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Zaxcom's Deva Mix-12 is a fully digital 12-fader control surface that directly manages the audio mixer embedded within the Zaxcom Deva IV and V location recorders.
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What's New:
Audio Technology

Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Charissa Young


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Zaxcom's Deva Mix-12 is a fully digital 12-fader control surface that directly manages the audio mixer embedded within the Zaxcom Deva IV and V location recorders. When paired with the Deva IV, the Deva Mix-12 features 16 inputs and 18 outputs, and it features 16 inputs and 20 outputs when paired with the Deva V. Other features of the Mix-12 include 12 fader strips, which provide instant access to bus routing and effects for the channel being used, and an input port that directly controls the gain of the microphone preamp as well as the P&G fader.
▪ Zaxcom | www.zaxcom.com


Launched at NAMM's Summer Session, Shure's Performance Gear Wireless is engineered with the same professional standards as Shure's previous wireless offerings, but now includes a range extending up to 250ft. Up to nine compatible Performance Gear systems can be operated simultaneously across multiple bands by selecting from 10 tunable frequencies in each unit. Internal 1/4-wave antennas are part of every receiver, as is LED channel display and rear-panel output capable of facilitating both 1/4in. and XLR connectors.
▪ Shure | www.shure.com


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Peavey introduces its next generation of subharmonic and stereo image enhancement with its Kosmos V2 live and recording audio processor. Improving on previous models, the Kosmos V2 improves audio quality with a dynamic phasing technology that manipulates low and high frequencies to deepen bass and widen highs through phasing rather than equalization. It also features front-panel rotary controls for adjusting the parameters and levels of Kosmos processing.
▪ Peavey | www.peavey.com


Meyer Sound's UPA-1P compact wide coverage and UPA-2P compact narrow coverage loudspeakers have a new molded steel grille frame overlaying an inner screen that protects drivers from dust and dirt. This damage-resistant design eliminates the removable exterior foam used on a prior version. The frame now ships standard on UPA-1P and UPA-2P cabinets and can be retrofitted to existing self-powered units.
▪ Meyer Sound | www.meyersound.com


Soundelux's new U99S microphone is a switchable version of its award-winning U99 microphone. Combining the performance of two high-grade tube condenser microphones in a single unit, the U99S gives users the choice of selecting Normal or Brite sonic signatures at a flick of the switch. It also employs a P99 true linear power supply, which is derived almost entirely from the original vintage technology.
▪ Soundelux | www.soundeluxmics.com


Meyer Sound's Matrix3 is an audio-show control system that can provide either analog or digital inputs and outputs. It can be configured to accept up to 280 inputs and feed 512 outputs. The software allows users to configure and operate mixing functions, signal processing, routing, SpaceMap multichannel panning, and Wild Tracks hard-disk recording and playback. It also provides access to Matrix3's cue list functionality, which can reconfigure the entire system in one cue or trigger a single event.
▪ Meyer Sound


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QSC's WL218-sw is a dual-18 subwoofer built for flown or groundstack applications, meeting the demands of discerning touring and installed sound reinforcement professionals. The device is operable down to 31Hz and capable of delivering high-acoustic output (139dB SPL at 1m). The WL218-sw's 18in. premium transducers are safeguarded by a 14-gauge powder-coated steel grille and housed in separate chambers to prevent the failure of one driver from affecting the performance of the other.
▪ QSC | www.qscaudio.com


AKG's CSDU delegate microphone is a station for use with its CS2 conference system. The mic includes a built-in speaker for near-field sound reinforcement, as well as voice/pushbutton control, automatic muting after long pauses, and NOM limitation. Single-cable daisy-chain wiring enables users to create large systems quickly and easily, which is ideal for quick setup with temporary systems.
▪ AKG | www.akgusa.com


Canton's CD 3200 is a 2.5-way active loudspeaker that boasts a built-in 200W IcePower amplifier module and four aluminum 4in. mid/bass drivers. It employs enhanced versions of the 4in. aluminum cone woofer used throughout the CD 300 series. For the active loudspeaker, this driver has been re-engineered with an enhanced motor structure and dramatically increased excursion capabilities for an improvement in power handling and deep bass response.
▪ Canton | www.cantonusa.com


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AutoPatch's PrecisLT DSP stereo audio matrix switcher is designed for distributed audio integrations. The matrix switcher combines functionality with equalization signal processing, featuring input gain, output volume, tone, and balance control along with a full 10-band equalizer. All units ship with free AP GraphicEQ software for easy setup of all features.
▪ Autopatch | www.autopatch.com


Teq Gear's high-performance RGBHV (MSR) and RGBHV+ Audio (MSQ) matrix switchers are available in configurations from 8×2 to 128×128. With bandwidth of more than 400MHz on a fully loaded switch, the switchers complement large and small AV installations. They are also compatible with various video formats, including composite video, S-Video, component video, and BNC connectors.
▪ Teq Gear | www.teqgear.com




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