What's New: Audio Technology

Wireless Mic System Gem Sound www.gemsound.com The PLL-32 is a 32-channel wireless mic system featuring a built-in LCD and controls on the mic transmitter.
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What's New: Audio Technology

Jan 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Wireless Mic System

Gem Sound

The PLL-32 is a 32-channel wireless mic system featuring a built-in LCD and controls on the mic transmitter. Frequencies are therefore selectable from the transmitter and receiver. According to the company, the PLL-32 provides high-quality signal clarity because of its phase-locked loop technology with diversity, UHF band operation, and built-in noise squelch circuitry. The blue backlit LCD on the PLL-32 mic transmitter displays channel, group, mute, and battery status.


SLS Loudspeakers

The polycone PL6 and PL6C series speakers deliver enhanced sonic performance for in-wall and in-ceiling installation, respectively, based on patented PD technology. Each unit includes a PD ribbon tweeter, which provides the extended frequency range necessary for playback of high-definition music, and a polycomposite woofer with Santoprene Surround. Together, the system offers uniform coverage over the entire frequency range with the added capability of an extra-wide sweet spot for maximum full-range coverage. The case is heavy-duty polycomposite construction, employing audio-grade polypropylene capacitors and audiophile-level connectors.


Ultrasone of America, LLC

The PROline 750, 2500, 550, and 650 headphones offer patented S-Logic technology in a new, sleek design, with standard protection from EMF radiation up to 98 percent, detachable cables (coiled and straight), a replacement pair of speed-switch ear pads, and easily replaceable drivers. The new design is exclusive to the series and allows a heightened transparency and spatial sense owing to the higher degree of ear anatomy involved. The patented S-Logic technology uses decentralized transducer positioning to reflect sound off the listeners' pinna (outer ear), creating a natural three-dimensional sensation without the use of processing. S-Logic produces a stereophonic surround-sound field that is perceived to be broad, detached, and located in front of the listener.

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The Cloud 4 and Cloud 6 models have been added to the existing Cloud 12, providing a range of ceiling loudspeakers for high-quality speech and music installations. To provide optimum performance and consistent coverage with minimal diameter, the Cloud 4 and 6 use a coaxial drive unit design and bass-reflex loading. Four- and 6in. cast aluminum frame mid/bass units respectively are coupled to a 3/4in. aluminum high-frequency unit through a high-grade crossover. Both units employ proprietary Air Gap Technology cooling for increased long-term high output and reduced power consumption.


d&b audiotechnik

The Qi-series has been tailored to meet the requirements of installation specialists. The range consists of four loudspeaker types; the Qi1, Qi7, and Qi10, which are two-way passively crossed-over loudspeakers sharing the same size, shape, weight, and driver compliment (a 1.3in. exit high-frequency and two 10in. low-frequency drivers), and the Qi-SUB bass-reflex cabinet utilizing an 18in. driver. These Qi-series loudspeakers and their specialized accessories are mechanically adapted for installation use, can be protected for climatically hostile environments, and may be properly color matched for interior-design purposes.

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Loudspeaker Management Systems


The VSX-26 (pictured) and VSX-48 feature exclusive processing technology and Web-based internal software for use in single- or multi-zone applications. With their multiple I/O schemes, these VSX units enable versatile sound system configuration options. The VSX-26, which has two inputs and six outputs, can receive a stereo signal and crossover at three points in stereo. Each of these stereo signals can be processed individually, as well. With its four inputs and eight outputs, the VSX-48 model is for multizone use or for setting-delayed fill speakers.

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Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems Company

The AJ-SD965 is a high-performance 50Mbps DVCPRO50 studio VTR with built-in color LCD monitor. The AJ-SD965 uses the newly developed DVCPRO XL cassette, which allows two hours of recording in 4:2:2, 50Mbps DVCPRO50 with 4-channel 48kHz, 16-bit digital audio; and, for added flexibility, records for four hours in 4:1:1, 25Mbps DVCPRO with 2-channel digital audio. Selectable between 525 and 625 operation, the AJ-SD965 addresses a range of applications in television and video production. The AJ-SD965 teams with the AJ-SDX900 dual-mode DVCPRO Cinema 24p/30p/60i camcorder to provide a high-quality acquisition/recording/editing system spanning all production segments. www.panasonic.com/broadcast




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