Data-Processing Eyeglasses The Eyetop is a real pair of glasses that can be worn anywhere, both day and night. In addition to its
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May 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Data-Processing Eyeglasses


The Eyetop is a real pair of glasses that can be worn anywhere, both day and night. In addition to its resolutely high-tech design, the glasses have a miniaturized screen in one of the sidepieces. This high-resolution color screen is visible in large format on the side, without obstructing the field of view. The settings are simple, and the device can be adapted to all faces.
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The 50-inch P50XCA11, 42-inch P42HCA11, and 42-inch P42VCA21 are redesigned from previous models to provide improved image quality with higher brightness and contrast, along with a host of features that make them ideal for use in commercial installations. They are designed to deliver image quality and installation flexibility. All three models incorporate the exclusive Advanced Video Movement advanced digital video processor. The processor eliminates motion artifacts and flicker, improves vertical resolution, and reproduces natural movement with ease.
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LCD Monitors and LCD Television

Norcent Technology

The 14-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch, and 20-inch monitors feature a TFT active-matrix display screen, whereas the 15-inch TV has a high-resolution panel that offers more than two times more pixels than standard LCD televisions. The plug-and-play LCD monitors are easy to set up and use and provide picture quality with nearly side-to-side viewing. They can be set on a desktop or wallmounted. Also, their flip-down design allows positioning angles of up to 90 degrees.
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Scaler Card


The MT106-102 scaler card for the MultiTasker system accepts both composite and S-video signals and scales them to SVGA, XGA, SXGA, or UXGA output through a 15-pin HD connector. Additional nonstandard resolutions are available for plasma displays. The MT106-102 also has computer input on a 15-pin HD connector and will pass through VGA-to-UXGA resolution signals. The MT106-102 scaler card allows standard broadcast video signals to be resized to match the native resolution of the output device, typically a projector.
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LED Technology and Projection Solutions


The ILite indoor display technology combines high brightness with high resolution in a slim, modular package. The DLite LED display offers picture quality, unlimited scalability, uniform and seamless images, and reliability. The SLM R8 and G8 Performer projectors offer brightness levels of 8,000 lumens as well as features geared at the rental and staging markets. The ELM R12 reaches brightness levels of 12,000 lumens and offers the seamless switching and high-contrast mode.
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LCD Mounts

Peerless Industries

The Vision-Point line of mounts for LCD screens has been expanded with the introduction of three desktop designs, which include an articulating desktop mount, a vertical desktop mount, and a height-adjustable desktop mount. The desktop articulating arm features a gas spring cylinder, which allows for a full range of motion. The vertical desktop mounts offer a sleek design with an aluminum support arm. The height-adjustable desktop mount features a spring-loaded arm to adjust the height of an LCD screen at four 1-inch increments along the pole.
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The VP-720DS and VP-723DS are true multistandard video and graphics to RGBHV scalers that provide picture quality under any condition. Whether the source is computer-generated graphics or any video format, the output, on all types of screens and projectors, is the best possible, regardless of the limitations of the screen's native resolution. These two machines convert video, S-video, component video (SDTV and HDTV), VGA-through-UXGA, and DVI-D signals to any of ten user-selectable pixel rates: VGA (640 by 480), SVGA (800 by 600), XGA (1,024 by 768), SXGA (1,280 by 1,024), UXGA (1,600 by 1,200), 1,024 by 852, 1,024 by 1,024, 1,366 by 768, 1,365 by 1,024 and 1,280 by 720. The VP-723DS has three additional output modes: 480p, 720p, and 1,080i in component format with trilevel sync.
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A remote DigiOptic Image Processor (DOIP) has been added to the HT300 Plus DLP front projector to provide greater installation flexibility and a wider choice of inputs. This advanced fiber optic solution provides quality connections to video sources as far as 1,600 feet away. The Grand Cinema HT300 Plus delivers color fidelity, sharp details, and picture quality. The HT300 Plus Link uses fiber-optic cabling to allow for one connection from the proprietary DOIP to the projector.
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Rear-Projections Screen

