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What's New: Audio Technology

Nov 1, 2004 12:00 PM



The 550A uses bridge-T filters (RC networks), two 2520 discrete amplifier modules, and a 1:3 output transformer, and provides up to +28dBm output level. All three of the frequency bands overlap, and there is up to ±12dB of boost or cut in 2dB steps available for each band. There are choices of shelving and peaking for the high and low band and a switchable, 12dB/octave, 50Hz to 15kHz bandpass filter. A feature important to the classic sound is the proportional Q design in which the bandwidth of the equalizer narrows as boost or cut is increased.


d&b audiotechnik

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Rope C is a PC-based graphical drag-and-drop user interface enabling total control of d&b systems through a screen-based virtual surface. The latest release of Rope C v. 1 allows the D12 and E-PAC amplifiers to be controlled and monitored through their CAN-Bus interfaces. Rope C v. 1 allows systems to be remotely configured and gives central access to the user-definable EQ and delay functions through a graphical interface. Operating elements for all the D12 and E-PAC loudspeaker specific configurations can easily be incorporated into an application from the internal library.



A variant of the Sy40 console, the Sy48 is for mixing FOH or monitors and fixed installations, such as broadcast trucks, radio studios, theaters, or houses of worship. As a standalone console, the Sy48 may be equipped with as many as six 8-channel audio cards and is typically configured with 48 local inputs (32 mic, 16 line) and 32 local outputs (16 processed, 16 line). The optional Stage Box can move 48 inputs to stage while keeping 16 local line inputs available at the console location. For customers who want to run their I/O and digital signal-processing card externally from the control surface, the Local External Mix Box option allows for as many as eight 8-channel audio cards to be housed in a 19in. 7RU mix box with autoswitching power supplies.

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The Flexygy FL8 flat eight-pair snake cable was designed to lay flat, stable, and out of the way. The cable is for stage, auditorium, home studio, and remote truck use. The cable can run under carpets, doors, and fixtures, and is resistant to movement. An added feature of its flat design is that the cable takes up less space on portable reels, as well as less space in studio wire-ways and trenches.

CD Changer

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The CD-3500 five-disk programmable CD changer was built for use in commercial and professional applications. The 3RU device is equipped with a host of features that brings a number of source options and increased flexibility to sound systems. Accessed through the push of a button found on the front panel, a drawer-style rotary carousel accommodates either five standard or five MiniDisc CDs. Beyond being used to perform standard-duty operations such as disc selection/skip, play, pause, and forward-backward skip/search, the front panel controls also serve as a gateway to advanced functions, including the capability to specify, modify, and play a program of up to 32 selections.




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