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Sennheiser's new sport line, Athlete, features six new portable headphones that all include lightweight drivers with a miniaturized neodymium magnet structure for efficient, high-impact sound reproduction
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Audio Technology

Aug 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Charissa Young


Sennheiser's new sport line, Athlete, features six new portable headphones that all include lightweight drivers with a miniaturized neodymium magnet structure for efficient, high-impact sound reproduction. The MX 75 Sport features a “twist-to-fit” design with the earbud nestling in the ear canal and a stabilizing pad resting against the outer ear for secure placement; an ear adapter set customizes fit.
▪ Sennheiser | www.sennheiserusa.com


Tapco's Series 69 passive loudspeakers, introduced at last month's NAMM, use the advanced tuning and acoustic design expertise of Mackie. The loudspeakers feature TRS inputs for maximum hook-up options and are pole mountable for greater crowd coverage. The Series 69 line includes the 6912, a 12in. two-way system; the 6915, a 15in. two-way system; the 6925, a dual 15in. two-way system; and the 6918s, an 18in. passive subwoofer.
▪ Tapco | www.tapcoworld.com


SoundField's portable ST350 system is composed of a lightweight multi-capsule microphone and a compact mic pre-control unit that generates surround and stereo sound simultaneously at balanced line levels. The ST350 uses discretely switched 6dB gain steps. The miniaturized package can be powered by A/C or batteries. Other features include end fire and invert controls, which enable correction of 3D microphone positions.
▪ SoundField | www.soundfieldusa.com


Riedel's Connect IP provides intelligent and seamless intercom interfacing to IP-based networks. The interface also allows for connections between matrices and from matrix to control panel(s), as well as distribution of audio lines over IP. The 19in. 1RU unit has scaleable bandwidth, resulting in audio quality up to 20kHz at 230Kbps.
▪ Riedel | www.reidel.net


Triad Speakers' InCorner Silver Omni loudspeaker delivers a flush corner-wall fit without compromising sound quality. The loudspeakers are ideal for surround and distributed audio applications. Features include a 1in. Vifa soft dome tweeter, a 5.5in. Peerless woofer, and a frequency response of 65Hz to 20kHz (+/-3dB).
▪ Triad Speakers www.triadspeakers.com


Intelix's Audisey Athena matrix products combine true cross-point matrix mixing with digital signal processing and per-channel amplification in a single 3RU chassis. The Athena-8 offers eight inputs by eight outputs, and the Athena-16 offers 16 inputs by 16 outputs. Other features include built-in audio preamplification, phantom power, input signal processing, true matrix mixing, output signal processing, and either eight or 16 channels of independent power amplification, with up to 100W per channel.
▪ Intelix | www.intelix.com


Yamaha's new 16-channel EMX5016CF stereo powered mixer includes two 500W amplifiers. The EMX5016CF unit features single-knob input compressors, a feedback eliminator, automatic digital graphic EQ, Dual Effect engines, and a Maximize function for the main output. It combines a mixer to balance sources, effects to add ambience to the sound, and amplification to drive house speakers, eliminating the need to employ a thicket of cables to connect different components.
▪ Yamaha | www.yamaha.com/proaudio


SLS Audio's RLA/4 full-range, bi-amplified,true-line source array loudspeakers are developed for a wide range of applications — from permanent sound reinforcement installations to professional portable PA systems. The system offers 90-degree-wide symmetrical horizontal coverage. All array rigging is included on the cabinet, which is made from sturdy .75in. 13-ply Baltic Birch and includes splay options from one to 10 degrees between boxes.
▪ SLS Loudspeakers | www.slsaudio.com




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