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Loudspeaker OAP Audio Products The new SM-281 loudspeaker system is a bracket-mountable, two-way, full-range stage monitor with an ultra-low profile
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What's New: Audio Technology

Jul 1, 2005 12:00 PM


OAP Audio Products www.oapaudio.com

The new SM-281 loudspeaker system is a bracket-mountable, two-way, full-range stage monitor with an ultra-low profile and a low sightline. It stands less than 10in. high and includes an optional handle and MB-822 mounting bracket for use in houses of worship, boardrooms, classrooms, restaurants, lounges, and live stage applications. The loudspeaker incorporates two 8in. direct radiators that extend low frequencies and a 1in. throat, Mylar-diaphragm driver coupled to a 60×90-degree, constant-dispersion, rotatable horn that extends high frequencies.


Allen & Heath www.allen-heath.com

The GL4800 console is available in 24-, 32-, 40-, and 48-frame sizes, each with all mono, 4 stereo, or 8 stereo channels. The console provides eight groups; 10 auxes; L, R, and M main mixes; an 11×4 matrix; and extensive mode switching for FOH, monitoring, or recording duties. The console features trimmable, channel-direct outputs; group trims; matrix; and multiple main outputs for live and studio recording. Other useful features include mute groups and snapshots; MIDI; aux master faders and inserts; per-channel, pre/post aux flexibility; Solo-in-Place; and individual talkback.

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Studio Monitor

JBL Professional www.jblpro.com

The compact LSR6325P monitor, a new addition to the LSR6300 studio monitor line, is based on a 5.25in. high-excursion, low-frequency transducer powered by a 100Wrms amplifier and a 1in. damped, titanium-composite, high-frequency transducer powered by a 50Wrms amplifier. The monitor is housed in a cast-aluminum enclosure with the dark graphite finish of the LSR6300 line and produces very flat frequency response: +1.5dB/-2dB 20kHz to 70Hz with bass extension, -10dB at 48Hz, and a peak SPL of 109dB at 3.3ft.


Extron Electronics www.extron.com

The SI 26 and SI 28 surface-mount speakers, models in the System Integrator (SI) speaker series for AV system integrators and professional applications, feature durable, all-weather enclosures. The design of the speakers emphasizes the crossover from bass through midrange to the high frequencies. Particular attention was paid to the midrange and tweeter for a smooth, flat response with minimized phase shift. The SI 26 features a 6.5in. long-throw woofer and a 1in. tweeter, and the SI 28 features an 8in. long-throw woofer and a 1in. tweeter. Both models have a nominal impedance of 8V and include proprietary mounting hardware for easy, secure installation.


American Music & Sound (AM&S) www.americanmusicandsound.com

NetCIRA by Fostex www.netcira.com

The new ES6300 EtherSound-enabled speaker/receiver receives audio data converted to Digigram EtherSound protocol and employs the same 4in. magnetically shielded, full-range driver and chassis as the Fostex 6301B speaker system. The speaker features a built-in, D-class power amplifier rated at 10W output; a rotary volume control on the front; and remote control of audio channel and volume level using the LR-1 remote via the provided RJ-45 remote terminal.

Conference Terminal

Interkom Electronic www.mediavision-usa.com

The Revoluto line-array recording technology eliminates the usual gooseneck microphone needed for teleconferencing. The new addition to the DMC family is fully compatible with existing DMC devices. The device uses an array of specifically adjusted recording capsules and DSP to achieve a corridor-recording characteristic instead of the usual cardioid characteristic typical for conference terminals. The speaker has a much wider zone in which he can talk with the same voice volume without influencing the recording volume. The recording volume is also much less dependent on the speaking direction, allowing the speaker to turn his head within the recording corridor without negatively influencing the recording volume. Two LEDs clearly signal to speakers when they are in the recording corridor, eliminating the need to adjust the microphone between speakers.

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Atlas Sound www.atlassound.com

The new AH6565CD and AH9040CD (pictured) large-format, constant-directivity, stadium speaker horns offer often-requested coverage patterns while providing excellent intelligibility in challenging environments. The new models offer unique features for use in such applications as school auditoriums and sports arenas. The AH6565CD offers a square coverage pattern (65×65 degrees) for down-firing applications like convention centers. The AH9040CD is optimized to provide a shorter-throw, wider coverage (90×40 degrees) for applications in which the speaker may be in close proximity to the crowd. The horns provide an extremely high output with outstanding pattern control and low-frequency response. A heavy-duty mounting bracket is included with each speaker, along with three drop-forged eyebolts for easy installation.


Community Professional Loudspeakers www.loudspeakers.net

The new R.25 full-range, two-way loudspeaker features a horn-loaded, high-power, 8in. cone LF driver and measures only 11.3"×11.3"×13.3". The weatherproof loudspeaker provides high-quality voice and music performance in applications requiring long-term exposure to tough environmental conditions. Also featured is a HF compression driver with a weather-resistant diaphragm coupled to a nominal 40x90-degree horn. The HF horn assembly is coaxially mounted with the LF driver to minimize interference at crossover.




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