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Film Trac TransVu rear-projection semitransparent film delivers high-contrast, high-resolution images while allowing
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video products

Dec 1, 2002 12:00 PM


Trac Associates

TransVu rear-projection semitransparent film delivers high-contrast, high-resolution images while allowing a view of the environment behind the display. TransVu delivers a contrast ratio of 250:1 and displays 16 million colors. It's designed for projecting images in applications such as retail, trade shows, museums, corporate lobbies, visual merchandising, and digital signage, where environmental light and depth of vision are still needed. TransVu offers users the opportunity to display semitransparent images on glass and other see-through surfaces.
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AV Toolbox

The imageMax is an HDTV progressive scan video up-converter for the home-theater market. It enables you to view any composite video, S-video, or YCbCr component video signal on any HDTV, plasma, projection, or PC display. By means of advanced frame buffer technology and line doubling, the imageMax can transform existing standard video from a DVD player, a VCR, a camcorder, a video game, a satellite receiver, or any other video source into a picture on any display device with an RGBHV (PC-type) or a YPbPr progressive scan input. It is for use with HDTV-ready TV sets.
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RF/Satellite Meter

Channel Vision

With the M2000, it takes one person to install a satellite dish without having to go back and forth from the dish location to the TV. It provides accurate signal and professional troubleshooting with antenna, cable TV, and HDTV satellite strength. The meter measures frequencies from 25 MHz to 1,550 MHz and can read the strength of DirecTV's third LNB.
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SIM2 USA/SIM2 Multimedia

The HT300 Plus is the newest addition to the line of Grand Cinema DLP projectors. The HT300 Plus uses the new HD2 chip set from Texas Instruments. The HD2 chip and an improved color wheel let the HT300 Plus reach a contrast ratio of more than 1,800:1. The projector offers a higher contrast ratio than the HT300, a digital input, and new cabinet colors.
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Terk Technologies Corp.

These RF modulators allow video components such as DVD players, video-game systems, and camcorders to be viewed on televisions that are not equipped with an available A/V jack. The Mini-Modulator is for consumers who need to connect only one video source component to a TV. The MOD-41 lets viewers connect as many as four video components to a television. A modulator and switcher in one, the VS4-MOD+ offers more features to expand the functionality of a home video system.
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Digital Presenter


Designed for schools, training centers, and boardrooms, the DVP505 consists of a high-resolution color camera on a moveable, extendable arm mounted over a stage with a backlight. There are also lights on arms located on each side of the stage for illumination of the subject. The presenter camera output images can be directed to a projector or computer monitor for display. To provide versatile operation, there are connections for a computer input, a microphone input, an audio output, USB, remote-control RS-232, and DC voltage.
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Plasma Display

Hitachi America

The 50-inch CMP5000WXU is for conferences, showrooms, restaurant menu boards, retail stores, and sports venues. The CMP5000WXU features XGA resolution and a 900:1 contrast ratio. Color filters and high brightness ensure rich, natural colors for lifelike imaging. The 16:9 aspect ratio display is equipped with multiscan technology to automatically adjust to VGA, S-VGA, XGA, S-XGA, or UXGA resolution for enhanced brightness and contrast.
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Masking System

Vutec Corp.

The Vision X system is available in front- or rear-screen applications. As many as five preprogrammed settings are available as well as an additional user selection. The presets usually include 4:3, 16:9, 2:35.1, 1.85:1, and full closure. The system interfaces with all automated control systems.
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Christie Digital Systems

The Roadster X9 and Roadster S9 are three-chip DLP rental staging projectors that feature inverse telecine (3:2 pull-down) digital processing and optional networking functionality. The Roadster X9 and S9 each weigh 99 pounds and deliver 8,500 ANSI lumens output in true XGA 1,024-by-768 or SXGA 1,280-by-1,024 resolution. The X9 and S9 feature a 1,500W xenon Cermax illumination system and are built on a compact, portable chassis. The Roadsters are also fitted with the proprietary Intelligent Lens System for automatic recall of lens position and LiteLOC for constant brightness over the life of the lamp.
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Plasma Display


The DP-42SM is a 42-inch plasma display panel. The DP-42SM has 3,000:1 contrast and 600 cd/m2 brightness rating. It is HDTV compatible and capable of 480 Progressive Format Display. Its 160-degree field of view is apparent horizontally and vertically. The plasma panel uses no internal cooling fans and adopts an open airflow heat-transfer system, which allows for no background or ambient noise.
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InFocus Corp.

The Proxima DP2000s is an LCD projector with SVGA resolution that meets the needs of educators. At 1,000 lumens and weighing 5.8 pounds, the DP2000s is bright enough to present in generously lit rooms and lightweight enough to make for easy carrying between classrooms. The Proxima DP2000x, with XGA resolution and 1,100 lumens of brightness, is for small and medium businesses. The Proxima DP6500x is a rugged meeting-room projector incorporating DLP technology.
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