What's New: Audio Technology

Audio Mixer Crest Performance The 16-channel CPM 2462 mixer features low-noise I-PRO XLR mic inputs for studio or live audio
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What's New: Audio Technology

Feb 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Audio Mixer

Crest Performance

The 16-channel CPM 2462 mixer features low-noise I-PRO XLR mic inputs for studio or live audio applications. Other features include EQ, pan, aux, and group assign controls, as well as four input-channel configurations. The unit also provides eight extra line inputs (for a total of 24 inputs) that can be used as mono inputs or paired with channels 9-16. A wedge design allows for easy desktop use or rack mounting.

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Computer Recording System

PreSonus Audio Electronics

Musicians, music producers, video game developers, and others can use the Windows- and Macintosh-compatible FireBox FireWire system to record and play back six inputs and 10 outputs simultaneously at professional-grade 24-bit/96k resolution. The system includes two PreSonus mic/instrument inputs, two analog line inputs, eight balanced analog line outputs, and a headphone output, as well as SPDIF and MIDI I/O. The FireBox can be buss-powered by a six-pin FireWire connector and has an external power supply for use with four-pin FireWire systems.

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Audio Converter

ARX Systems

The Pro DI direct box, part of ARX's AudiBox range of precision tools, is able to convert single-ended unbalanced signals to low-impedance balanced signals to interface consumer-level products to professional systems for performance, broadcast, and installation use. The unit features a 1/4in. jack input with hardwired loop-out and a speaker level input at -40dB attenuation.

Digital Controller


The DAP 26 controller features dual analog inputs, a digital AES/EBU input, and six analog outputs, including compatible software KME control. The controller now also offers the CAN port, the Can-Bus interface. The unit uses a built-in USB connector to connect to up to 63 units via a double wire cable up to 1300ft. in length. The DAP 26 can also connect to new computer notebooks without a serial RS-232 interface.

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The CDT-05 lets DJs play CDs and vinyl on the same motor-driven platter. In both vinyl and CD modes, the unit offers variable pitch control with selectable ranges of 4, 8, 16, or 50 percent; pitch bend function; and master tempo. Three DSP effects (filter, zoom, and echo) with variable parameter and a forward/reverse switch can be accessed in either mode. During CD playback, the CDT-05 affords three hot starts, frame-accurate cue, and seamless loop.

Cardioid Microphone


Designed for live performance applications, the Evolution e840 dynamic mic cuts through high onstage levels by efficiently suppressing sounds emanating from outside its pick-up pattern. It is fitted with a hum-compensating coil to reduce electromagnetic interference. The rugged metal housing encloses a shock-mounted capsule, making the mic durable and insensitive to handling noise.

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The ART 312-i loudspeaker is ideal for playback and installation situations where an external power amplifier is preferred. The speaker features 300W power handling, 126dB SPL peak, and a 12in. power woofer. Proprietary RCF LICC (low impedance compensated crossover) provides fast and accurate reproduction of the mid-bass frequency range and smooth high-frequency definition. Components are housed in a strong, lightweight, polypropylene composite enclosure.



The CS series power amplifiers feature a 2RU design with DDT compression/anti-clipping protection and power points up to 4.08kW. The series offers 14 power transistors per channel. All of the power amps include toroidal power transistors for lighter weight and increased power. They also feature circuitry to protect against shorts, improper loads, abrupt turn-on levels, high temperatures, DC, and subsonic frequencies that can damage loudspeakers.

Wireless Mixer


The Mipro MA-909 UHF true diversity 16-frequency agile wireless mixer combines two wireless mics, a CD player, and mic and line inputs into a rack-mountable 2RU control mixer with a wireless transmitter. The mixer can be used in conjunction with Mipro's MR-90E UHF true diversity receiver module for school audio applications.

FireWire Interface


The new Saffire FireWire interface features onboard DSP and 24-bit/192kHz processing, as well as four inputs (two digital) and 10 outputs (two digital). New accompanying software interfaces with any recording software to allow extensive control over the recorded sound, as well as monitor and headphone output paths. Compression, reverb, amp modeling, and EQ plug-ins can be used from within the recording platform for the creation of up to five separate user-defined stereo mixes.

Line Array


The compact LR14 passive two-way line-array module is loaded with a ribbon driver for high-frequency reproduction in small to medium-sized applications. Cylindrical radiation of the driver through the Morpher waveguide brings active frontal radiation to 94 percent. Two 6.5in. Neodymium mid-bass drivers handle frequencies below 1200Hz, down to 51Hz. The array has a maximum SPL of 130dB per unit and can be used in stacked or flown vertical array. The 33lb. system has no separate or loose parts, and a high safety rating (24 cabinets at 7:1 safety ratio).

Portable WAV/MP3 Recorder


The R-1 portable WAV/MP3 recorder offers direct storage to Compact Flash memory up to 4GB. A 2GB Flash card provides storage of more than two hours of 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV recordings or more than 69 hours of MP3 at 64kbps. The recorder features two high-grade electric mics, external line and mic inputs for stereo capture, a 24-bit internal effects processor, and a USB port. The 4"×5.5" device takes two AA batteries and weighs 10oz.




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