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TV Building on the CSC-1100A, TV One's CSC-1100A/RS video scaler uses a RS-232 control interface for easy systems integration. It accepts
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video products

Jul 1, 2002 12:00 PM

TV One

Building on the CSC-1100A, TV One's CSC-1100A/RS video scaler uses a RS-232 control interface for easy systems integration. It accepts and autodetects input standards of NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL-N and SECAM. The scaler provides a 4:3 aspect ratio, RGBHV outputs as VGA, SVGA or XGA signals and a 16:9 aspect ratio output for plasma displays and HDTV displays as either RGBHV or YpBpR. The CSC-1100A/RS accepts composite and S-Video signals, which allows VGA monitors, LCD panels, projection TVs and plasma displays to reproduce almost any video source.
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Front-Projection Screen


Vutec's Silver Star, a flat front-projection screen, is geared toward achieving high gain, high contrast and color purity in ambient light. The screen is available in gains of 4.5, 6.0 and 9.5 and sizes from 48 inches high to 96 inches wide. (60-by-120-inch screens will be available in August 2002.) The screen can be multiplexed to form theater-size screens, and Vutec's engineering department will design and specify SilverStar systems.
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The ImagePro 8801 weighs seven pounds less than its predecessor, the 8800, and has component in video, Whisper mode for lower decibel levels and HDTV capability. It will display images from Macs or PCs and video from DVD and VHS. The ImagePro 8801 features 1024-by-768 XGA resolution, compressed SXGA and 2000 lumens of brightness.
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Surveillance Camera


The IK-64WDA is a ⅓ CCD color camera with an ultradynamic range 133 times that of a standard camera. Geared for low-light and extreme contrast situations, the camera is designed to produce legible images from sources that have been backlit. It comes equipped with multiple Day/Night modes and a Super Day/Night mode, which transforms the camera's sensitivity to 0.003 Lux at F1.2. The IK-64WDA also offers a 53 dB signal-to-noise ratio, menu-driven programming, 480 TVL resolution and sharpness control.
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LCD Projectors


Pansonic's 802.11b-compliant, wireless PT-L730NTU allows for continuous, cable-free presentations from multiple PCs. The unit weighs eight pounds, offers brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens, a high-contrast ratio of 400:1 and a native resolution of 1024-by-768 XGA. The PT-L720U XGA provides 2200 ANSI lumens, and the PT-L520U SVGA delivers 2000 ANSI lumens for high-quality video and data images, a high-contrast ratio of 400:1 and resolutions of 1024-by-768 XGA and 800-by-600 SVGA, respectively.
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Plasma Mount

Peerless Industries Inc.

The SolidPoint plasma wallmount for 32-50 screens have been redesigned to hold the screen closer to the wall and to provide security, versatility and ease of installation. The flat design with no tilt holds the screen 1.5 inches away from the wall, and the version with tilt adds approximately 2 inches to the depth of the screen. Theft-resistant fasteners secure the plasma screen to the mount.
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Wallmount Rack

Middle Atlantic Products Inc.

The SR-40-28 pivoting rack has a 26-inch useable depth in a 28-inch-deep enclosure. Swing-out design gives unrestricted rear access to equipment. The SR-40-28 provides 40 rackspaces, the ability to hold 500 pounds of equipment, front vents and vented rail brackets for cooling and a draw latch that can be padlocked.
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Plasma Mount

Premier Mounts

The CTM series provides a sliding-rod system usable on walls, ceilings or floors. They use a 4½-inch bolt pattern and can mate with any of Premiers' suspension adapters, wall arms, stands and display carts. The CTM's single wall plate offers more than 12-degree tilt, holes for wall mounting to 16-inch OC studs and lateral shift capability on dual sliding rods. The series comes in six kits that can mount more than 140 plasma displays from a variety of manufacturers.
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Christie Digital

The FRC-5000 is a Christie-developed controller for control rooms and high-performance videowalls. Integrating and organizing media sources onto large-screen displays, the unit features a rackmount design that combines comprehensive management software with reliable hardware architecture. It has dual Pentium III 1GHz processors, 1.5 GB of DDR SDRAM, dual Ethernet interfaces and a suite of multimedia capabilities.
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TV Upgrade Cards


Zenith's ProSelect series of add-on cards expands the capabilities of the company's line of commercial-grade televisions. The series consists of a lieutenant control and status monitoring card, which lets the viewer control power, monitor communications status and adjust volume and channel settings from a remote computer. The cadet RS-232 interface card allows access to MPI commands, and the general MIDI protocol converter card translates user commands into MPI commands.
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Digital TVs

Samsung Electronics

Samsung's DynaFlat series of luxury digital televisions includes the TXM2798HF, the TXM3298HF and the widescreen TXM3098WHF. Each unit features a NEO cabinet design that incorporates a flat-screen CRT and darker bezel to improve contrast. The cabinet has a built-in subwoofer satellite system with bottom-firing speakers. The DynaFlats also include Samsung's Digital Pro-Picture conversion system for enhancing analog signals.
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Video Scaler




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