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MUSIC SYSTEM JBL SMS1 System JBL's SMS1 Soundzone Music System is a complete music package for stores, restaurants and other businesses. The $895 system
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MUSIC SYSTEMJBL SMS1 SystemJBL's SMS1 Soundzone Music System is a complete music package for stores, restaurants and other businesses. The $895 system has four satellite speakers, a subwoofer for full-range sound, an SMS1 base station with amplification for all speakers, a background music source controller and an optional announce mic. Features include automatic music ducking when the mic is activated; Auto Warmth[TM] to add fullness at lower levels; and Level Guard[TM], which automatically keeps music levels within a selected volume range. The four compact (5.25x3.5x3.5-inch) satellite speakers are designed for easy installation via JBL's Invisiball[TM] mounts, and JBL's new Control 24CT ceiling speakers are also available.www.jblpro.com/businessmusic

LOUDSPEAKERSCrest Audio CT SeriesCrest's CT[TM] Series offers high-SPL trapezoidal enclosures (the CT1, CT2, CT3 and CT4 subwoofer) and two floor monitors. Models range from the CT1 (a 2-way box with a 15-inch woofer and 2-inch compression driver) to the top-of-the-line, 3-way CT3 with a 15-inch woofer, 8-inch cone mid and 2-inch compression driver, and a frequency response of 53 Hz to 20 kHz. The CT4 sub has two 18-inch drivers, and the CT1m and CT3m monitors combine 1- or 2-inch compression drivers with single or double 12-inch woofers. The speakers can operate in full-range or bi-amp mode and feature overpower protection, Speakon connectors, and 3/4-inch hardwood 7-ply cabinets with metal grilles and recessed handles.www.crestaudio.com

PRESENTATION MIXERSymetrix 460The Symetrix 460 is a digital mixer for A/V presentation systems in boardrooms, classrooms and similar venues. It features two mic/line, four stereo inputs, and two stereo outputs. Routing, level, dynamic control and EQ functions are configurable via front panel controls. Ports for EIA-232 or 485 serial data control are provided for AMX or Crestron controllers. Contact-closure inputs for preset selection and inputs for remote level control are also provided. Retail is $799.www.symetrixaudio.com

UHF BODYPACK RECEIVERAKG PR 81 UHFDesigned for camera mounting but ideal for applications such as tour guide and interpretation systems, AKG's PR 81 UHF Diversity Bodypack Receiver offers 15 selectable frequencies within a 3MHz bandwidth, a digital 4-level diversity antenna management system and a mini-XLR output. Powered by standard AA batteries, the PR 81 features easy-to-read RF level/audio level/diversity/mute/battery status LEDs and security covers that protect the channel selector, squelch control and power switch from unintentional readjustment. Available systems include HT 81 handheld and PT 81 bodypack versions.www.akg-acoustics.com

COMPRESSION DRIVERRadian 950 PBRadian Audio Engineering is now shipping the 950 PB compression driver, featuring a 2-inch exit throat and up to 100 watts RMS handling. With a frequency response of 500 Hz to 20 kHz, the 950 PB features a 4-inch voice coil for high power handling and a proprietary Mylar diaphragm suspension with aluminum dome that reduces harmonic distortion. The 950 PB weighs 10.4 lbs., comes in 8- or 16-ohm versions, and is priced at $915.www.radianaudio.com

DIGITAL MIXERInnovaSON Sensory LSThe Sensory LS (Large Scale) Series from InnovaSON is based on its Sensory Live Series consoles but offers the simultaneous power of 96 input channels, 46 pre-mix buses, 20 matrix sends and LCR master outputs. All channels feature 5-band programmable EQ, compressor and gate. The matrix outs offer 8-band EQ dynamics and up to 1.3 seconds of delay. The system uses a small-footprint mix controller tethered to a stage box containing up to 164 inputs and 144 outputs and can store more than 1,000 preset scenes.www.innovason.com

