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Warner Brothers’ Swordfish Screening a Unique Staging Project

Digital Projection International recently participated in a unique staging project that illustrates the dramatic impact of using high-brightness projectors in outdoor settings.

Warner Brothers’ Swordfish Screening a Unique Staging Project

Jan 10, 2002 12:00 PM

One of Digital Projection International’ls staging partners,Scharff-Weisberg, New York, rented several projectors from its fleet ofhigh-performance DPI displays to Warner Brothers to support a screeningparty during the premiere of Swordfish. Complete with an outdoornightclub, gian screens, dance stages, and high-energy lighting, theevent was developed to create expsore for the movie, which hittheateres in June 2001.

Scharff-Weisberg staging professionals managed the A/V systems forthe elaborate event, which featured 12 DPI POWER 7gv and 8gvprojectors. “This was such a unique project and a very interesting wayto make a public spectacle out of a private gathering,” said MichaelHalper, Scharff-Weisberg VP of staging. “It was one of the most amazingevents I have ever been invovled with and could not have been achievedwithout the powerful imaging technology of Digital Projection’sdisplays.”

Screen sizes for the event ranged from 6×8-feet to 15×20-feet, andthe projectors were fed via 12 networked sources and two 110 switcherpackages by Grass Valley Group.

“Outdoor projection is challenging but equally rewarding whenperformed with the right equipment,” said Mike Levi, president ofDigital Projection, Inc. “The powerful capabilities of our projectorsare well demonstrated when discerning clients apply them in thesedemanding applications.”

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