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Digital Microscope Camera The Pupil Cam uses C-MOS technology to capture microscopic images as full-screen images in
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Sep 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Digital Microscope Camera


The Pupil Cam uses C-MOS technology to capture microscopic images as full-screen images in science labs for students. Sporting 640-by-480 VGA resolution and a preattached USB cable for connecting to a computer, the Pupil Cam also uses a built-in adapter for connection to most microscopes and stereomicroscopes. The adapter's rubber grip provides secure and precise alignment of a microscope or stereoscope eyepiece.
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HRS Technologies

The SV series consists of ultrawide bandwidth, high-resolution VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, and UXGA vertical interval switchers. With over 400 MHz of video bandwidth, the SV-series products feature vertical interval/glitch-free switching of video and stereo audio. They also have 3.5 mm ministereo audio inputs; manual, auto, and priority switching modes; and LED switches for input select indicator. The HRS-2×1-SVA switches two inputs to one output and features two autoterminated HD-15 computer inputs and contact closure for remote operation. The HRS-4×1-SVA switches four inputs to one output and has four autoterminated HD-15 computer inputs. The HRS-6×2-SVA switches six inputs to two amplified and buffered outputs and has six autoterminated HD-15 computer inputs. The HRS-4×1-SVA and HRS-6×2-SVA units feature a front-panel manual switch as well as RS-232 control for remote operation.
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Line Drivers

Comprehensive Video Group

The CVG-CVA2LD and CVG-SVA2LD are high-performance video and stereo audio line drivers that send a composite (CVG-CVA2LD) or S-Video (CVG-SVA2LD) signal with stereo audio up to 500 feet. Both units provide separate cable equalization of ±5 dB for each of the two video outputs. There is an audio gain of +6 dB unbalanced or +12 dB balanced. They operate on 9 VAC or VDC.
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The Compass S2, 8-by-2 dual scalar and presentation switcher provides stereo audio and video switching from eight inputs to two outputs as well as provides transition effects such as cuts and adjustable dissolves. It accepts any combination of PAL and NTSC Composite, Component, HDTV, S-Video, or RGB up to 1,600 by 1,200 on any input with stereo audio follow video. The Compass S2 features include full motion video transitions and video preview. In addition, the S2 offers full breakaway audio capability, allowing independent usage of audio and video switching as well as true audio crossfading.
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The LT220, LT240, and LT260 projectors employ NEC ImageXpress so users can communicate between a PC and the projectors through a wired LAN system (using a 10Base-T or wireless system through Wi-Fi 802.11b). Users can place a laptop anywhere in a room and switch between presentations on multiple laptops with a touch of a button. Online diagnostics can be performed through a menu system. Each model weighs 6.5 pounds. The LT260 has 2,100 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution, the XGA LT240 comes with 1,500 ANSI lumens, and the LT220 offers 2,000 ANSI lumens with SVGA resolution.
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Speed Dome

GVI Security

The SCC-641 Speed-Dome is part of Samsung CCTV's fully integrated line of smart domes. The SCC-641 is sensitive to the I.R. spectrum. I.R. illuminators are now available for use with the SCC-641 and SCC-421 color cameras. Additionally, the SCC-641 and SCC-421 are fully controllable by all of Samsung's DVRs and most other manufacturers' DVRs. Features on the speed dome include 22x optical zoom, picture-in-picture, motion detection, continuous autofocus, high-speed PTZ, low-light performance, zoom programming and patterns and presets. The dome also features a GE Plastics Lexan polycarbonate cover.
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Multi-Image Processor

Analog Way

The Multi-Screen Add-On can display a wide-screen, edge-blended image on as many as 16 video projectors. It offers you the ability to create a picture-in-picture (PIP), with size and position adjustments, and to place the windows on the edge-blended overlapping regions. Video and computer sources, including those shown in the PIP windows, are processed in real time and with no visible delay. This option includes programmable multiscreen, edge blending, and covering process, with adjustable PIP on the overlapping regions. Download the option in the Graphic Switcher II.
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Interactive Lectern

Smart Technologies

The Smart Sympodium L-150 lectern is 29 inches wide. Lockable casters make it easy to move and secure in place. The lectern includes a sliding keyboard shelf, a privacy panel, and an equipment drawer for a document camera or scanner. The interactive console connects to a computer and displays the computer image for the presenter. The Smart X-Port 30 multimedia switch controls data, audio, and video for as many as three peripherals. With Smart Board software, a presenter can write over the top of any computer application, edit notes, and save everything in a single file.
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Plasma Cover


The VisionArt Giclee is a limited edition of artwork signed by the original artist that is reproduced onto canvas and rolls into the top of the picture frame surrounding a plasma TV. According to the company, the concept of the Giclee stemmed from the need to maintain a room's aesthetics by concealing the flat-panel television when it's not in use. VisionArt offers more than 300 specially formatted images in limited-art editions, with more to come. The company can also digitally capture people's own work and reproduce it.
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Xantech Corp.

The Micro Link 49-90 infrared receiver rejects interference from plasma displays, direct sunlight, and fluorescent tube lights. The 490-90 is 2.5 inches deep and quick-connects to a 3.5 mm stereo miniplug on 7-foot cable for direct plug-in to Xantech Connecting Blocks Works in normal three-wire mode. An RF grid is included for EMI interference reduction.
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Projector Management System


ChristieNET lets you monitor and control projectors in a network, from large multiprojector installations with centralized support to single-site installations with remote service and support. The standard edition has an embedded Web server and an SNMP agent for monitoring and controlling a Christie device. A Web browser interface allows for control of a single projector over the network. The expanded edition comes with Master Display Controller software, which lets multiple projectors be controlled through the Web browser HTML interface or SNMP from client computers or a server. An enterprise edition includes the ability to manage and send content to a projector over a wired or wireless network.
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