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Installation products Mixer: The Mojo MM8x club and mobile mixer from Rane has eight inputs with four phono pre-amps, independent EQ for each of the four
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Apr 1, 1998 12:00 PM

Installation productsMixer: The Mojo MM8x club and mobile mixer from Rane has eight inputs withfour phono pre-amps, independent EQ for each of the four buses and atop-mount aux patch. Other features include two mic inputs with EQ,multiple source crossfading and a VCA-controlled active crossfader.

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Video codec boards: Hitachi Denshi America's VX-120 motion JPEG board setoffers a choice of transmission rates and video compression factors. Thesingle-board VX-120T transmits full-motion or still-frame video andrequires only an external power source. The VX-120T board and companionVX-120P receiver board provide full codec operation without a PC or otherprocessing.

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Control software: HomeVoice Release 2.0 from Applied Future Technologies(AFT) is a Windows '95-based, voice-control home-automation softwareproduct. Users point and click to define voice-automation commands. Up toten optional response phrases or sound files may be entered in the sameseries of screens used to define the voice command.

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Amplifier: Parasound's HCA-3500 model produces 350 W/ch into 8 V from 20 Hzto 20 kHz and maintains Class A bias up to 15 W. It is equipped withbalanced JFET inputs, MOSFET drivers and dual independent power supplies.

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Loudspeaker: SpeakerCraft's 6.1DT dual tweeter has a frequency response of60 Hz to 20 kHz, plus/minus 4 dB. Maximum power handling is 60 W; impedanceis 8 V. Efficiency is 92 dB (1 W, 1 m). The in-ceiling unit produces stereosound and features a WavePlane tweeter baffle.

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ESDN panel: The QuickNetwork panel from Intelligent Electronic Solutions(IES) provides distribution of voice, data, TV, CATV, SATV, CCTV, modulatedand other electronic signals. A punch-down style, twisted-pair distributionhub supports 12 zones; a coax distribution hub allows distribution of fourincoming signals to eight locations and includes a built-in 15 dBbi-directional amp.

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Digital video converters: MetaWave's MW71 model is a ten-bit,twice-oversampled A-to-D converter which accepts an RGB, YUV or Betacaminput and converts it to four serial digital outputs. The MW75 is alsoten-bit oversampled and accepts a serial digital signal and converts it toRGB, YUV or Betacam. The MW75 features a built-in line synchronizer, fullone-line phase control and an input fail indicator.

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Building-management software: AXxess 202 from Gyyr provides single-screenoperation for building access, parking access and CCTV control at single ormultiple locations. It features video integration and on-line capability,as well as unlimited time tasks, access levels and time zones. The softwareoperates under both Windows '95 and Windows NT.

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PublicationsAudio catalog: A four-color catalog from Radio Design Labs (RDL) featuresthe company's Stick-On line of products, as well as wiring, audio interfaceand control products.

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Brochure: Jeron Electronic Systems' color brochure highlights the Provider620, an emergency call/check-in system featuring pocket page, wirelessemergency call, night transfer, executive information system and residentinformation display.

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Manual: The CEDIA Home Theatre Manual is a comprehensive guide tounderstanding, planning and installing home theater systems. Published in athree-ring binder format, it includes information on home theater history,technology, design and procedures available.

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Application guide: The RAVE application guide from QSC Audio Productsassists pro-audio system designers in specifying and implementing RAVEdistributed audio technology. The guide details the six models available,reviews network designs and topology examples and outlines sampleapplications.

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References: Hearst Business Communications' 1998 EEM/Electronic EngineersMaster database of electronic components includes 4,100 product listingsand can be accessed on the Internet at http://eemonline.com. The completedatabase is also available on CD-ROM and in a four-volume printed format.

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