What’s New: Security Technology

The family of strobes and horn/strobes is designed for warning and emergency applications, including security, severe
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What’s New: Security Technology

Mar 1, 2006 12:00 PM


Commander 3 and Commander 4

The family of strobes and horn/strobes is designed for warning and emergency applications, including security, severe weather, evacuation, and emergency response. The lens units are available in amber, blue, green, and red. The wall- or ceiling-mount units are shipped with a 4in. mounting plate, which incorporates the Super-Slide bracket, allowing the installer to easily pre-wire the system and test for supervision. The units also feature a locking mechanism that secures the unit without showing any screws and Checkmate, which allows the installer to check the voltage without removing the signal. Both units have a minimal operating current and a minimum flash rate of 1Hz regardless of input voltage.

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Dallmeier Electronic

Cam_InPix DF2000A

This video camera offers 480 TV lines of resolution combined with light sensitivity of 0.8 lux. The 17-bit camera uses the exclusive Dallmeier UTC (up the coax) protocol, allowing it to be controlled directly via the video cable in most installation situations and eliminating the need for an additional connection to the serial interface. The ability to switch between the PAL and NTSC signal formats enables the DF2000A to be used across the globe in any video surveillance system.

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Crest Electronics


This PC digital video recorder combines video management tools and an easy-to-use interface. The DVR features MPEG-4 compression, 640×480 resolution, 480fps display rate, 120fps record rate, multi-zone motion detection for every camera, adjustable sensitivity per motion zone, comprehensive remote administration, and remote email notification. Like all models in the 7000 series, the CDVS-7316 also comes standard with Crest's exclusive multiplatform software, which enables embedded and PC DVRs to communicate with each other, even from multiple locations.

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Tyco Fire & Security

F2-300 series

The motion detector employs both microwave (MW) and passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors. The MW and PIR systems are each designed as independent motion detectors, and when combined, the result is a detector designed to eliminate single-detector false alarms. The microwave detection pattern of the detector is adjustable to match room size (10ft. to 40ft.) by adjusting a potentiometer clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase or decrease the range. The detector also features wall-mount brackets for corner and angle mounting, LED for visual indication of the detector status, infrared view by means of 24 beams on four levels, and CE approval.

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The keyboard provides easy operation of Infinova PTZ domes, DVRs, and matrix switchers, including tours and salvos. It allows DVR control via an Ethernet connection through RS-485 interface. A variable-speed 3D joystick for controlling motorized pan/tilts and lenses is included. For added system security, password protection is maintained for DVR and matrix switcher access. Six different baud rates ensure compatibility with major-brand matrix switchers and controllers. Up to 31 devices per keyboard can be directly controlled, while hundreds of PTZ domes can be controlled through DVRs. One matrix switcher can be directly controlled and other matrix switchers can be networked to it for indirect control.

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