Lift Auton Motorized The Plasma Lift comes in six standard sizes to accommodate 24- to 80-inch plasma TVs. Custom models are also
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Sep 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Auton Motorized Systems

The Plasma Lift comes in six standard sizes to accommodate 24- to 80-inch plasma TVs. Custom models are also manufactured. The new sizes represent one of many updates to the Plasma Lift, the first of which is a swivel option. There are three styles to choose from: the ceiling pop-down, the up-and-down lift, and the flip-down model.
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Jupiter Systems

The midrange Fusion 960 controller delivers four times the processing power and bus bandwidth of the earlier Fusion 950 controller. The Fusion 960 display wall controller processes the array of graphical data found in a control room environment — including local applications, remote network applications, and directly connected video and analog RGB inputs — and displays them in scalable, moveable windows across a tiled screen array. Display devices can be arrays of monitors, LCD or plasma panels, projection cubes, or a rear-projection system. All data sources are accessed from an intuitive and consistent interface that provides complete control of the virtual display.
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Hitachi Software Engineering

StarBoard Software Release 5.1 supports the StarTablet T-18SX 18-inch TFT interactive display, the StarBoard F-60 and F-75 interactive white boards, the StarBoard R-70 interactive rear-projection display, the StarBoard SB — series white boards, and the EM Panel displays. StarBoard Software Release 5.1 permits you to run computer applications and add freehand annotations to the graphics using simple pen-type devices and dry-erase markers. When running applications, the pen devices act like a mouse. In Annotation mode, the pen acts like a writing instrument, annotating the presentation with text, lines, geometric objects, and highlights.
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WinDVR 3 is the latest version of digital video recorder (DVR) software. In addition to recording TV programs on a PC hard drive for future viewing and providing time-shifting options that allow you to skip commercials, pause, and replay live TV, WinDVR 3 offers digital video camcorder control and file conversion features. By combining those capabilities with flexible VCD/SVCD/DVD recording features, WinDVR 3 delivers desktop PC/TV/camcorder convergence and video quality. The new personal video recorder includes a setup wizard that simplifies installation.
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Light Meters

Extech Instruments Corp.

The Model EA30 measures from 40 to 40,000 Fc (40 to 400,000 Lux), and the Model EA31 measures from 20 to 20,000 Fc (20 to 200,000 Lux). Both provide measurements with 0.01 resolution and 3 percent accuracy. Readings are seen on the large LCD with low battery and overrange indications. Measurements are cosine and color corrected.
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Video Wall System

Da-Lite Screen Company

The Trooper Reflex II video wall system is a customized floating screen framing system that expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. The Trooper Reflex II video wall system has a thermal expansion rate that is similar to the acrylic screen, eliminating the possibility of the screen warping. The framing system is a completely integrated structure with an image-to-image spacing between the screens of less than 1 mm for a seamless image. The Trooper Reflex II is available in screen sizes from 50 inches to 120 inches diagonal.
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Projection Display

Digital Projection

The iVision HD is an entertainment-oriented single-chip projection display based on DLP technology. The 1,280-by-720 native resolution iVision HD weighs 6.5 pounds and delivers 1,000 ANSI lumens and 2,300:1 contrast ratio in a compact and portable chassis. The iVision HD is designed for a variety of home cinema, media, and entertainment applications. It comes standard with a 1.75 to 2.25:1 zoom lens as well as a soft-shell carrying case and infrared remote control.
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Designed to provide you with lower maintenance and operating costs, dual UHP lamp technology is now available for the CS70-D100U projection display cube and the RPMS-D100U rear-projection module. With this advanced technology, the two new models are for multimedia wall displays requiring larger screen sizes, higher brightness, and reliable performance in 24/7 operations. The exclusive dual lamp UHP-based system complements the company's existing Xenon lamp solutions and, together, offers a range of custom-configurable solutions combining brightness, performance, and cost-to-maintain factors. Eight lamp operating variations are possible, providing up to 1,100 ANSI lumens brightness.
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The 4×4 DVI Matrix Switch enables maximum access to digital devices with minimum networking hassles. Tailored to studios, home theaters, presentation venues, and similar environments that use digital flat panels, projectors, or high-definition televisions (HDTV), the 4×4 DVI Matrix Switch offers flexibility in routing four DVI sources to four DVI displays. Because it allows switching of satellite set boxes and DVD players to HDTV displays, it's more flexible when combining digital electronics together with computers. Once connected and powered, each source is assigned to one of the displays.
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360 Systems

