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Automatic matrix mixer: Lectrosonics The AM16 from Lectrosonics provides 16 mic/line inputs with adaptive gain and 12 balanced line outputs. It features
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Mar 1, 1998 12:00 PM

Automatic matrix mixer: LectrosonicsThe AM16 from Lectrosonics provides 16 mic/line inputs with adaptive gainand 12 balanced line outputs. It features a built-in noise source andRS-232 serial set-up and control and/or stand-alone operation, along withexpandable inputs and LecNet software.

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Loudspeakers: University SoundUniversity Sound's CSP410-4T, CSP610-4T, CSP810-4T and CSP815-8T full-rangeceiling systems consist of a bezel or mounting-ring assembly and theloudspeaker-component assembly. The CSP410-4T is a 4 inch (102 mm) unitwith a frequency response of 105 Hz to 18 kHz and 100.6 dB-SPL sensitivity(10 W, 1 m). The CSP810-4T is an 8 inch (203 mm) model with a frequencyresponse of 85 Hz to 15 kHz and 103.5 dB-SPL sensitivity (10 W, 1 m).

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Power amplifiers: Crest AudioThe Pro II series of lighter-weight amps from Crest Audio includes models6002, 7002 and 8002. They feature TourClass protection circuitry andPowerLok technology for consistent full rated power output.

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HDTV projector: Runco InternationalRunco International's DTV-1000 is a 9 inch (229 mm) CRT, all-digitalfront-projection television with 32 aspect ratio settings and 32independent memories. Features include Faroudja-enhanced color fidelity, aninternal menu system and auto-convergence capability.

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Surveillance dome: KalatelThe CyberDome HD from Kalatel is equipped with a tamper-resistant aluminumhousing and a reinforced swivel bracket. The acrylic lower dome attaches tothe upper housing with a tamper-resistant lock and key.

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Dual DAT recorder: TASCAMTASCAM's DA-302 model offers external control I/O capability formultiple-unit operation, high-speed and append dubbing capabilities andindependent S/PDIF digital I/O for each deck. Other features includedigital output format selection, as well as continuous and simultaneousrecord functions.

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Acoustical control tool: AuralexThe multipurpose Sunburst from Auralex can function as a broadbandabsorber, a mini bass trap, be glued together to create a gobo or mobilemonitoring environment, or be mounted to a hinged panel. It comes in amale/female nested-pair configuration and is available in ten colors.

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Network support kit: Jensen ToolsJensen Tools' network kit contains more than 60 tools, most with a lifetimeguarantee, housed in a water-resistant ballistic nylon case. The caseprovides extra storage room and features a Quick-Clip pallet design forfaster and easier replacement of tool pallets.

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Cable tester: B+K PrecisionThe model 205 from B+K Precision is a portable, stand-alone cable/harnesstester with a universal user-configurable connector card that accepts up to28 connectors. Features include a built-in LCD display, battery backupmemory and a test probe for single-wire identification or troubleshooting.

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Loudspeaker system: RCF ElectronicsRCF Electronics' PA 281 full-range, two-way bass reflex system has anextended frequency response of 65 Hz to 20 kHz and 300 W power handling. Itis equipped with dual carbon fiber 8 inch (203 mm) woofers and a mylarcompression driver coupled to a polynomial constant-directivity horn.

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Presentation monitor: NEC TechnologiesThe MultiSync XV29 multimedia monitor from NEC Technologies simultaneouslyaccepts one data and two video sources, each with accompanying audio. Itoffers RGB signal compatibility of 640 x 480 and vertical frequenciesbetween 50 Hz and 90 Hz. Features include wireless remote control,on-screen menus and a MultiCable computer connection system.

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Digital mixer: SoundcraftSpirit By Soundcraft's Digital 328 model is equipped with a hardware-basedinterface that operates similar to an analog eight-bus console. The unitcomes in a 32/8/2 frame size that includes 16 mic/line input channels withUltramic+ pre-amps, high-pass filters and inserts and 16 tape returnchannels. Five pairs of stereo inputs are also included.

