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Installation products Loudspeakers: D.A.S. Audio's PF series consists of five two-way passive systems and a subwoofer. The PF-112 and PF-115 use 250 W,
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Feb 1, 1998 12:00 PM

Installation productsLoudspeakers: D.A.S. Audio's PF series consists of five two-way passivesystems and a subwoofer. The PF-112 and PF-115 use 250 W, 12 inch (305 mm)and 300 W, 15 inch (381 mm) low-frequency transducers, respectively. ThePF-012 and PF-015 are matching floor monitors. The SUB-15 subwoofer cabinetincorporates a 15 inch (381 mm) driver.

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Data wall cabinets: The DWR series steel cabinets from DataTel range from1.5 feet (0.5 m) to 5.5 feet (1.7 m) high. They come with adjustable 10-32threaded rack rail, laser-cut corner braces and cable-management systems.Other features include laser-cut knockouts, electrical knockouts, frontvents and optional locking doors.

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Headphone intercoms: Metragen's headphone intercoms offer simultaneoustwo-way conversation on two-conductor wire. The head set plugs into thecontrol box, which is fitted with a clip for belt attachment. Buzzers andsmall internal batteries are included.

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DLP projector: ALICE from AmPro is an all-digital unit equipped with aTexas Instruments' three-chip DLP engine, an on-board Intel Pentiumprocessor and a Faroudja video decoder. Brightness is 1,300 ANSI lumens.ALICE displays at 848x600 resolution and is compatible with digital sourcesto a 1,280x1,024 resolution. Both RGB and S-video inputs are provided. TheALICE 5000 model is available, as well as the ALICE 5000 MX forgraphic-intensive applications.

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Access-control panels: Northern Computers' N-1000-IV panel is a stand-aloneunit with a fully distributed database. It supports four readers, monitors16 supervised or unsupervised alarm points and supports four relay outputs(DPDT) that are expandable to 20 outputs. The N-1000-IV-X model has eightDPDT relay outputs and is expandable to 24 outputs.

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Cables and wire: The Ultra Pro Grade series from Emerson is designed forhome-theater systems. The series includes five types of loudspeaker wiresand three types of video cables.

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Loudspeaker selector: Parasound's S/PS-140 selector switch allows a singlepower amp to safely drive up to four pairs of loudspeakers. It connects a 4V, 60 W non-inductive resistor bank in series with the input and isequipped with a switchable amp-protection circuit.

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Projector: The IDP-850 Super IDTV from Runco has multiple aspect ratiocontrol and a data-grade, 50 kHz horizontal scan frequency. Videoresolution is 900 TV lines. The unit features a built-in line doubler andincludes wireless installation and operator remote controls.

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Ground isolator: Jensen Transformers' VR-1FF CATV ground isolator providescomplete isolation from hum or buzz in sound systems or hum bars in videodisplays when connected between a standard CATV antenna and TV-FM receiver.The unit has a 10 MHz to 900 MHz bandwidth.

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Monitor console: The SRM 2410 flight-case console from Peavey Electronicshas 24 built-in transformer splits, four-band EQ with two mid sweeps, eightmono subs and one dedicated stereo pair with pre/post switching. A L/R bus,mute and PFL are included on every input.

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Commercial processor: Rane's CP 52 provides four stereo line-level programinputs with a mic/line paging input and adjustable ducker, while deliveringthree levels of priority. Outputs are equipped with a seven-band EQ. Otherfeatures include an independent page limiter and high- and low-cut pagefilters.

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Loudspeaker: The Sx500 from Electro-Voice is a 15 inch (381 mm), two-waybiampable loudspeaker with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-3dB. Power handling is 400 W; continuous output is 126 dB-SPL, with peaks to132 dB at 1 m. The unit is equipped with a constant-directivity, 75degreesx60 degrees high-frequency horn and a vented horn-woofer section.

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Pan/tilt heads: ProCam pan/tilt heads from Crestron Electronics aredesigned to work with virtually any camera on the market. They may beinterfaced to Crestron's Cresnet II control network, allowing control of upto 252 cameras on a single network. Units are controlled via Crestron'sCPC-2000 LCD touchscreen/joystick controller or any Crestron touchpanel orbutton panel.