The Image Server 7000 is a multichannel MPEG video server for broadcast and video production. It can play as many as six video programs at once, as well as 24 audio channels. Two independent video input channels are also available. The server has internal drives providing up to 2.5 terabytes of storage or 300 hours of broadcast-quality video.
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Plasma Displays


The wide-screen TH-42PHD6UY HD and TH-42PWD6UY SD plasma units are equipped with advanced panels featuring Multi-facet Asymmetrical Configuration Hyper pixels. The TH-42PHD6UY HD is outfitted with a five-facet grid-cell structure panel that improves the light-emitting balance of the three primary image-creating colors (red, blue, and green), allowing the display to reproduce purer whites and improving the panel's brightness level by 45 percent. Both panels feature a MACH Enhancer, an exclusive contour-emphasis signal-processing technology that improves an object's contours to best reflect the manner the human eye perceives objects. The 42-inch panels feature a host of picture-enhancing technologies, including a Super Real Gamma System, a New Real Black Drive System, a Deep Black Filter, and a Contrast Automatic Tracking System.
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Clarity Visual Systems

The Bobcat II is a large-screen direct-view LCD based on its Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Display (AP/LCD) technology. Building on the performance and capabilities of the Bobcat, the Bobcat II is an alternative to CRT and plasma-based displays. The Bobcat II is a 40-inch display that uses the same technology as computer laptop screens. Although it appears similar to plasma in its slim form factor and brightness, the Bobcat II exhibits none of the shortcomings of plasma, including image burn-in, while incorporating features that add to its cost of ownership advantage.
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TV One

The C2-770 universal video scaler is based on the exclusive CORIO2 technology. It handles any resolution up to 2,048 by 2,048. The C2-770 has nine inputs and four outputs as well as two preview outputs and can handle composite, S-video, YUV, YpbPr, and RGBHV. Its windowing flexibility allows any video source to be inserted into any other video source, regardless of the format. Multiple units can be cascaded to provide layer upon layer and window upon window of images from any source.
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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

The XL5950 ColorView LCD projector has a built-in motion-sensitive antitheft alarm. The alarm is designed to deter projector theft from classrooms or other easy-access conference room settings. The motion detector, built in to the connector panel cover, is set manually by a key. Once the cover is installed and the safety key removed, the projector is automatically armed.
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Matrix Switching System


The V2015 is the latest addition to a line of electronic security products. It can facilitate as many as 80 video inputs by 16 video outputs, in addition to offering an optional Ethernet port for system communication and networking. The V2015 can integrate many external devices, including computers, printers, and recording devices. The V2015 features a microprocessor-based architecture that allows for easy installation, operation, and expansion.
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Network Video Camera


The VCC-WB2000 connects directly to a LAN or the Internet to be viewed by any authorized Windows PC connected to the network. The camera features JPEG2000 technology, the new standard for video compression technology. Advantages of JPEG2000 include high picture quality and smaller file sizes. The Joint Photographic Experts Group has endorsed JPEG2000 as a standard, so it promises compatibility across product platforms.
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Toshiba America Information Systems

The TLP-791 portable business projector delivers the performance of an ultrabright projector combined with the advanced imaging capabilities of a high-resolution document camera. Weighing 11 pounds, the TLP-791 features 3,000 ANSI lumens, 400:1 contrast ratio, XGA (1,024 by 768) resolution, DVI connectivity, and two-way digital keystone correction. The integrated document camera boasts 1.45 MB pixels of resolution, making it ideal for demonstrating 3-D objects, photographs, and small objects, or displaying documents without having to scan them into the computer. The TLP-791 is for conference rooms, classrooms, courtrooms, or training facilities.
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NEC Solutions America

The WT600 projector features a lensless mirror design, enabling projection from 2½ inches from the screen up to 26 inches away, for an image of up to 100 inches. A five-in-one projector, the DT20 includes a built-in document camera for the display of overheads, documents, and 3-D objects in addition to normal projector functionality. The GT Series projectors offer installation users an SXGA+ resolution LCD projector, the GT6000, and a projector that offers as many as 9,000 hours of lamp life, the GT6000R.
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