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Loudspeakers: Meyer SoundThe Self-Powered Ultra series from Meyer Sound includes the UPA-1P andUPA-2P loudspeakers, USW-1P subwoofer and the UM-1P and UM-100P stagemonitors. The UPA-1P and UPA-2P models each have a 12 inch (305 mm)low-frequency cone driver and a 3 inch (76 mm) diaphragm high-frequencycompression driver. Both offer a frequency response of 60 Hz to 18 kHz anda maximum SPL of 132.5 dB.

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Digital console: Soundtracs USASoundtracs USA's DPC-II in-line format production console comes in twocomponents: a modular work surface and a dedicated rack for theanalog/digital conversion. Two work surface frames are available, providing64 or 96 100 mm moving fader control. Either size can support from 32 to160 channels and up to 224 audio interfaces.

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Microphones: SennheiserSennheiser's Evolution series consists of four hand-held mics and fourinstrument mics. The cardioid E825 and E835 and supercardioid E845 and E855vocal mics weigh just under 12 ounces (338 g), with three models availablewith an on/off switch. Instrument mics include the E602 and E604 cardioidand the E608 and E609 supercardioid models.

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Oscilloscope calibrators: FlukeThe 5500 series from Fluke calibrates analog and digital meters, wattmeters, power harmonics analyzers, process calibrators, strip and chartrecorders, oscilloscopes, thermocouple and RTD thermometers, currentclamps, clampmeters, pressure gauges and transducers. The 5500A model isavailable for lower- to medium-performance applications, while the 5520Aoffers extended ranges and enhanced accuracy.

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LCD monitor: Sharp ElectronicsThe LL-T150A monitor from Sharp Electronics is a 15 inch (381 mm) unit with1,024x768 XGA resolution. It features a compact design and low powerconsumption and is equipped with an RGB computer input, audio input,built-in loudspeaker and on-screen display functions.

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Stereo amp and pre-amp: Numark Industries

Numark Industries' SA9500 stereo amp produces 1,000 W/ch into 2 V. It hasseparate front-panel 42 position detented gain controls, clip and signalindication LEDs, dual-fan ventilation and heat-sink cooling. The PA5-Prostereo pre-amp is equipped with four input sources, two Neutrik mic inputswith separate three-band EQs and an auto-muting feature.

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Cable brochure: Clark Wire & CableThe Clark Wire & Cable custom range includes video snake and RGBassemblies, audio and digital audio cable assemblies, remote compositecables, modular digital multitrack harnesses, studio wiring, patchbays,panels and reels. Bulk cable and a variety of A-V accessories are alsoavailable.

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Routing switchers: Knox VideoThe re-designed RS16x16 and RS16x16 BAL full-matrix switchers from KnoxVideo offer maximum video bandwidth to 200 MHz. The balanced audio headroomis greater than +18 dB, and plug-in Phoenix connectors are used forbalanced stereo audio.

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Loudspeakers: SoundTechSoundTech's Titan series includes the T1 trapezoidal 10 inch (254 mm)two-way, T5+ trapezoidal 15 inch (381 mm) two-way, T25+ trapezoidal dual 15inch (381 mm) two-way, T8+ trapezoidal 18 inch (457 mm) sub, T28+trapezoidal dual 18 inch (457 mm) sub and R28+ rectangular dual 18 inch(457 mm) sub. Models have a 4 inch (102 mm) voice coil woofer, and the T5+and T25+ have a 2 inch (51 mm) compression driver with large-format horn.

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Control software: Contemporary ResearchThe iC Commander software from Contemporary Research provides real timecontrol of a complete TV system (up to 1,000 televisions) from a standardWindows '95/NT PC. It allows the user to build and save messages to send,save channel configurations, build system pre-sets and display rotateprogram channels.

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Cassette deck: Superscope TechnologiesSuperscope Technologies' Marantz PMD520 rack-mount model is a professionalthree-head independent dual-well cassette deck. Features include tapemonitoring while recording, auto bias system and overlap recordcapabilities, as well as fully independent operation and inputs/outputs.

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Audio patch panel: SwitchcraftThe TTP96 from Switchcraft is available as a patch panel, patch kit, withEDAC connectors and a front-access version. All featurecorrosion-resistant, nickel-plated jacks with steel frames. Available jackconfigurations include full-normal, half-normal and open-circuit.

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