What's New: Audio Technology

Version 2.2 of Metric Halo's Mobile I/O console and driver software for Mac OS X provides increased performance across all Mobile I/O
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What's New: Audio Technology

Nov 1, 2005 12:00 PM


Version 2.2 of Metric Halo's Mobile I/O console and driver software for Mac OS X provides increased performance across all Mobile I/O hardware models and includes several maintenance fixes designed to resolve software and firmware issues associated with previous versions. Users of Mobile I/O consoles can now take advantage of the update, including Tiger's Aggregate Device support, to run multi-box systems with higher channel counts than previously possible. The update is freely available to registered users of Mobile I/O hardware.
▪ Metric Halo | www.mhlabs.com


Steinberg's Cubase SE3 music production software offers an intuitive user interface designed for musicians, producers, students, and educators new to computer-based recording, editing, and mixing of music. The software's VST Connections window allows simple, quick connection to such music hardware as mixers, audio interfaces, and monitors. It offers 48 audio and unlimited MIDI tracks and includes access to a range of VST instruments, virtual effects, and MIDI effects. A professional-level, 32-bit audio engine offers 24-bit/96kHz recording and playback, including full delay compensation.
▪ Steinberg Media Technologies


TCS' new TA4000 power amplifier incorporates proven Class AB topology to provide low distortion, fast slew rates, and high damping factors. It also features proprietary CTM (Constant Thermal Monitoring) technology for cool-running operation. Parallel-linked XLR connectors allow for easy cascading of multiple amplifiers. The new amplifier offers 2,000W per channel (4,000W bridged) at 4Ω, a signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 100dB, and a THD factor of less than 0.03 percent (20Hz to 20kHz at 3dB below clipping).
▪ TCS Audio | www.tcsaudio.com

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The Martin Audio W8LMD compact enclosure features a 20-degree vertical dispersion to cover an unusually wide area with the smooth, predictable coverage of a vertically coupled system. It can be used individually or in arrays of one to four cabinets for short- and medium-throw applications and with coverage areas that require a large vertical angle. It can also be used as a downfill cabinet for the W8LM. The full-bandwidth system (-3dB at 60Hz) may be used without subwoofers in many applications, or with the WMX subwoofer where additional low-frequency extension is required.
▪ Martin Audio | www.martin-audio.com

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New from RTS Telex is the ISDN 2005, which incorporates two codecs that can be individually configured and used independently. The functional layout of the unit's interface allows users to edit, store, and dial phone numbers the way they do on a mobile phone. The device can be configured using the supplied PC software or menu functions. The interface supports four operating modes: hybrid, remote keypanel, codec-to-codec, and trunking. Service and monitoring software is available as an option for increased operational security.
▪ RTS Telex | www.telex.com


Henry Engineering's new Digital DA 2×8 is a flexible dual-mode system for distributing AES/EBU digital audio signals to multiple destinations. The system features two inputs and eight outputs and a built-in AC power supply. The unit can operate as either a single one-input-eight-output DA or as a pair of one-input-four-output DAs. A recessed front-panel button selects the operating mode. All inputs and outputs are transformer-isolated and conform to AES/EBU standards. LEDs indicate the presence of signals on the outputs.
▪ Henry Engineering | www.henryeng.com


From Renkus-Heinz comes the Iconyx digitally controlled column loudspeakers, which use advanced technology to provide intelligible speech and musical sound in highly reverberant environments. Basic IC8 8-channel modules can be joined in the field to create 16-, 24-, and 32-channel sizes. The speakers' slender vertical profile mounts flat to the wall. LobeWare software displays the pattern and aiming angle selected in the vertical plane, allowing the operators to define the shape and aiming of the vertical beam without moving the IC columns from their installed position.
▪ Renkus-Heinz | www.renkus-heinz.com

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The Barix Command Cubes Media Jukebox software now ships free with the company's Exstreamer multi-zone MP3 player. The software automatically detects the player's IP audio hardware components on an IP network, allowing users to quickly and easily set up multichannel distributed sound systems that let them simultaneously listen to and manage multi-zone music from a single, PC-based music library. Other features include touchscreen, wireless Tablet PC, and infrared remote control compatibility; audio and video file support; multiple sound card capability; custom party mode security; random play filters; alarm clock and scheduling; and Internet radio station support.
▪ Barix Technology | www.barix.com




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