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Loudspeaker cable: GEPCO's GSC132 model is an AWG #13 high-definitioncable. It has high-strand, bare copper conductors insulated withcolor-coded PVC and a flexible TPE overall jacket.

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Subwoofer: The MX-5000THX Mark II from Miller & Kreisel Sound has acontinuous power handling of 400 W. It is equipped with an active balancedpush-pull dual-driver amp, 12 inch (305 mm) magnetically shielded subwooferdrivers and three low-pass filter options.

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Power amp: Mackie Designs' M 1200 produces 1,200 W into 4 V bridged. Itsbuilt-in features include sweepable constant-directivity horn compensation,a sweepable high-pass filter and switchable low-pass subwoofer crossover.The unit also has constant-gradient T-design thermal cooling and adefeatable clip eliminator.

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Digital-audio converter: The Zulu from Frontier Design Group is afour-input, eight-output external converter. Frequency response is 20 Hz to20 kHz, +/-0.1 dB. It has 20-bit resolution, ADAT optical digital I/O andfront-panel input-level indicators.

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Crossover: The 310 model from Applied Research and Technology (ART) can beconfigured as a stereo two-way or mono three-way audio crossover. Itemploys 24 dB/octave, state-variable, fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley filters.Other features include front-panel rotary controls and active balancedinputs and outputs.

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IR hearing device: Phonic Ear's STARSOUND System 600 provides 2.3 MHz and2.8 MHz transmission. The system is portable and combines the emitter andtransmitter into a single unit. Two-channel and stereo receiver headsetmodels are available.

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Loudspeaker: Fane Acoustics' Crescendo 18B bass driver is a 400 W unitrecommended for use in ported enclosures of 125 liters (4.4 ft cubed) to230 liters (8.1 ft cubed). Frequency response is -6 dB at 35 Hz;sensitivity is 98 dB.

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Projector: The Image Two CRT-based video projector from Vidikron of Americais intended for use with Vidikron's VP-20 line doubler. Operating on screensizes ranging from 5 feet (1.5 m) to more than 20 feet (6 m), it iscompatible with line-doubled video and HDTV signals and VGA computerdisplays. The unit is equipped with an RGB input and handheld remote.

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Subwoofer: Niles Audio's PSW-800 passive in-wall system has a frequencyresponse of 35 Hz to 140 Hz, +/-3 dB. It employs an 8 inch (203 mm) dualvoice coil woofer. Features include an installer-selectable low-pass filterand an on-off switchable high-pass filter.

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Matrix switchers: The MAV 84 and MAV 128 from Extron Electronics routeNTSC/PAL composite video and two-channel stereo audio in configurations ofeight inputs by four outputs and 12 inputs by eight outputs, respectively.Both models feature matrix switching, audio breakaway and an RS-232 serialcontrol port.

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Acoustic panels: illbruck's SONEXtextile panels have non-woven coveringsand are made from willtec foam, a fiber-free, fire-resistant material. Theymeasure 29x49 (0.6 mx1.2 m) and come in various depths and colors.

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In-wall loudspeaker: The 8.3MIT model from SpeakerCraft is an 8 inch (203mm), three-way unit with a frequency response of 38 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-2 dB.Maximum power handling is 120 W, with 92 dB efficiency (1 W, 1 m). Featuresinclude an independent uni-pivot midrange and tweeter unit and adjustable,front-mounted switches for the woofer, midrange and tweeter response.

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Surveillance camera: Toshiba Security Products' IK-M628A color video camerais equipped with a 1/3 inch (8 mm) CCD imaging sensor with a minimumlighting requirement of 0.3 lux. It has 330 lines of resolution and a S/Nratio of 46 dB. The camera includes an isolation transformer andEZBackFocus feature.

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Video scaler: The Deuce model from Communications Specialties, Inc. (CSI)provides scaling to six output resolutions. It converts interlaced video tothe native resolution of LCD, DLP and plasma projectors and displays. Deucesupports 16:9 displays and letterbox widescreen sources and offersselectable output vertical refresh rates of 60 Hz and 75 Hz.

