LCD1560V,
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Mar 1, 2003 12:00 PM

LCD Monitors

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America

The NEC MultiSync 60 Series includes the 15-inch NEC MultiSync LCD1560V, LCD1560M, and LCD1560NX; the 17-inch LCD1760V, LCD1760NX, and LCD1760VM; and the 18-inch LCD1860NX. The NEC MultiSync LCD 60 Series incorporates screen-enhancing capabilities that deliver uninterrupted display of full-motion video for improved viewing of gaming and video applications such as presentations and streaming video. NEC's Rapid Response technology is available on most models to generate response times of 30 ms or less, eliminating ghosting or blurring. In addition, the No Touch Auto Adjust feature automatically fine-tunes screen settings to eliminate adjusting screen controls to reach preferred settings when first connecting to a new system.
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Video Generator Modules and Software Upgrade


The AVG7 analog video generator module and AWVG7 analog wideband video generator module, which are part of the TG700 test generation family, provide test signals necessary to support multistandard/multiformat needs. The addition of these modules to the range of modules offered in the TG700 family make the TG700 family capable of handling both analog and digital test signal requirements. The company also offers a version 3.1 software upgrade. This software release provides support for all 720p high-definition formats.
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Touch-Screen Technology

Smart Technologies

Digital Vision Touch (DViT) is a technology platform for touch-sensitive displays. DViT technology uses proprietary digital cameras and software to determine the contact of a finger, a stylus, a pointer, or another object on a display. Cameras situated in each corner of the display communicate position information back to a digital signal processor that determines the exact point of contact. DviT technology is being introduced on the Rear Projection Smart Board 3000i and the Smart Board for Plasma Displays interactive white boards.
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The expanded video cable line augments the current scope of professional video cables with S-video, VGA cables, VGA breakout cables, and RGB cables. The company uses Belden, Amphenol, AMP, and Kings components. The high-end video cables are geared toward studios and professional installations. The line complements the company's existing product lines of wiring systems for musical instruments, sound reinforcement, sound installation, recording and broadcast, bulk wires, connectors, adapters, and custom designs.
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The MAXX projector includes a wireless projection adapter and digital image scaling technology that converts 1,125i signals to 1,125p, enabling reproduction of HDTV or DVI images with high resolution. It also includes a two to three pull-down deinterlacer that optimizes DVD pictures by reconstructing the original progressive video. The projector is tested at an 800 ANSI contrast and a 1,600 ANSI brightness. The projector is compatible with 720p, 1,080i, and 1,080/24sF HDTV formats.
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InFocus Corp.

The Proxima DP6870 is an entry-level installation projector for conference rooms, classrooms, and training and community facilities. The DP6870 provides you with the brightness, flexibility, and connectivity needed for a broad range of applications, from traditional displays and presentations to videoconferencing and distance learning. An upgrade of the DP6860, the DP6870 is an LCD projector featuring native XGA (1,024-by-768) resolution and offering the same dependability as its predecessor with greater flexibility. At 3,500 lumens, the DP6870 is 30 percent brighter than the DP6860 with a higher 500:1 contrast ratio.
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Innovative Data Communications

The ConferencePro line consists of five-in-one projectors that let you project documents, photographs, and 3-D objects; transparencies; PC and Mac images; video (NTSC/SVHS/PAL/SECAM); and X-rays when used with the MPXR backlit accessory. That is possible by the integration of a 2 million — pixel high-resolution document camera into an LCD projector. The MP-15 is the smallest and lightest ConferencePro model, giving all the functionality of an LCD projector, high-resolution document camera, and overhead projector in a 12-pound package. The MP-700 contains all the functionality of the MP-15 as well as built-in memory to allow for storage of eight images.
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Runco International

Based on DMD technology from Texas Instruments, the Reflection CL-700 emphasizes ease of use and flexibility and has 16-by-9, 1,280-by-720 native resolution. The Reflection CL-700 is a single-chip DLP technology — based projector that creates clean, highly resolved images on screens up to 300 inches (diagonal). The CL-700 incorporates a built-in processor with a 3:2 pull-down circuit that eliminates motion artifacts, and its internal scaler can scale 480p, 720p, and 1,080i HDTV component or RGB signals. The CL-700 outputs 30.1 footlamberts of brightness while maintaining superlow black level.
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Plasma Display

