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Genelec's new LSE 7060B subwoofer features a 10in. proprietary driver, a 19Hz (-3dB) lower-cut-off frequency, high sound pressure output capability,
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What's New:
Audio Technology

Jun 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey


Genelec's new LSE 7060B subwoofer features a 10in. proprietary driver, a 19Hz (-3dB) lower-cut-off frequency, high sound pressure output capability, and versatile bass management systems for use in a wide range of low-frequency monitoring situations. An integrated 120W power amplifier unit contains active crossover filters and driver overload protection circuits. A built-in bass management unit has six signal inputs and outputs, summed signal output connectors, and a LFE input equipped with a selectable 85Hz/120Hz low-pass filter and a 0/+10dB LFE sensitivity switch. The unit also splits the six main channel input signals into low- and high-frequency components, accurately dividing the input signal between the subwoofer and main speakers in the 8030.LSE PowerPak system (pictured).
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dbx Professional Products' new DriveRack 4820 system processor features all the same familiar processing functions as the recently released DriveRack 4800 and a host of new algorithms — including selectable DSP inserts on the device's four inputs and eight outputs, a wealth of EQ, delay, classic dbx compression and limiting, bandpass, and crossover filters. The processor also features a blank front panel to offer the added security of tamper-proof controls. The unit's 96kHz processing engine and standard digital I/O further extend frequency response and reduce latency, while an optional CobraNet card enhances versatility.
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Harrison's X-Range series of console DSP solutions use off-the-shelf, multiple-Opteron processor PCs to handle any mixing console need, up to 192 fully resourced digital mixing channels at 32-bit floating-point resolution, or 96 channels at the optional 64-bit depth. A system can consist of up to four X-Range PCs, each of which can accommodate 64 fully resourced digital mixing channels at 32-bit or 32 channels at the optional 64-bit rate. X-Range supports any IKIS-based Harrison control surface or any IKIS-based third-party controller to provide an economical DSP audio solution for any small to mid-sized film, post, broadcast, live, or music application.
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Pro Acoustics' SD4 ceiling speaker fits into standard 2'×2' or 2'×4' ceiling tile grids, or can be suspended by cables, for easy installation. The self-contained, wide-range, truncated-pyramid speaker features a 180°×360° hemispheric coverage pattern and is aligned to minimize phase cancellation. It offers a frequency range of 35Hz-20kHz, ±6dB. The horizontal polar plots are circular, ±2dB over the audio range, and the vertical coverage is ±4dB over 180 degrees. The speaker also features a sensitivity of 92dB SPL, 1W at 3ft., and a continuous power handling capacity of 160W. It measures 23.75"×23.75"×5.75" and weighs 25lbs.
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Digidesign's Digital Stage Input (DSI) and Digital Stage Output (DSO) cards provide alternative digital input and output capabilities for Venue live sound systems, expanding the range of digital peripherals and components that can be integrated. The DSI card provides eight channels of digital input, either through four AES/EBU pairs on individual XLRs or via a single ADAT optical interface. A single DSO card offers eight channels of AES/EBU outputs across four discrete XLRs as well as eight channels via the ADAT optical interface. The DSO keeps both AES/EBU and ADAT connections active at all times, creating a digital split with the AES signals mirrored to the ADAT connection.
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Symetrix's Integrator Series 760 audio media mixer features 12 inputs (four microphone, eight stereo line level) and six outputs and provides microphone preamplification, compression, AGC, matrix mixing, paging, feedback elimination, filters, and equalization, within a single rack space. Setup is easy and efficient with a straightforward Windows interface connected over Ethernet. The 760 is also compatible with Symetrix RS-485-based Adaptive Remote Control (ARC) wall panels for user control.
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