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Subwoofer: Martin Audio's W8CS is for use with the W8C compact touringsystem. Frequency response is 45 Hz to 200 Hz, +/-3 dB, with 105 dBsensitivity. Maximum SPL is 132 dB continuous and 138 dB peak; impedance is8 V. The unit features an 800 W, 15 inch (381 mm) driver and aport-assisted, folded horn design.

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Crossover: The Multi-Function crossover from C Audio provides two-waystereo outputs for bi-amplified loudspeaker systems, plus a mono sub-bassoutput. Each channel features a level trim control providing +/-6 dB ofgain adjustment, as well as adjustable output limiters. Allcrossover-specific functions are carried on plug-in cards.

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Digital video recorder and display: Sensormatic Electronics' Intellex modeloffers a variety of user-defined parameters for improved search andretrieval capabilities. Images are digitally recorded and stored to a harddisk and can also be saved on DAT. The unit has multiplexing capabilitiesand may be supplied with a 17 inch (432 mm) SVGA digital monitor.

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Diversity system: The RMS2020 from Audio Ltd. is a pocket-sized system withboth transmitter and receiver capable of storing up to 32 switchablefrequencies. The receiver can run from internal or external power sourcesand is compatible with Audio's two-way and four-way rack systems.

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Video/PC scaler: Faroudja Laboratories' Presentation Plus offers real-timeprocessing for high-resolution video within computer graphics. It acceptsNTSC/PAL composite, Y/C, RGB and YUV video sources and supports VGA, SVGAand XGA computer formats. The video window features a fully adjustableaspect ratio.

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Satellite loudspeakers: The VS-2a and VS-1.2a from Now Hear This (NHT) areupgraded models featuring an angled cabinet with a diagonal cutaway in therear for flush-wall and near-ceiling mounting. The HDP-2 hybrid dipolesurround model has a frequency response of 57 Hz to 20 kHz. Sensitivity is87 dB; impedance is 8 V. The cabinet contains three separate internalenclosures.

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Security camera: Philips' LTC 0809 series model is a high-resolution, 1/3inch (8 mm) format color CCD camera. Features include an integral 16:1auto-iris, auto-focus, zoom lens, 360 degrees pan/tilt and on-boardreceiver/driver housed in a 6.3 inch (160 mm) miniaturized dome.

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Pre-amp mixer: The CDM-1000 professional stereo unit from Gemini isdesigned for Gemini's CDJ-1200 top-loading CD player. It has four stereochannels, LEDs on each channel, -26 dB of cut for low, mid and high on eachchannel, balanced master outputs and three mic inputs.

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CD recorder: Otari's CDR-18 is equipped with separated audio and digitalcircuits, a turntable-type disc-drive mechanism and one-bit type A/Dconverters. Features include an on-board digital sampling rate converter,as well as automatic track numbering and digital faderfunctions.

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Loudspeaker: The CR72 two-way, passive, full-range cinema surroundloudspeaker from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has an 8 inch (203 mm) wooferand a 1 inch (25 mm) dome tweeter mounted in a slanted baffle. Powerhandling is 150 W, with a 110 degrees conical coverage pattern. The unit isTHX certified.

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Wireless intercom: The HO7600 three-channel system by Bell EquipmentSouthern New England Bell is available from Jasco Products. It plugs intoan AC outlet and features a precision PLL circuit, call tone and lockfeature for monitoring rooms.

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Fiber-optic transmission: Force's model 2792 ExcelLinx FM link providescontribution/distribution quality baseband video and unbalanced stereoaudio transmission more than 56 miles (90 km) over single-mode fiber and 9miles (15 km) over multimode fiber. Links are NTSC, PAL and SECAMcompatible.

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Stereo monitor-receiver: The NT-3420 from Proton is a 32 inch (813 mm)direct-view unit with 181-channel auto-programming and 650 lines ofhorizontal resolution. Other features include a custom installationprogrammable microprocessor, multiple audio and video inputs and outputsand a full-featured remote control with on-screen programming.

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Rack assembly: Bud Industries' model CSR-8060 communications server rackcomes with a 23 inch (584 mm) panel-width network frame, monitor shelf withswitchbox compartment, power outlet strip, sliding keyboard shelf withmouse pad and two equipment shelves. Components are fully adjustable.

