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Plasma Display Panels Zenith's 50-inch HDTV display, the P50W26, has a resolution capability of 1,366 by 768 and a high contrast
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Aug 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Plasma Display Panels


Zenith's 50-inch HDTV display, the P50W26, has a resolution capability of 1,366 by 768 and a high contrast ratio of 600:1. It includes multiple interfaces, such as Control/RGB, Hi-Res Component Video, Audio Left/Right/In/Loop Out, Composite In, RGB In 15-pin, S-Video In, and RS-232C. The 60-inch P60W26 HDTV monitor has 1,280-by-720 resolution capability and a contrast ratio of 550:1. The P42W22B enhanced definition monitor has a 42-inch display for 852-by-480 resolution, a Faroudja/Sage scalar for intelligent image scaling, built-in aspect ratio correction, and RS-232 controls.
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Line Drivers

Comprehensive Video Group

The CVG-CVA2LD and CVG-SVA2LD video and stereo audio line drivers send a composite (the CVG-CVA2LD) or S-Video (CVG-SVA2LD) signal with stereo audio as far as 500 feet. Each offers separate cable equalization of ±5 dB for each of the two video outputs. Audio gain is 6 dB unbalanced or 12 dB balanced. It runs on 9 VAC or VDC and is covered by a three-year warranty. A line of plenum cables is also available.
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Universal Interface Kit

Extron Electronics

The RGB 192 Kit features an RGB 192V universal, analog computer-video interface with audio. It includes VGA/XGA, Mac, and 13W3 adapter cables with audio and a 25-foot BNC-5 high-resolution RGB output cable for connection to any presentation system. It also comes with a hard-plastic carrying case with foam cutouts to protect the RGB 192 and adapter cables. The RGB 192 Kit is for applications that utilize interfacing with many different computers and workstations.
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Digital-Video Processor

Crestron Electronics Inc.

The DVP4 is a digital-video processor, touch-panel interface, and standalone two-series control processor that displays four real-time video/computer windows simultaneously on a high-resolution monitor, projector, or plasma screen. It has a 257 MIPS, 32-bit Motorola ColdFire processor and eight BNC inputs that let combinations of composite NTSC, PAL, or S-Video (Y/C) sources be routed at the same time.
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Touch Panel/Interface


The Platinum Series 15-inch Touch Panel and the Touch Panel Interface (TPI/4) combine to give users a graphical user interface that supports as many as four media inputs for any mix of video and RGB inputs. The system lets users view 16 million colors, animated icons, and translucent graphics. The TPI/4 allows for management of presentation facilities, educational facilities, network operation centers, and health care applications.
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Integration Modules

Smart Technologies

The Sympodium IC-150 and IM-150 integration modules are designed for custom presentation furniture such as podiums and desks. The IC-150 includes an interactive console and is powered by Smart Board software. When integrated into a desk or podium, the presenter uses a tethered stylus to control and edit content on a large LCD. The IM-150 builds on the IC-150's features by including the Smart X-Port 30 multimedia switch, which lets the user move between three peripherals (such as an internal computer, a laptop, or a camera).
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