CONDENSER MICROPHONEShure KSM44Shure's new KSM44 condenser microphone features large dual diaphragms in a side-address design; multiple polar patterns (omni, cardioid and bidirectional); Class-A transformerless preamplifier circuitry; dual 1-inch gold-layered, Mylar diaphragms; low self-noise of 7 dB; a 3-position LF rolloff filter and an internal shock mount to reduce stand-related noise. Each mic includes an aluminum carry case, ShureLock[TM] elastic-suspension shock mount and standard swivel mount.www.shure.com

POWER AMPLIFIERHafler SR2600Designed for touring and live sound applications, the Hafler SR2600 trans-nova Diamond amplifier is said to combine the linearity of Class A and the headroom of Class B designs, with a Class-G output stage for improved efficiency and lower heat. Features include variable-speed, dual-fan cooling, switching-power-supply constant power at 2/4/8 ohms or 70/100 volts, and balanced XLR and 1/4-inch inputs. The 2-rackspace SR2600 delivers 600 watts/channel (at 8/4/2 ohms) or 1,200 watts bridged mono into 4- or 8-ohm loads. Weight is 32 lbs.www.hafler.com

CONDENSER MICROPHONESennheiser e865 HandheldThe first electret model in Sennheiser's Evolution Series, the e865 handheld vocal mic is designed for excellent feedback suppression while offering the performance associated with studio condensers. Features include a supercardioid pickup pattern, smooth off-axis response, 150dB SPL handling and a 40 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth. Retail is $399.www.sennheiserusa.com

LOUDSPEAKER PROCESSORKlark Teknik DN9824Housed in a one-rackspace chassis, the DN9824 2-in/4-out digital loudspeaker controller offers extensive and flexible crossover, EQ and dynamics processing functions for various system control applications with front-panel or PC control (via included software), and balanced I/O and LED metering. Inputs feature seven bands of EQ (switchable between fully parametric, low/highpass or low/high shelving) and a selection from popular crossover types at up to 48dB/octave. Outputs offer seven EQ bands, delays of up to 900 ms (in 21 s increments), phase invert and a full-function compressor/limiter on each channel.www.klarkteknik.com

MIXER/AMPLIFIERCloud Electronics Two ZoneDistributed in the U.S. by Biamp Systems, the Cloud 36/50 Two Zone Mixer Amplifier offers six music inputs plus one wide gain mic input - all fully assignable, with three 50-watt power amps. Its two main zone outputs are augmented by a utility output, which can be used either for peripheral areas or slaved to the zone 1 output, effectively doubling the power available to that zone. Options and presets include a choice of in-zone remote controls (level only or level-plus-select), 3-channel 40W/100V line transformer module and a plug-in speaker EQ module.www.cloud.co.uk

INSTALLATION PRODUCTSDigital Signal Processor: QSC introduces the DSP-3, a compact unit that includes two channels of independent signal processing, crossover filters, shelf filters, signal delay, compression, peak limiting, and more in a compact module that attaches to the back of most DataPort-equipped amplifiers. Drag-and-drop software allows users to configure processing functions and signal flow or exert real-time control. Interface is via an RS-232 serial port.www.qscaudio.com

Wireless Systems: Samson Wireless unveils several AirLine UHF wireless systems with miniaturized transmitters that are designed to eliminate cumbersome body packs and run up to 14 hours on AAA batteries. The AH1/QE UHF Fitness System mounts the transmitter in a headset; The AL1 UHF Presentation System has a built-in electret condenser mic with the mini-transmitter. Additional AirLine transmitter systems are designed for wireless microphones, vocal mics, guitars and wind instruments.www.samsontech.com

Audio Router: Based on its 100 MHz twin-stitch fabric design, the Stagetec Nexus Star offers complex, flexible routing. The Nexus Star can be fitted with up to 16 I/O cards, each with 256 inputs and 256 outputs, and these 6-rackspace units can be cascaded to expand capacity. A switching node supports Stagetec's Fiber Optic Connection (FOC) card and Stagetec's RMF card.www.stagetec.com

