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MXL's Mac-based iBooster interface is designed to raise any low-level input signal, such as microphones and electric guitar, to interface with the audio input level of a Mac. It also simplifies adding dialogue to a presentation, creating podcasts, or recording a musical performance
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What's New:
Audio Technology

Sep 1, 2005 12:00 PM


MXL's Mac-based iBooster interface is designed to raise any low-level input signal, such as microphones and electric guitar, to interface with the audio input level of a Mac. It also simplifies adding dialogue to a presentation, creating podcasts, or recording a musical performance. The interface works with MXL's Desktop Recording Kit (DRK), which consists of a professional cardioid condenser mic, a mic clip, an XLR cable, an XLR-to-Mini-Plug adapter cable, a 3.5mm Mini-Plug-to-1/4in. adapter, and a power source.
▪ MXL | www.mxlmics.com


Harman's Windows-based HiQnet System Architect configuration and control software eliminates the need for different operating systems and multiple control and configuration applications to program individual components of an audio system. Features include simple preset configuration of an entire system of products across multiple brands and product classes, common configuration and recall of networked audio routing across all components of a system, and custom control panel creation for multiple products. Users can copy and paste like parameter values to and from multiple Harman products. The software also offers event logging, error reporting, and advanced remote control and diagnostic capabilities.
▪ Harman Pro | www.harmanpro.com


Digidesign's new Surround Panner option for the ICON D-Control work surface provides post and music mixing professionals with multiple methods for moving sound throughout the surround field. Features include an integrated, 640×480 high-resolution color LCD touchscreen; two touch-sensitive joysticks and two rotary encoders with 15-segment LED rings; six mode buttons for each panner; and a Custom Assign mode for controlling non-pan-specific parameters. The option also offers AutoGlide automated panning features and direct control over panning and divergence via touchscreen, joysticks, or encoders. Touchable onscreen speaker icons allow users to place sounds at discrete sources and enter snap automation moves.
▪ Digidesign | www.digidesign.com


Extron's System Integrator SI 26X, SI 26CT LP, and SI 26CT two-way, coaxial ceiling speakers feature long-throw woofers and pivoting ferrofluid-cooled, titanium-coated dome tweeters for accurate voice and music reproduction and wide-angle sound distribution. The pivoting tweeters allow midrange and high frequencies to be aimed for best area coverage. The SI 26X and SI 26CT LP each feature a 6.5in. long-throw woofer and a 3/4in. tweeter, while the SI 26CT features a 6.5in. long-throw woofer and a 1in. tweeter.
▪ Extron | www.extron.com

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Las Vegas Pro Audio now offers the ST350 portable microphone, which features SoundField technology in a compact package powered by AC or batteries. The unit consists of a lightweight multi-capsule microphone and fully featured compact mic pre/control unit that generates surround and stereo simultaneously at balanced line levels. The unit features high-performance mic preamps with discretely switched 6dB gain steps and a composite, five-segment LED bargraph for level monitoring, as well as high-pass filtering to reduce rumble and wind noise, switchable M/S output, and headphone monitoring. The ST350 can be used in conjunction with the SoundField Surround Zone software, now available on the Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo, and Sadie platforms.
▪ Las Vegas Pro Audio www.lasvegasproaudio.com
▪ SoundField | www.soundfield.com

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Drawmer's Three-Sum multi-band split-and-sum device splits a stereo signal into two or three frequency-adjustable bands, which can be sent to external processors for separate processing before returning to the Three-Sum to be recombined. Each of the three bands has bypass and mute switches to allow independent band and effect monitoring. The signal path ends in a variable-threshold, brick wall limiter section with bypass capability. Designed for use in high-end mastering and general recording applications, it can also transform a project studio equipped with single-band processors into a multi-band facility.
▪ Drawmer | www.transaudiogroup.com


Meyer's compact 600-HP subwoofer is self-powered for use in flown MICA arrays. It can handle high continuous operating levels and extreme transient information with minimal distortion in its operating frequency range of 33Hz to 150Hz. An efficiently tuned cabinet houses two back-vented, long-excursion, 15in. cone drivers, each of which features a 4in. voice coil and is rated to handle 1,200W AES. An integral 2-channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages supplies total power of 2,250W (4,000W peak).
▪ Meyer Sound | www.meyersound.com


KV2's EX12 full-range speaker provides increased dynamic range, high output, and consistent sound character at any output level. It features a new 3in., titanium-diaphragm compression driver with a radial phase plug, progressive parabolic semi-circle suspension, a direct-drive Nomex voice coil assembly, and a large neodymium magnetic motor structure. The dome assembly incorporates a new treated titanium material that offers improved resonance characteristics and dampening. This results in lower distortion artifacts and improved frequency response linearity, extending the driver's response beyond 20kHz.
▪ KV2 Audio www.americanmusicandsound.com


HME's new AC850 battery charger takes about three hours to charge up to four NiMH rechargeable battery packs at a time for the PRO850 wireless intercom system. It comes with LED indicators that show the charge status: red when the charger is on, green when the batteries are fully charged, and solid amber while the batteries are being charged.
▪ HM Electronics (HME)


Sonifex's RB-ML2 microphone can operate in stereo or dual mono mode for use as a stereo line limiter or dual mic limiter. The unit's main use is in applications that require assistance with level control to protect mixer inputs and prevent distortion. Two mic/line inputs have independent gain, filtering, and phantom power selection. The VCA limiter circuit can operate jointly on the signals (stereo mode) or independently (mono mode), and the characteristics of the limiter can be set via level threshold presets.
▪ Sonifex | www.sonifex.com


Klein + Hummel's compact O 300 D three-way active studio monitor system delivers an extremely flat frequency response for authentic sound reproduction. Three amplifier-powered drivers are mounted in a front baffle of low-resonance, integral molding. Waveguides machined into the new, dense LRIM material provide optimal dispersion while minimizing time and phase coherency problems at the crossover frequencies. The 8in. long-excursion, voice coil cone woofer delivers tight, articulate bass. A 3in. voice coil with a treated fabric dome driver handles the midrange. The high-frequency driver is equipped with a titanium/fabric dome matched to its elliptical waveguide for exceptional directivity.
▪ Klein + Hummel www.sennheiserusa.com


TransAudio's Heil Proline range of microphones includes the PR-20 handheld mic, the PR-30 internally shock-mounted mic, and the PR-40 wide-bandwidth mic. All of the mics feature large-diaphragm dynamics and neodymium magnets. The PR-40 offers a flat response from 28Hz to 18kHz, with an engineered midrange rise for enhanced vocal articulation. The PR-30 also produces a wide frequency response, excellent transient response, and low intermodulation distortion. The new PR-20 was engineered for natural speech articulation without the need for heavy electronic equalization. It incorporates a special phasing plug assembly that ensures a very linear cardioid pattern and controlled proximity effect while achieving extreme articulation across its 40Hz to 18kHz range.
▪ TransAudio Group www.transaudio.com




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