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Video Enhancer RGB Parallel Processing enhances display-wall performance, generates high levels of uptime, and provides real-time
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video products

Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Video Enhancer


RGB Parallel Processing enhances display-wall performance, generates high levels of uptime, and provides real-time imaging. RGB Parallel Processing also removes limitations on RGB window sizing. Data Extract allows the user to drag the mouse over any area of the application to immediately zoom in to the selected area and get full details of any area. RGB Parallel Processing will deliver RGB signals even when the LAN controller is unavailable.
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The Grand Cinema RTX DLP home-theater monitors have a resolution of 1,280-by-720 pixels for high-definition capability. The monitors use digital optic image processing through fiber-optic cabling. A single fiber-optic cable is coupled with a system of two laser beams that let you connect video sources as far as 1,640 feet away without compromising quality. The fiber-optic cable connects to the proprietary DigiOptic Image Processor for installation flexibility.
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FSR Systems

Black Ice is the first software upgrade to the Compass, a 7-by-1 seamless graphic switcher with a built-in high performance scaler. The software increases system performance and adds new functionality to the way the Compass switches inputs. It is available at no charge for all current Compass owners and will be packaged with all future Compass systems. With the new software, a Black Switch mode is available in addition to the Freeze Switch.
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Video Scan Converters

Extron Electronics

The VSC 500 and VSC 700 have proprietary scan-converting technologies for sharper, crisper images. Both models convert high-resolution computer images from up to 1,600 by 1,200 down to video rates such as composite video, S-video, component video, and RGB video. Each also incorporates technologies into the scan-conversion engine to improve video performance, simplify operations, and enhance the output. Applications include videoconferencing, video recording, and viewing the images on PAL or NTSC monitors or other display devices.
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Videographics Processor

RGB Spectrum

The DualView is designed to make multimedia presentations easier and more professional. The DualView presents two computer signals or a computer and video signal on a single screen. A Picture-in-Picture mode has full user control of scaling and positioning. The DualView scales all RGB and video signals to match the native resolution of any projector, monitor, or flat-panel display.
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White-Board Camera System

Smart Technologies

The Camfire white-board camera system is permanently mounted above a regular dry-erase white board. The patent-pending system enables users to electronically capture high-resolution images of white-board notes with the touch of a button. Notes can then be saved, printed, or posted to a Web site for future reference by meeting attendees, students, parents, or teachers. As a self-contained solution, the Camfire white-board camera system is always on.
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NEC Solutions

The first in the ShowCase Series digital entertainment projector for residential and commercial use is the HT1000. It features a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and gives users the ability to project an image of up to 200 inches in a family room or home theater for larger-than-life display of cable TV, HDTV, video games, computers, digital pictures, and DVDs. The company utilizes several technologies to achieve the image quality, including its proprietary SweetVision Technology, a chip-based technology that increases the contrast for more vibrant images, more realistic colors, and richer, more detailed blacks.
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Projection TV


The 61-inch rear-projection HLM617W HDTV employs Texas Instruments' second-generation DLP technology. The large-screen tabletop HDTV weighs less than 120 pounds and is less than two feet deep. There is no threat of screen aging or burn-in due to screen format issues or use as a computer monitor. The HLM617W has a 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio, DVI connection, 1,280-by-720 progressive display resolution for all inputs, a dual tuner picture-in-picture feature, and a DVD (480i/480P) autosensing component video input.
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The ImagePro 9058 is a high-light-output, 5,800 lumens, full-featured LCD projector for applications in which a bright large data/video image is required. It has the flexibility for computer or video image display with multiple inputs and various control methods. The image resolution is 1,280-by-1,024 pixels with a 700:1 contrast ratio. Setup and adjustment are possible with the power zoom and focus of the lens.
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The Mirage stereoscopic DLP projector series has expanded with the Mirage 4000 and Mirage 6000. The Mirage 4000 and 6000 are single-projector stereoscopic solutions that offer high brightness levels, purity of color reproduction, digital accuracy, and brilliant image quality. The new Mirage projectors are designed for the most novel and original 3-D applications. Utilizing a 700W Xenon lamp, the Mirage 4000 is able to achieve 4,000 ANSI lumens. The Mirage 6000 features a 1,200W Xenon lamp and is able to achieve 6,000 ANSI lumens.
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Barco Intelligent Displays

The iQ Pro projector includes a computer server (with Microsoft XP OS) for full networking capability. IT and AV technologies join forces in this networked projector. With up to 3,500 ANSI lumen brightness, the iQ Pro projector aids in more effective collaborative and virtual meetings and allows people to present without connecting to any cable. Barco has developed two software applications that come standard with the iQ Pro: a user-friendly presenter software called DropZone, and Control and Management software designed for the A/V facility manager.
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Premier Mounts

A new family of products has been added to the Prestige line. The ultraflat mount comes in VESA-75 (PFPF-75) and VESA-100 (PFPF-100) models. The tilt and rotate mount (PFPT) allows users to adjust the monitor up or down and rotate it 360 degrees. The tilt, pivot, and rotate mount (PFTP) allows users to adjust their displays to tilt up and down, pivot side to side, and rotate 360 degrees. The full-articulation mount (PFPA) features a gas-assist and friction system that allows users to adjust the screen to the most comfortable viewing position, allowing for tilt and pivot adjustments.
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