Powered Subwoofer: The TQ-425SP is the latest addition to Turbosound's Qlight loudspeaker series. For theaters, corporations and fixed installations, the TQ-425SP is a front-loaded, sub-bass unit with a 1,600-Watt amp and a pair of 4-inch voice coils with 15-inch drivers. Frequency response is 45 to 200 Hz 4 dB.www.turbosound.com

Loudspeaker: The dV-DOSC WST from L-Acoustics is an active 2-way, fullrange, high-SPL system designed for medium- and long-throw applications. The arrayable WST features a trapezoidal box, 120 horizontal coverage and fast, secure rigging.www.l-acoustics.com

Wireless Receiver: The newest addition to its N/DYM series of UHF wireless mics, EV is now shipping the N/DYM SCU receiver. The N/DYM SCU features the ClearScan Auto Channel Select and 10-channel frequency agility that's standard on the entire series and adds detachable antennas, RF and audio level metering and rack-mount hardware. The SCU receiver is compatible with all EV N/DYM transmitters.www.electrovoice.com

Amplifiers: BGW introduces the Performance Series 3fL Power Amp. FaastLink[TM] technology enables the user to monitor amplifier performance and provides a one-piece entry connection for signal inputs. This compact model delivers over 800 watts per channel into a 2-ohm load.www.bgw.com

Speaker: The CMS50T ICT speaker from Tannoy is built into its ceiling enclosure for quick installation. Its no-crossover-required ICT drive unit features a tweeter that's effectively immune to overpower failures, and has a controlled 90 conical dispersion and a low-insertion loss transformer. A low-impedance version without transformer is also available.www.tannoy.com

Wireless Intercom: The successor to Telex's popular BTR-200/RTS[R] 2105 wireless VHF intercom, the RadioCom[R] BTR-300 offers twice the frequency bands, allowing up to four base stations and 16 beltpacks to run simultaneously. The BTR-300 has improved flexibility in connecting to wired intercoms and external audio gear, tougher beltpack cases for better "survivability," optional Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries and a beltpack power jack for charging the batteries without removing them from the unit.www.telex.com

DJ Mixer: The FSM-400 from Formula Sound is a rackmount 4-channel mixer with seven stereo inputs (three are RIAA-switchable) and one mic input. Each channel has 3-band EQ and outputs including zone, booth, phones and master pots and a long-life crossfader.www.formula-sound.com

Toolkit DVD: Gold Line and Performance Media Industries present "The 5.1 Audio Toolkit DVD," a test disc with over 80 useful signals for calibrating and debugging 5.1 channel systems with THX Surround EX.www.gold-line.com

Mixer: Gentner's PSR1212 digital matrix mixer/audio processor was developed for high-end sound reinforcement in large open-room applications such as stadiums, arenas, houses of worship, etc. It features 32 user-definable presets, 12 input and 12 output channels, gated microphone operation, and automatic gain control. The PSR1212 also includes MacroPro and PSR Tools software.www.gentner.com

Amplifiers: Alesis improves on its RA-100 with three new power amps: RA-150, RA-RA-300, and RA-500. These amps incorporate convection cooling systems, eliminating fan noise. They also feature dual differential input stages, wide bandwidth, overload/protect indicators, and more. The RA300 and RA500 offer XLR input connectors and bar-graph metering.www.alesis.com

Tube Processors: Behringer's T1952 Tube Composer is a tube version of its Composer and Composer Pro units, offering compression, limiting, gating, expansion and peak limiting, with manual or automatic control of attack and release times. The T1951 Tube Ultra-Q offers four parametric bands and features constant-Q filters, and high/low bands switchable to shelving operation.www.behringer.com

