Distribution Amplifier Communications The Pure Digital Fiberlink 8000 Series is an optical distribution amplifier (D.A.)
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Aug 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Distribution Amplifier

Communications Specialties

The Pure Digital Fiberlink 8000 Series is an optical distribution amplifier (D.A.) that may be configured to transmit from one to four channels of any type of signal(s) supported by the Pure Digital Fiberlink line of products. The 8000 Series D.A. receives an optical signal from any Pure Digital Fiberlink transmitter and then digitally regenerates and relaunches it without incurring any additional degradation to the original baseband video, audio, or data signal(s). Depending on the configuration of the D.A., the signal is relaunched over one to four separate fibers, creating as many as four identical copies of the original optical signal. Each 8000 Series unit may be configured to receive signals over multimode or single-mode fiber at wavelengths of 850, 1,310, or 1,550 nm.
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360 Systems

The Image Server 2000 is an MPEG-2 recorder/server. It is able to play three independent video programs at once, each with four digital-audio channels. A video input is also provided, and recordings may be made while two video programs are playing. The server's internal drives provide as much as a terabyte of program storage, giving 128 hours of video.
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White Boards

Hitachi Software Engineering

The StarBoard F-60 and F-75 white boards and their associated software permit presenters to run computer applications and add freehand annotations to the displayed graphics. The StarBoard F-60 and F-75 use a combination of ultrasound and infrared technology to sense the location of pen-type devices near the surface. The surface itself is not an active component and therefore is not prone to any form of degradation or to introduce spurious contact actions into the presentation. The 60- and 75-inch display areas provide a large image on which to work and provide pinpoint accuracy in running applications and adding comments and annotations to presentations.
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White Board

Smart Technologies

The mobile Rear Projection Smart Board 2000i interactive white board meets the needs of computer-using educators. Developed with educators' input, the 2000i combines the benefits of a large (66-inch/168 cm diagonal), shadowfree, touch-sensitive display with a height-adjustable design. With an easy-to-turn handle, teachers can lower the screen from teaching height to one that is easily accessible for students of all ages, including those with special needs. The 2000i includes an integrated projector with an extended-life lamp as well as free software upgrades.
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Analog Way

The product offerings around the Graphic Switcher II have been realigned to suit most events and installation needs. Pack 3 comprises three Graphic Switcher IIs, three multiscreen add-ons, one show manager, and one remote-control unit. Pack 2 provides two Graphic Switcher IIs, two multiscreen add-ons, one show manager, and one remote-control unit. Pack 1 includes one Graphic Switcher II and one multiscreen add-on.
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Epson America

The PowerLite S1 is a 1,200-ANSI-lumen, portable projector. The high-end feature set includes a two-year warranty, a high-quality carrying case, and a lamp rated at 2,000 hours. The PowerLite S1 uses three ½-inch LCD panels to project a variety of computer and video images in SVGA (800 by 600) native resolution with a contrast ratio of 400:1. Its exterior is designed to reduce light leakage and contribute to quiet operation, as low as 33 db.
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Models VB443F and VB43FBD video balun transceiver/combiners are unshielded twisted-pair transmission systems. The VB43 models can send quality color or monochrome video over unshielded twisted-pair cables for distances of as much as 1,000 feet (750 feet into DVR equipment), eliminating the need for coaxial cable. In addition, they interface with four-pair Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-5e, or Cat-6 cables to send camera power and RS422 control signals. In that way, one four-pair cable connects all of the necessary functions to and from the camera/PTZ to the head end — one pair for video, one pair for RS422, and two pairs for power.
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Conferencing System

Advanced Media Design

The MediaPointe SystemTwo scalable conferencing system is designed for multiple participants in a work group conferencing environment. Features include collaborative onscreen annotation, Far End system control if systems are MediaPointe environments, and support for all types of display devices. Media conferencing capabilities are realized with up to 2 Mb ISDN and up to 3 Mb IP. It also offers dual video streams, XGA resolution to the far end, and multipoint capabilities.
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CRT and LCD Monitors

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America

The 22-inch CRT monitor supports Adobe RGB at 93 percent color gamut for NTSC. Designed for use in high-end graphics applications including Digital Still Camera and imaging, the model provides the highest level of color matching to other output devices. Also, the wide-gamut 22-inch LCD monitor has LED backlighting technology. With a color gamut that exceeds 100 percent for NTSC and maximum brightness of more than 600 cd/m2, the display reproduces higher-fidelity colors without compromising brightness, contrast, and viewing angles.
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International Fiber Systems

The VT1500WDM Kalatel video transmitter and data receiver is designed for use in the Kalatel Cyberdome system. The unit mounts into the dome's wallmount. It changes the Cyberdome camera from a standard coaxial connection dome to a direct-to-fiber connection. The optical output of the dome is compatible with the standard VR1500WDM or the VR1500WDM-CC receiver.
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Annotation Module

Elmo Manufacturing Corp.

The EVR-100 permits document camera users to annotate, underline, or highlight any document, photo, or flat art without damaging the original piece. It is designed for active presenters such as educators, training professionals, and medical personnel who require a simple way to annotate in longhand instead of using a mouse. The EVR-100 fits onto any of the company's full-featured analog or digital document camera. It simplifies the storage of notes, formulas, bullet points, and other aids without the need for a computer or other digital accessories.
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Sanyo Security Products

Two digital video recorders with integrated system multiplexers are the 9-channel Model DSR-3009 and the 16-channel Model DSR-3016. Applications include schools and campuses, government facilities, and commercial and industrial markets that have an increased demand for digital recording solutions. The expanded storage capacity and remote access make the units convenient for security directors to manage and store images for their large video requirements. Each unit has two bays, which are capable of 160 GB per bay, for a total of 320 GB per unit.
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Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems Company

The PT-LC76U (pictured) XGA and the PT-LC56U S-VGA microportable LCD projectors provide users with top features as well as easy setup and operation and security functions. The projectors are slim at 2.6 inches high, weigh 4.8 pounds, and are simple to install and operate with three control buttons: power, input, and auto setup. The projectors' one-touch auto setup function with digital keystone correction allows them to be set up in 1½ seconds. The built-in gravity sensor determines the projectors' angle relative to the floor (up to 30 degrees) and corrects for keystone distortion accordingly.
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Video Converters

Sigma Electronics

Designed to fit any 2100-series frame, the ADC-2100 and DAC-2100 video converters feature high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2 SMPTE 259M/ITU-R.BT656 serial digital with EDH and multiple format analog inputs/outputs. Internal user-controllable processing amplifier controls with presets allow for adjustment of gain, DC offset, hue (on composite and Y/C), and saturation. In addition, there is an internal color bar generator and an internal VCXO with a dejitter loop filter to handle digital jitter before the encoding process. The ADC-2100 and DAC-2100 are compatible with the 2100-series SS-2100-12Plus, a 3 RU frame with redundant power supply; the SS-2100-16Plus, a 3 RU frame and power supply; the SS-2100-2 desktop box; the SS-2100-6 modular frame; and the SSB-21 standalone box.
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Distribution Amplifiers

Kramer Electronics

The VP-123 and VP-123V are high-performance 1:3 distribution amplifiers for graphics and component video signals. Both machines use 5 BNCs for each output. Bandwidth of over 370 MHz ensures that the VP-123V remains transparent even in critical broadcast or high-resolution applications.
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