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Plasma Display NEC's PlasmaSync 42MP4 is a 42-inch plasma display with progressive scan XGA native resolution (1042 by 768). The
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video products

Jun 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Plasma Display


NEC's PlasmaSync 42MP4 is a 42-inch plasma display with progressive scan XGA native resolution (1042 by 768). The display uses NEC's Capsulated Color Filter and AccuCrimson technologies for accurate color production. A digital zoom function lets users enlarge any part of the screen as much as three times and includes a flexible panning function for use in presentations.
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The Proxima Pro AV 9550 and Proxima Pro AV 9500 LCD digital projectors are geared for large conference rooms, auditoriums and staging events. Based on the AV 9410, the AV 9550 delivers images at 5800 ANSI lumens; the AV 9500 has 5200 ANSI lumens. Both weigh 45.2 pounds, are compatible with all standard data and video sources and have seven user-replaceable, optional lenses and modular design for on-site customization.
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Rear Diffusion Screen

Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen's Graphite series of rigid rear diffusion screens are anti-hotspotting screens engineered to optimize digital projectors, thus creating clear images and deep, rich black levels. The screen uses a diffusion surface layer fused on an acrylic substrate to absorb backscatter.
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Projection System


The Dukane Projection System includes all the components for installing and operating a data/video projector mounted on a suspended ceiling. The system can be installed in less than an hour and fits on ceilings with standard 2-by-2 or 2-by-4-feet tiles. Users get a projector, a high-grade VCR, a video camera on a flexible arm, stereo speakers, the ceiling mount unit and plenum cables for connecting the system.
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Projector Security

Chief Manufacturing

Chief Manufacturing's All Points security system uses obscure components and a steel-to-steel design that locks into the projector and mounts at key connection points such as projector-to-bracket, bracket-to-mount and mount-to-column. The optional system is included free with every RPA series projector mount.
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Projector Mount

Peerless Industries Inc.

Peerless has introduced a series of accessories for the company's VectroPro LCD projector mount. The Vibration Absorber features rubber bumpers for isolating the mounting point of the projector to the mounting surface, the Cord Management Adapter lets the installer route cords through a Peerless extension column and the Cord Wrap conceals cords next to an extension column or threaded rod. Also, the Side-to-Side Adjuster offers four inches of radial adjustment around the extension column or flushmount tube.
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Projector Mount

SMART Technologies

The SMART LightRaise projector mount has a telescoping projector boom and multimedia console that attach to a wall in classrooms and meeting rooms. It is designed for use with the SMART Board 560 and 580 interactive whiteboards, and the unit can be raised or lowered for easy access to the projector. The projector mount features a cable management system, and the unit's console holds both a computer and a VCR or DVD player.
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Plasma Displays


At 42 inches and 50 inches respectively, the PPM42S2 and PPM50H2 are large-screen plasma displays aimed at professional video and audio, financial, multimedia presentation and digital signage markets. Both units have a 3.5-inch bezel, Samsung's 3D noise reduction and digital detail enhancement for 160-degree viewing angles. The plasma displays feature on-screen graphics menus and universal remote controls.
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Projection System

Christie Digital

The CS70-500Xe stackable display cube displays native SXGA (1280-by-1024) resolution across a 70-inch diagonal, high-contrast, high-gain screen. It is 34 inches deep and uses a 500W CERMAX Xenon user-replaceable lamp and projects more than 700 cd/m2 (nits) ANSI brightness. The RPMS-500Xe, the CS70-500Xe's rear-projection component, is a self-contained industrial design package meant for customized display wall installations. It displays native SXGA resolution and supports up to UXGA (1600-by-1200) resolution. The RPMS-500Xe provides 1200 ANSI lumens brightness.
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Distribution Amplifiers

HRS Technologies

The DR5 series of distribution amplifiers are high-resolution RGB, RGBS, RGBHV and YUV component video and HDTV distribution amplifiers. With as high as 400 MHz video bandwidth, the DR5 series has three models: The HRS-02-DR5 has two sets of five BNC outputs, and the HRS-04-DR5 and HRS-06-DR5 have four and six sets of BNC outputs respectively. All of the units use precision amplifier circuitry and individually buffered outputs for signal integrity when distributing high-resolution video or data to projectors, monitors, LCDs and plasma panels.
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Decoding Software


The CineView Prism software package for the CineView Pro family of MPEG decoders lets users transcode MPEG-2 (4:2:0: and 4:2:2) files into streaming video formats in real time. Starting with MPEG-2 source files, the CineView Prism allows MPEG-1, Real G2 and Windows Media Format (WMF) files to be created independently or simultaneously on a single platform. It also lets users recall and view stored MPEG-2 files in real time as MPEG-1, Real G2 or WMF files.
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Boxlight's MP-39t has 3300 lumens, 1024-by-768 XGA resolution and an optional network connection, which lets an administrator perform basic maintenance functions such as troubleshooting and checking lamp life. It has 90 percent brightness uniformity, SXGA compression and a 550:1 contrast ratio. The projector also offers power lens shift, optional lenses, digital keystone adjustment and digital zoom imaging.
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LCD Monitor

TV One

The LTM-150X-DV color LCD monitor accepts composite video, S-Video, digital video (IEEE-1394), stereo audio and PC signals. It supports worldwide TV systems and NTSC, PAL and SECAM. The LTM-150X-DV uses active matrix LCD displays and is available in a molded plastic desktop case or in a metal 19 rackmount case.
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