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Video Spotlight

Multimedia Monitor Electrograph Featuring both PC and video accessibility, the 17-inch DTS17V is a TFT-LCD flat-panel monitor.

Video Spotlight

Jan 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Multimedia Monitor

Electrograph Systems

Featuring both PC and video accessibility, the 17-inch DTS17V is a TFT-LCD flat-panel monitor. It has a built-in, 181-channel TV tuner, digital zoom, built-in image scaling, dual PC inputs, soft-touch controls and wireless remote. The DTS17V is available in various colors.
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Scan Conversion Card

Focus Enhancements

Pro AV 1600 PCI is a professional PC-to-TV scan converter on a PCI card. This product automatically detects a PC desktop resolution up to 1600 by 1200 (UXGA) and converts the output to high-quality component, S-video and composite video. It offers selectable, two-dimensional flicker filter settings for stable, sharp images and text; controls for contrast, brightness and color saturation; horizontal and vertical sizing with zoom; and video genlock.
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Plasma Display Wall Mounts

Premier Mounts

Over 90 different display models work with one of four mounts within Premier Mounts’ Clevis line. Developed for use with large-screen plasma displays, these mounts have dual-plate and sliding-rod systems. The mounts can be attached to wood wall studs either 16 or 24 inches on center or to a solid wall. They have heavy-duty 0.5-inch-diameter steel sliding rods to support the display, allowing lateral movement.
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Streaming Video Encoder/Server


Barely larger than a handheld CD player, the LiveWave CC-100-LE system facilitates the origination and delivery of interactive streaming video over IP. Businesses can easily set up their own remote-controlled video camera and server/encoder system to broadcast high-resolution streaming video over the Internet or private networks.
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Computer Signal Routing

Kramer Electronics

The VP-100 high-performance computer signal converter is designed to allow a single 15-pin HD-based source to simultaneously drive a local monitor and a remote large-screen display device in presentation systems. It has a 350 MHz video bandwidth, a 71 dB SNR, 0 to 9.7 dB at 5 MHz EQ control. And it measures 4.7×2.95×0.98 inches (width by depth by height).
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The CP-S225W HDTV-ready SVGA unit weighs 5 pounds and has a short-throw lens and minimized light leakage. It produces a 60-inch diagonal screen from 5 feet away and can have noise levels down to 32 dB at full brightness using the “Whisper Mode” (1000 lumens). The projector features RGB, component, composite and S-video inputs and can easily switch between modes. Switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios using the onscreen menu.
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Matrix Switcher


Altinex Inc. released its V-Matrix versatile matrix switcher. V-Matrix is capable of configurations from 8 by 8 to 128 by 128, handling signals ranging from audio to composite video to high-bandwidth RGBHV. Cards installed into the V-Matrix enclosure handle connectivity of inputs and outputs. The 8-input video cards provide built-in ground loop isolation, and both the input and output video cards provide a bandwidth of 350 MHz at -3dB.
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Video Intercom Kits

Paso Sound Products

The Elvox Division of Paso Sound makes the Elvox 537, with everything needed to install a 1-1 video intercom system including: a choice of four entry panels containing a high-resolution camera with IR illumination and a clear speaker/mic, Giotto Eurostyle high-resolution video intercom station with handset, power transformer and 100 feet of cable. The system uses standard video signals for easy integration into other CCTV accessories.
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