Daewoo Digital

The 42-inch DP-42SM is 3.22 inches with low power consumption at 320W. The DP-42SM has 3,000:1 contrast and 600 cd/m2 brightness rating. It is HDTV compatible and capable of 480 progressive format display. Its 160-degree field of view is apparent horizontally and vertically.
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The XD-15c 3.8-pound projector has XGA (1,024-by-768) resolution; 1,100 ANSI lumens; and a 600:1 contrast ratio. In addition, this projector has HDTV compatibility, picture-in-picture, and digital zoom imaging. With a short throw lens, manual zoom/focus, digital keystone adjustment, and an autoimage function, you can be up and running with minimal preparation time. The XD-15c ships with two remotes: an ultraslim model that controls all of the projector's functions and a laser remote mouse with a built-in IR receiver.
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The DX660 home-cinema projector has a native XGA (1,024-by-768 dpi) resolution and can support SXGA (1,280 by 1,024) at 2,000 ANSI lumens using advanced compression technology. The DX660's intelligent scaling presents sharper images while its digital keystone correction makes setup easy. The DX660 can be connected directly to an HDTV decoder or to a progressive scan DVD player and supports both the standard YCbCr format and the high-end YPbPr progressive scan formats. The DX660's RS232 control port allows direct computer control while simultaneously supporting handheld wireless remote control over all projector functions.
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The PT-L6510U/UL fixed-installation XGA projectors combine improved brightness of 4,200 ANSI lumens with the company's exclusive BriteOptic built-in dual lamp system. The PT-L6510U/UL Series incorporates three 1.3-inch TFT active-matrix polysilicon LCD panels with Microlens Array to deliver bright images, text, and graphics for conference rooms, theaters, museums, convention halls, public spaces, schools, and research labs. The BriteOptic dual-lamp system delivers the power of two high-intensity light sources through a high-precision prism. Power-saving single-lamp operation is available for a projection-friendly environment, whereas two-lamp operation is ideal when high brightness is needed.
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Playback System


The DV-7PR is a real-time video playback and visual performance system. It is for use in corporate events, concerts, churches, convention centers, and seminars. The DV-7PR integrates an array of input choices (keyboard, touch screen, MIDI-based control device) to allow you to combine DV clips, digital audio, and still images into a synchronized presentation. The DV-7PR can play and loop, indefinitely drawing from as long as 13 hours of content.
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The DDM-520 frequency-agile 8VSB demodulator and MPEG-2 HDTV/SDTV decoder unit supports the multifunctional needs of any broadcast, cable, or satellite facility receiving terrestrial 8VSB signals. The demodulator is capable of demodulating an ATSC transmission received over the frequency range from 54 MHz to 860 MHz, off-air channels 2 to 69, and cable channels 2 through125. The DDM-540 frequency-agile demodulator/decoder adds to the standard features of the DDM-520 by providing for additional monitoring of signals with an HD/SDI output that conforms to SMPTE 292M and 299M. Additionally, the DDM-520 and the DDM-540 have a variety of I/O capabilities, resulting in reduced system integration costs.
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Pole Cameras

IShot Imaging

You can bring out-of-reach targets into view with the XtendaCam Series pole cameras. The slender, handheld instruments illuminate and view inaccessible areas, delivering crisp video to any monitor or recorder. Lightweight design and internal cabling make XtendaCams highly maneuverable, and their small collapsed size maximizes portability. Central to the design of the XtendaCam Series is an advanced carbon-fiber composite collapsible pole.
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Plasma Display


The latest 50-inch Plasmavision SlimScreen monitor is the high-definition P50XHA10. The redesigned wide-screen (16:9) P50XHA10 features increased brightness and greater connectivity, including a built-in stereo amplifier and a DVI-D digital input with HDCP to facilitate its use in multimedia and home-theater environments. The P50XHA10 incorporates the company's proprietary AVM digital video processor. The P50XHA10 delivers an improved 600 cd/m2 brightness, along with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio.
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Display Mount

Da-Lite Screen Company

Available in 10-foot and 15-foot linear and radius displays as well as a 60-inch-diameter single-piece or two-piece ring configurations, the Advance Multiple Mount Display can mount two monitors to the ceiling. The company provides the appropriate pipe and hardware needed. The Advance Multiple Mount Display is for use with the Advance Quick-Link Ceiling line of monitor mounts.
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The LV-5200 features 1.5-times motorized zoom. Its short throw distance enables 100-inch projections at 10.4 feet. Its low image distortion and enhanced color fidelity are for classrooms, business meetings, and home theater. Multiple interfaces include a DVI-I terminal and an analog input/output port that link to laptops, DVD players, VCRs, video game consoles, and external monitors.
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