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EQ and feedback reducer: The DFR11EQ from Shure Brothers is upgraded withVersion 4 software that includes an expanded EQ section. A choice of a30-band, constant-Q graphic EQ or a 10-band parametric EQ is now selectablevia PC control. Both feature high- and low-pass filters, a graphic display,adjacent filter interaction and digital delay.

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Loudspeakers: JBL Professional's Sound Power series of mid-sized fixedinstallation components offers eight full-range systems in sixconfigurations and two sub-bass systems. Models are equipped with ventedgap cooling low-frequency transducers, 60 degrees or 90 degrees coverageangles and built-in sound-dispersion control.

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IR-receiver system: The InfraClik wiegand receiver system from ViscountCommunication and Control Systems can be installed using a single-gangelectrical box and is effective at ranges up to 30 feet (9 m). Receiverscome with an optional built-in pinhole CCTV camera.

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TV and VCR mounts: Luxor's LTE-1PA model is a platform wall TV mount with adual pivoting arm and forward tilt and swivel capabilities. The LTEVDadjustable dual-stacking VCR bracket fits all Luxor LTE TV mounts andattaches and swivels independently of the TV mount.

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Installer's SuppliesRadial taper tool: Ripley's RTT taper tool for 360 degrees radialcompression connectors is for use with Antec's Digicon connector, DBSDepot's All Weather F connector and F-Conn's F-Conn connectors. It has aspring-loaded, split-jaw design, adjustment features and no-slip,high-visibility cushion grips.

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Digital multimeters: Fluke's 70/20 Series III models feature a tapereddesign, overmolded cases and a large, high-contrast screen and segmentedbargraph. They offer true RMS, capacitance, frequency and low-ohmscapabilities. All models perform diode and continuity tests.

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Switchmode design kit: The PROVISIONS power-transformer kit from Midcomprovides ferrite cores, clips and coils. It offers adaptable design optionsand hands-on sampling for transformer testing. Three surface-mount packagestyles are available, all with 25 core combinations. A complete technicalmanual is also included.

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Mechanical connectors: One-piece, cast-copper mechanical connectors fromPanduit accept a wide range of copper cable sizes and are reusable. Theyare furnished with either a socket hex head or slotted set screw andrequire no special installation tools.

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Digital multimeter: B+K Precision's model 2880 is a hand-held unit thatmeasures true RMS values and permits data logging on a personal computervia a built-in RS-232 interface port. The model incorporates a triple LCDdisplay and a fast-update analog bargraph.

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PublicationsCCTV catalog: As Far as the Eye Can See details CSI/SPECO's completepro-video line of commercial and residential sound and security equipment.

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Reference: The Acoustic Musician's Guide to Sound Reinforcement and LiveRecording, by Mike Sokol, is available from Jerome Headlands Press. Itexplains technical characteristics of sound-reinforcement devices andoffers advice on choosing and configuring sound and recording equipment tosuit particular musical styles.

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Signal processing: Analog Devices has released a 60-page bonus issue ofAna-log Dialogue entitled Ask the Applications Engineer, which answersfrequently asked questions regarding signal-processing circuits, systemsand software as recorded by the company's engineering staff.

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Sales-skill test: The Sales Success Profile, published by Lousig-Nont andAssociates, is a pencil-and-paper test designed to assess sales ability. Itisolates and measures the 13 specific skill areas judged critical to salessuccess.

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Catalog: Contact East's 268-page, full-line catalog features products frombrand-name manufacturers for testing, repairing and assembling electronicequipment.

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Entertainment: Clark Dodsworth's book, Digital Illusion: Entertaining theFuture with High Technology, is available from Osage Associates. Itfeatures prominent contributors from the computer and entertainmentindustries discussing their endeavors in the world of high-techentertainment and previewing future developments.

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Monitor: The HM-1S self-powered studio monitor from Meyer Sound has afrequency response of 42 Hz to 20 kHz. Total power output is 400 W, with116 dB maximum SPL. It is equipped with dual concentric drivers and aconstant-directivity horn with a 100 degrees beam width. Features includean active cross-over and frequency and phase-response alignment circuitry.The HM-1S subwoofer is also available.

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