What's New: Audio Technology

Ivie's IE-35 handheld audio instrument features a color display delivering a broad range of acoustical measurements. In-the-field
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What's New:
Audio Technology

Apr 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey


JBL's Control 300 series large-format ceiling speakers feature 8in. and 12in. low-frequency drivers, high-power compression drivers, and higher sound output capabilities than JBL's Control Contractor 24 and 26 models. These speakers are sold separately from the backcans, allowing for pre-installation of the backcans. The driver assembly is pre-mounted to a baffle (pictured). Accessories, sold separately, include metal back boxes and contemporary grilles.
▪ JBL Professional | www.jblpro.com


Ivie's IE-35 handheld audio instrument features a color display delivering a broad range of acoustical measurements. In-the-field functions include realtime analyzer (RTA), sound pressure level (SPL), and seat-to-seat level variation measurements; strip chart recordings of sound level over time; polarity checking; oscilloscope measurements; noise criteria (NC/NR) measurements; a built-in signal generator; an audio level volt meter; and RT60 reverb. This miniature device combines the processing power and VGA display of the Dell Axim X51v with Ivie's calibrated audio instrumentation.
▪ Ivie | www.ivie.com


Spectral's new RM-7400 PC audio workstation models include an Intel 930 Pentium D Dual Core with 4MB cache (two per core) 800 FSB-based system and an AMD Dual Core 4400+ system. Each system boasts 4GB of RAM (DDRII 667MHz dual-channel, Intel; DDR 400MHz dual-channel, AMD), a 74GB SATA 10,000rpm 4.5ms system hard drive, four 250GB (1TB) SATA II RAID recording hard drives, and a 400GB removable SATA II backup drive to deliver a 160+ MBps recording drive speed. The RM-7400 also offers an Nvidia PCI Express 6600 16X dual-head video card for in-depth graphics rendering.
▪ Spectral Computers | www.spectralcomputers.com


Adamson's Y-Axis Shooter 2.5.5 venue design software provides precise computer-generated predictions of Adamson line arrays in customized venues. It shows the original architecture and offers the ability to create complex listening areas in multiple floor designs. A rigging plot window shows specific horizontal or vertical views of the load points and alternate reference locations. In addition to allowing the user to implement Adamson arrays more effectively, the software also enables users to include both Y-Axis and Spektrix subwoofer capacity in the vertical window illustration of the array and apply it to the overall design element.
Adamson | www.adamsonproaudio.com


Sound Projects Dreamline prefabricated line array housings are individually configured to match location parameters such as chair plan, auditorium shape, and desired acoustic pressure. Twelve completely adjustable full-range line source modules, based on the proprietary Wave shape transformer, replace the 12 single loudspeaker systems that would be necessary in a conventional line array. Each unit is self-powered and equipped with multiple Micro-Amp modules, with an integrated speaker management system fixed in an optimum preset. The controller circuit and angle parameters of the line array units are also matched and fixed for easy setup and teardown. The line array in a box, at 220lbs., is compliant with most standard theater rigging points.
▪ Sound Projects | www.soundprojects.com

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The new Connect IP connectivity solution from Riedel Communications provides intelligent and seamless intercom interfacing to IP-based networks. The 1RU interface allows for matrix-to-matrix and matrix-to-control panel connections, as well as distribution of audio lines over IP. The interface converts one AES3 stream and can be configured to meet individual bandwidth needs. Bandwidth is scalable for audio quality up to 20kHz at 230kbps, while standard 3.5kHz (85dB) needs just 40kbps. The device supports remote user control keypanels to connect standard Artist 1000 or 2000 series control panels to an Artist matrix via an IP network with full functionality.
▪ Riedel Communications | www.riedel.net


Crown's new XTi series amplifiers include a light and efficient switch-mode power supply and a 15-amp plug. The amplifiers offer respective power ratings of 500W per channel (for the XTi 1000), 700W per channel (for the XTi 2000), and 1200W per channel (for the XTi 4000) at 4Ω. USB ports allow computer setup of the amplifiers with the included HiQnet software. Built-in DSP allows users to set crossover points, graphic EQ, a limiter, and delay for time aligning loudspeakers.
▪ Crown | www.crownaudio.com