Conversion Boxes The DVI to RGBHV and RGBHV to DVI Conversion Boxes can be used as standalone boxes or with RGBHV, Cat-5, and
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Oct 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Conversion Boxes


The DVI to RGBHV and RGBHV to DVI Conversion Boxes can be used as standalone boxes or with RGBHV, Cat-5, and high-quality signal-routing systems. For example, a computer DVI output can now be converted to RGBHV and routed through the main analog video distribution system, including Cat-5 solutions for distribution over structured wiring. Conversion boxes provide video throughput from 640 by 480 (VGA) up to 1,600 by 1,200 (UXGA). Other features include DDC support and a USB port on the RGBHV to DVI version for user adjustment of contrast, brightness, and position.
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Plasma Display

JVC Professional Products Company

The 50-inch GD-V501U plasma display monitor, with a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees and bright high-contrast pictures, is designed to meet an array of business, communications, entertainment, and public-display applications, including the creation of multiscreen display systems. The GD-V501U offers rich colors, deep blacks, and bright whites as well as video picture quality with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. Gamma-correction circuitry optimizes luminance gradation within a scene, providing better reproduction of low-light elements. New phosphors and a new front glass filter improve the color purity of blues and reds to produce pure, rich natural coloration.
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Sync Generator

Sigma Electronics

The TSG-470D digital master sync generator provides high confidence sync for both broadcast serial digital signals and the mixed-format analog/digital signals encountered in post-production and operational environments. The TSG-470D was designed to deliver all the timing and test signals needed to satisfy any application in NTSC, PAL, or mixed standard installations. The unit is equally comfortable performing as a master sync generator or a slave unit when genlocked to an external reference clock. The single-rackspace TSG-470D provides input and output features and options, allowing installation across a broad range of applications.
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Jupiter Systems

The Display Wall Controllers organize and manage the data in a transportation control room's display, enabling operators to track and control the highways, traffic signals, and intersections of an entire city or state. The Display Wall Controllers assemble data collected from a range of sources — such as road, equipment, or passenger monitors; road-condition, weather, or accident-tracking systems; high-resolution devices; as well as local and remote applications — and display the information in flexible, interactive configurations on a display wall.
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Plasma Monitor


Zenith's 42-inch wide-screen EDTV plasma monitor, the Model P42W24P, delivers a high-quality 852-by-480p resolution picture. High-performance features — including Intelligent Image Scaling, built-in aspect ratio correction, and RS-232 controls — are enhanced by a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. Additional inputs are provided for composite, component, S-video, and RGB (VGA and SVGA), assuring full compatibility with digital and traditional video sources. The P42W24P also features digital visual imaging as well as high-definition digital copy protection to protect the integrity of digital content as it is transmitted.
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Barco Digital Cinema

The D-Cine Premiere DP100 2k resolution projector employs a flexible construction, featuring a fully integrated digital projector head and separate pedestal, to both simplify and enable a range of installation configurations. Adding to the benefits of the integrated projection head, the D-Cine Premiere projector is equipped with a hermetically sealed optical assembly, a DMD convergence system, and Constant Light Output software to ensure performance over time. The digital projection head employs a modular construction enabling all key projector elements, including the lamp, to be quickly removed for on-site service. In addition, high-efficiency air and water-cooling systems maximize the DMD reflector and lamp lifetimes.
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The Presentation Jockey (Part No. VS810R) is a tool that adds power and flexibility to presentations by connecting as many as eight PCs or laptops to a monitor or projector. Applications include sales presentations, boardroom meetings, and training sessions. Built-in remote control makes it effortless for presenters to flip between computer sources to create a dynamic presentation. Input sources can also be switched from push buttons on the unit itself.
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Plasma Display

Sony Electronics

The PFM-42V1 PlasmaPro is a 42-inch wide-screen display featuring WVGA resolution and antireflective panel protection for high-contrast image display. The PFM-42V1 PlasmaPro monitor was designed to be a conduit for sales and marketing promotions for digital signage applications, including point-of-purchase and brand advertising, as well as information display in transportation hubs. It is for setting the right mood in restaurants, casinos, clubs, and lounges playing background video to entertain. The monitor's rugged yet durable design also makes it ideal for rental and trade-show applications.
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The MT112-104 control card offers six relays, four I/O ports, four IR ports, and two RS-232 (send only) ports. It takes one slot in a MultiTasker enclosure. The MT112-104 can be used to control lighting, raise and lower projection screens, and control projectors, videotape players, and DVD players. An optional smart cable can be used with the MT112-104 to learn the IR commands from any IR remote control being replaced by the MT112-104 to control A/V devices. The control card uses terminal blocks for all input and output connections and receives power and control commands from the MultiTasker enclosure.
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Pesa Switching Systems

New for the MCLite digital master control switcher is the addition of status displays for the PVW/PGM push-button panel. The MCLite is Pesa's compact, low-cost, multichannel SDTV master control switcher available with a wide range of processor and control panel options. Multichannel, multiformat, and centralcasting operations benefit from the modular nature of the MCLite, allowing each channel to be fitted with the appropriate amount of processing power.
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The PT-L780U portable XGA LCD projector has a high brightness of 3,200 ANSI lumens and a 500:1 contrast ratio. Weighing 12.8 pounds, the projector incorporates three TFT active matrix polysilicon LCD panels and a 270W UHM lamp to deliver 3,200 ANSI lumens of brightness for applications in classrooms, conference and training rooms, auditoriums, churches, lecture halls, and other large venues. The PT-L780U displays vibrant colors and bright, vivid images in true 1,024-by-768 XGA/maximum UXGA resolution with a 90 percent image uniformity. Ensuring easy setup and operation, the PT-L780U offers one-touch auto setup with horizontal and vertical digital keystone correction, and its versatile lens allows powered zoom/focus adjustment.
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