JVC Professional

CinePro and CineClear rear-projection screens can be mounted in air in high ambient light and still provide a high level of contrast. The CinePro screens can show high-quality, high-contrast images without shrouding or encasement needed to avoid ambient light. The CinePro Super High Contrast screen appears almost black until projected upon. The CineClear screen is completely transparent yet can display standard images from a single projector to create an apparent 3-D image.
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Macroblocking Detection Module


The SQM-175 macroblocking detection module enhances the system capabilities of the SQM-Signal Quality Manager System by addressing the need to monitor errors in MPEG-2 streams. The SQM-175 module accepts two independent composite analog signals. The module is applied to systems using integrated receiver/decoders to receive digital satellite transmissions. Each IRD has an analog monitoring output that connects to the SQM-175 module.
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Texas Instruments

The 2K resolution system is designed to broaden the company's DLP Cinema technology by allowing its customers to develop a range of products intended to fill movie screens of all sizes with the clear, sharp DLP Cinema image. This system complements the portfolio of DLP Cinema technology — enabled products offered by manufacturers Barco, Christie, and NEC Viewtechnology/Digital Projection International. DLP Cinema technology was designed to meet the needs of the theatrical community. DLP Cinema technology has been approved by the majority of Hollywood studios as a format to show first-run feature movies.
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DVD-Audio/Video Player

Denon Electronics

The DVD-9000P DVD-audio/video player is a THX Ultra — certified source component that achieves new levels of DVD video and surround-sound audio quality. It features advanced digital video and audio technologies, such as PureProgressive scan component video output with 3:2 pull-down detection, multichannel DVD-audio playback with bass management, and Analog Devices 14-bit, 108 MHz video D/A converters with 4-times oversampling for progressive-scan playback. PureProgressive technology employs the Silicon Image SiL 504 digital video processor, which is capable of real-time computation at more than 6 billion operations per second for seamless, artifact-free image quality. PureProgressive also features technologies such as an advanced Cubic Interpolating De-Interlacer with four-field processing, which is able to detect and correct motion artifacts on a pixel-by-pixel basis and a Source Transition Management function that provides smooth transitions between the processing of film- and video-based DVD content.
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The Stingray is a distribution amplifier. Compact and efficient, the Stingray is a feature-rich 1-in/2-out VGA distribution amplifier integrated into a flexible 12-inch molded cable. The cable accepts standard VGA-to-UXGA input through a 15-pin connector and provides two buffered, 15-pin outputs, one for a local monitor within 75 feet of the source and another for a 250-foot run to a display device. The cable needs no external power supply.
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Schneider Optics

Theatre Design Pro (TDP) 3.2 is available as a free download. Version 3.2 incorporates new capabilities and flexibility to aid facility designers working in the cinema, private theater, corporate boardroom, exposition facility, and museum exhibition industries. TDP 3.2 also enables you to select and specify the optimal projections lens for any film, video, or digital projection system. TDP 3.2 is a software package that gives room designers tools to determine how images will look in a room before the room is built and before a lens is purchased.
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Multimedia Displays

AG Neovo

The multimedia-rich F-315 and F-317 feature built-in speakers, Sound Retrieval Systems audio technology, internal audio amplifier, Picture-in-Picture, and a stylish design. The tuner is compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards and doubles as a picture frame. It is cable-ready with as many as 128 channels; supports TV, CATV, and video functions; and provides full control of all TV commands through an infrared remote control. The F-315 and F-317 are designed for all audio/video multimedia applications, including digital video, gaming, music, and movies.
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Hitachi America

The CP-SX5600W is a high-definition liquid crystal on silicon projector that is light enough for mobile users and feature-rich enough to use in a corporate boardroom or a theater-like environment. The CP-SX5600W features 1,800 ANSI lumens and sharp SXGA resolution. It weighs 12 pounds, making it portable, and includes multiple connectivity options such as DVI, analog RGB, component, composite, and S-video. Vertical and horizontal keystone correction functions also allow the presenter to work around seating arrangements where the path of the projected image can be obstructed.
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