Mixer Upgrade: Version 3 software and a stand-alone Offline Editor PC software package for Soundcraft's automated Broadway theater console offers creative and editing cue lists to simplify advance programming for a large show, including naming/assigning I/O channels, VCAs and MIDI events. The V3 software adds extensive crossfade capablities, automatic cue sequence creation and automatic tracking of manual changes during a show, which are stored for later use if desired.www.soundcraft.com

Dynamics Processor: The XTA Electronics SiDD (Seriously intelligent Digital Dynamics) is a 1-rackspace, 2-channel suite of dynamics tools, including compression, gating, limiting, dynamic EQ and delay with instant recall and storage of all user settings via the front panel, MIDI or computer software. SiDD features 24-bit I/O and 40-bit internal processing and is based on XTA's popular DP226 loudspeaker processor.www.xta.co.uk

Recorder Upgrade: Designed for studio recording, Tascam's rackmount MX-2424 24-bit hard disk recorder/player is also suitable for theme park or theatrical playback use. New MX-OS 2.0 software adds the ability to operate as a 24-track/48kHz or 12-track/96kHz recorder, allows file transfers via Ethernet, and adds compatibility for larger drives, either PC or HFS+ Macintosh.www.tascam.com

Dual-CD Player: A rackmount dual-CD player for DJ applications, the Pioneer CMX-5000 features Auto Beat Mixing, which automatically analyzes the beat of the music playing and adjusts the tempo of the next track to the same tempo for a smooth mix. Other features include "no tray" slot loading, CD-RW and CD-R read compatibility, and a turntable-feel jog-dial.www.pioneer.com

Equalizer: SPL's Stereo Q is a outboard equalizer with a single set of controls adjusting two channels of 3-band parametric EQ, as well as sub-bass and air-band controls. A 3D Enhancer circuit controls stereo width.www.g1ltd.com

Amplifier: D.A.S. E-20 is a 2-channel power amp delivering 950 Watts/channel (into 4-ohms) or 600 Watts/channel into 8-ohms from a 3-rackspace chassis. Features include front twin-fan cooling, XLR and 1/4-inch inputs, toroidal transformers, front and rear mounting points and active limiter protection.www.dasaudio.com

MEETINGSEducation: "2001: A CEDIA Odyssey" is a series of regional educational programs presented by CEDIA and leading industry manufacturers. Upcoming dates/locations include: 1/28-29 in Ft. Lauderdale; 3/3-4 in Dallas; 3/18-19 in San Francisco; 4/1-2 in Chicago; and 5/6-7 in Stamford, Conn.www.cedia.org

PUBLICATIONSSoftware: Lambda Research Corp. announces a new version of TracePro opto-mechanical 3-D solid modeling software designed to facilitate lighting and back light display analysis. A RepTile[TM] feature allows the program to analyze LCD back light larger than 50mm in size.www.lambdares.com

Catalog: The Electronic, Coaxial, and Voice & Data Cables catalog from Coleman Cables covers its complete line with detailed information and drawings. 36 pgs. Call 800/323-9355 x2361 for a copy.www.colemancable.com

CD-ROM: Soundcraft has published an encyclopedia on all of its console products. The CD-ROM includes technical data sheets, user guides, product brochures, and images of every product in four formats. Request it online or call 615/360-0471.www.soundcraft.com

Book: Sams Technical Publishing releases Electronics for the Electrician by Newton Braga. It provides troubleshooting tips, analyzes options and more.www.samswebsite.com

Building Code Directory: The National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, Inc. has released its 2000 edition of Directory of Building Codes and Regulations. The 2-volume directory covers all 50 states, Puerto Rico, DC, and major US cities.www.ncsbcs.org

Audio Guide: Tannoy Professional has produced a guide outlining factors to consider for audio when designing and installing boardroom applications. This 20-page, full-color guide discusses design and installation issues and illustrates concepts with three case studies.www.tannoy.com




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