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Zone mixers: Citronic The Z-2M from Citronic is a self-contained, two-zone mixer with all controls located on the front panel. The Z-2MR offers the same
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May 1, 1998 12:00 PM

Zone mixers: Citronic The Z-2M from Citronic is a self-contained, two-zonemixer with all controls located on the front panel. The Z-2MR offers thesame facilities as the Z-2M but has remote user controls for each zone.Both models feature five inputs-one priority mic, three music and anadditional music input with second priority. Remote-control expansion unitsare also available.

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Projector: Runco International Runco International's CinemaPro-770 is aCRT-based, front-projection system capable of regular Pan and Scan 4:3,widescreen and Anamorphic aspect ratios. Peak light output is 800 lumens.The unit is equipped with 7 inch (178 mm) tubes and remote-controlcapability.

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Video scan converter: RGB Spectrum The RGB/Videolink 1700 from RGB Spectrumaccepts interlaced or non-interlaced RGB inputs and automaticallysynchronizes to computer signals with screen resolutions up to 1,600 x1,200 pixels and scan rates from 15 kHz to 90 kHz. The model overlays videowith computer-generated graphics and offers up to 400% zoom capability.

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Loudspeaker: Martin Audio Martin Audios C115 surface-mount,weather-resistant unit has a frequency response of 120 Hz to 20 kHz, (3 dB.Sensitivity is 88 dB (1 W, 1 m), and impedance is 8 V. Rated power is 50 W,with 105 dB continuous maximum SPL. The unit is available in eitherlow-impedanced or line-transformer configurations.

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Fiber-optic route switch: Physical Optics Corporation (POC) The POC912model from Physical Optics Corporation (POC) is a 1:2 bypass systemallowing automated switching of primary and secondary fibers whileprotecting against faulty fibers or the loss of return data links from aprimary source. It operates in either single-code or multimode fiber andincludes an alarm connection.

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Telephone entry and access: Marlee Electronics Marlee Electronics' VFseries unit features a four-line scrolling vacuum fluorescent display,enlarged keypad, one-touch dialing and a self-diagnostics module. Thesystem is remotely programmable using Windows PC software, and up to twocard readers may be attached for access control.

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The 350-page third edition of Switchcraft's Engineering Design Guide is nowavailable, with more than 5,000 electronic and electromechanicalcomponents. Product categories include connectors, jacks and plugs, jackpanels and jackfields, molded cable assemblies and patch cords, andswitches.

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Wireless mic system: Telex Communications Telex Communications' USR-100 isa UHF wireless system that offers 100 transmission channels. At least tendifferent channels may be operated on simultaneously. The unit featuresmicroprocessor control and factory tuning. The SH-100 hand-held version isalso available.

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The VPL-S600U from Sony Electronics is a portable SVGA-resolution LCDprojector with 650 ANSI lumens of brightness. It accepts composite video,Y/C video, RGB and component video signals and displays Macintosh, VGA,SVGA, XGA and SXGA formats. The unit is equipped with stereo sound and alaser pointer built into the remote.

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Surge suppressor: New Frontier Electronics New Frontier Electronics' SX115Rmodel provides 15 A of protection and stops surges of up to 6,000 V. It isequipped with EMI/RFI filtering circuitry and eight standard grounded ACreceptacles, six of which may be switched on or off. Other features includepower LED indicators and a self-test circuit.

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Powered mixer: Yorkville Sound The PowerMAX16 console from Yorkville Soundprovides four-channel amplification. Amps produce 2 x 400 W at 4 V formains and 2 x 275 W at 4 V for monitors. The unit has 12 mono mic/linebalanced channel inputs and two stereo line-level channels. Featuresinclude mid-frequency sweep, switchable hi-pass filtering, aux send, muteand solo switching and fan cooling.

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PA system: Anchor Audio Anchor Audio's Liberty Xtreme is a 130 W unitequipped with a switchable mic/line level, XLR-type input with selectablephantom power; an additional 1/4 inch (6 mm) line-level input and abalanced XLR-type, line-level output. Both inputs have independent volumecontrols. The system offers music and voice projection modes and acceptsmost mic or line-level sources.

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