Control-Room Solution IndiSys is a solution for control-room environments with patented Digital Parallel Processing technology.
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Jun 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Control-Room Solution


IndiSys is a solution for control-room environments with patented Digital Parallel Processing technology. At the heart of the all-digital solution is SynLink, an architecture delivering more than 100 times the image-processing capacity of the classic LAN in most 24/7 control rooms. The modular solution lets you convert to digital any type of video signal or workstation and bring them to the wall without any limitations in terms of real-time display, number, of simultaneous sources available. SynLink eliminates the need for external switches, and a single cable link is required between SynLink and the DisplayWall. IndiSys delivers as much as 64 simultaneous, live videos per cube (broadcast quality); 256 video live simultaneously per cube (high quality); or 4,096 video PC traffic (refresh 7 images per second).
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Digital Projection

Mercury projection systems incorporate 3-chip Dark Metal DLP technology by Texas Instruments and deliver brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 800:1 through XGA native resolution DMDs. In addition, the Mercury series's gray-scale depth of 14 bits per DMD creates more than 4 trillion onscreen colors. Weighing 6.5 pounds, the single-chip DLP iVision sx delivers 3,000 ANSI lumens, SXGA native resolution, and 1,000:1 contrast ratio in an ultracompact and portable chassis. The iVision series is for small-to-medium-size venue applications such as business, training and education, small port cinema, retail, entertainment, religious, sports book, and trade show applications.
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Document Camera

Samsung Opto-Electronics America

The SDP-6500 digital document camera that delivers 1.5 million — pixel resolution through its high-performance ⅓-inch progressive scan CCD and is compatible with PC and Mac computers. The multimedia presenter features high resolution up to 1,280-by-1,024-pixel images (SXGA) and internal memory that can store as many as eight images for immediate recall. With USB and RS-232C interfaces, the SDP-6500 presenter offers performance and versatility in a plug-and-play package designed for classrooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, scientific presentations, product demonstrations, and more. The SDP-6500 features a 360-degree image rotation in 90-degree increments.
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The DVX-5400 multiplexer transmits four channels of uncompressed serial digital video across one laser. The latest addition in the DigiBand line, the DVX-5400 uses Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to create an efficient transmission system that eliminates the need for one laser per channel of video. It also eliminates the need for assigning an independent bandwidth to each channel, leaving it available for other assignments. The DVX-5400 utilizes TDM to assign recognition keys to each channel, which travels across the optical fiber to the receiver.
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Via Technologies

The 1U rackmountable Mood media-streaming servers from i3 micro technology are based on the ultracompact, highly integrated EPIA V8000 Mini-ITX mainboard. Supported by the i3 Center management and provisioning server, the EPIA-based Mood server product line comes in two versions: the Mood Live streaming server for live IP-TV and the Mood Movie streaming server for video-on-demand applications. For live-TV content distribution, a digital signal is received through the satellite or cable connection, descrambled using a digital receiver, and passed to the Mood Live server, which delivers the media stream through an IP-based Ethernet or xDSL network to the set-top box. For video-on-demand, digital media content is stored on the Mood Movie media server and can be retrieved at any time and delivered through Ethernet or xDSL to the set-top box connected to the TV.
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Video Processor

Focus Enhancements

The CenterStage CS-HD is a high-resolution video processor that offers image quality, flexibility, features, and the latest in scaling technology. The CenterStage CS-2 accepts composite, S-video, YPrPb, RGB, and 480/576p and scales those inputs to 480p, 720p, 1,080i, or 1,080p as required by DTV-compatible LCD/DLP/ D-ILA projectors, high-resolution plasma panels, and CRT/ LCD monitors. Outputs include DVI, RGB, or component, 12V screen trigger, and an HDTV pass-through. All CenterStage models have full input and output geometric adjustments and 4:3, 16:9, and anamorphic aspect ratios and support 3:2 pull-down detection and correction for viewing film-based sources.
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Da-Lite Screen Company

Fast-Fold Truss Deluxe frame and legs are constructed of ½-inch-wide-by-1¼-inch-thick aluminum tubing and feature release latches for quick setup and teardown of the screen. Available with Da-Mat, Da-Tex, Cinema Vision, Pearlescent, and Dual Vision, all Fast-Fold Truss Deluxe surfaces are interchangeable with Fast-Fold Truss surfaces for easy substitution. The complete screen also includes a carrying case with wheels and is available in sizes from 7 feet by 9 feet to 19 feet by 25 feet.
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Remote Control

Universal Remote Control

The UR5-8400 remote is designed for next-generation digital set-top boxes. The UR5-8400 offers a ‘VOD Jump Key to give you direct access to your system's Video On Demand service. The remote has a robust code library and has the ability to control as many as five devices simultaneously. The UR5-8400 is compatible with the Scientific Atlantic Explorer 8000 set-top box with a built-in digital video recorder.
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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

The XD350U ColorView DLP projector delivers 2,500 ANSI lumens in a six-pound package. Images are perfected with user-friendly features, including horizontal and vertical keystone correction. The universal-learning remote control unit that ships with the projector can be programmed to operate two additional video sources, such as a DVD player or VCR, switching between displays. The XD350U ColorView is fully compatible with the ProjectorView networking system, which connects its projectors through an external serial-to-Ethernet translator.
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Lens Alignment Gauge

Schneider Optics

The Projector Lens Alignment Gauge lets you adjust projector lens holders and lens turrets to achieve the precise perpendicular relationship between the lens and the plane of film in the projector gate. The Projector Lens Alignment Gauge features stainless-steel lens gauge blocks for the 4-inch and 70.6 mm lens sizes as well as stainless-steel “metal film” in two thicknesses (the thinner of which is more flexible to conform to curved gates). The appropriate lens gauge block is mounted in the projector in the position where the lens would normally be clamped, and the appropriate metal film is mounted in the film trap (with the projector stopped). A custom-built dial indicator is then used to measure the four corners of the metal film in the gate to make sure that they are equal distance from the back of the mounted lens gauge.
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Surveillance Camera

Panasonic Security Systems

The WV-NS324 IP dome camera features pan, tilt, and zoom operation with onboard networking software that allows the camera and as many as seven additional cameras to be accessed and controlled using standard Web browser software. The browser interface is comprehensive yet easy to use with onscreen viewing and control features. The WV-NS324 incorporates a new CCD technology that offers low light and low noise performance. Minimum illumination is 2.0 lux with a signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB.
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The Home 2 Office (H2O) line is designed to perform in the living room and in the boardroom. The lightweight units are easy to pack along with your laptop, and they offer top-of-the-line features and image quality. Certified for home use, every H2O unit is HDTV compatible and comes ready to be hooked up to your VCR, DVD player, game station, or computer. Ample lumens should accommodate nearly any environment.
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