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What’s New: Audio Technology/Products

Loudspeaker Clark The Tactile Sound Transducer (TST) electromagnetic devices are designed to vibrate large, heavy structures.

What’s New: Audio Technology/Products

Dec 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Clark Synthesis

The Tactile Sound Transducer (TST) electromagnetic devices are designed to vibrate large, heavy structures. The TSTs re-create a full range of sound effects and spatial imaging with accuracy. Discretely mounted within seats or under floors to achieve powerful sound in tight spaces, TSTs measure 8 inches in diameter and are easy to install. Once installed the TSTs add a new dimension to home entertainment, subtly adding the tactile sense that is missing from movie and music soundtracks, involving your sense of sight, sound, and touch.

Compression Drivers


The CP750 TI, CP755 Ti, CP750 Nd, and CP755 Nd have homogenous response curves that surpass the 20,000 Hz barrier and are designed to be exempt from harmonic distortion. The CP750 Ti and the CP755 Ti have ferrite magnets and titanium diaphragms; the CP750 Nd and CP755 Nd have neodymium magnets, which make them considerably lighter. Another new technical aspect that is common to all four is Mylar suspension over a titanium dome. An advantage of the new models is their improved response curve, in which they achieve frequencies in excess of 20,000 Hz. Finally, their nominal power, which is around 80W AES, reaches peaks of up to 160W.


M&S Systems

The WaveGuide speakers’ design of an asymmetrical pivoting tweeter provides uniform sound dispersion and extended high-frequency response. Features include a distinct baffle design, Kevlar woofer cones, gold-plated terminals, and adjustable three-position switches. WaveGuide speakers are offered as both ceiling and in-wall applications. The 6½-inch WG100W (100W) and 8-inch WG150W (150W) offer customers two powered in-wall options for music reproduction. The WaveGuide ceiling offering includes a similar setup with the 100W 6½-inch WG100C and the 150W 8-inch WG150C.


Meyer Sound

The UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeaker features a rotatable horn for placement and arraying flexibility. In a few minutes, the 80-by-50-degree horn can be rotated, in the shop or in the field, to provide coverage whether the cabinet is placed horizontally or vertically. Although compact (11.25-by-22.31-by-12.25 inches), the self-powered UPJ-1P produces a peak power output of 130 dB SPL at 1 meter. The UPJ-1P is for use as a main front-of-house loudspeaker in small to medium room applications or as a delay, fill, or distributed system loudspeaker in larger room applications.


Crest Audio

The CPM-9812P rackmountable powered mixer features 500W RMS per channel into 4ž and built-in original technology. Designed for clubs, schools, rehearsal rooms, and churches, the CPM-9812P also offers eight low noise, low-Z preamps; 3-band EQ; and EFX send on channels 1 through 8, as well as three stereo line inputs on channels 7 through 9. The 16-bit audio/32-bit internal digital signal-processing stereo reverb and effects feature two-parameter controls for easily creating the sounds you need. Gain Comparator Limiting virtually eliminates power amp distortion, producing a clear sound.


Elan Home Systems

The D1200 digital power amplifier Class-T digital amplifier technology provides cool power at a 90-percent efficiency rating, delivering 100W at 4ž to 12 channels simultaneously. The low-heat/high-efficiency design, coupled with front-panel readouts and controls, makes the amp a choice for multiroom custom installations. Because of the D1200’s cool-running digital technology, the amplifier can be installed in enclosed areas such as custom cabinetry without the worry of it overheating itself or other components. In addition, the unit is slim at three rackspaces high.


Community Professional Loudspeakers

The M12 loudspeaker system is 10½ inches high and 21½ inches wide. The sleek, low-profile device is a curvaceous replacement for traditional wedge-shaped floor monitors, providing high-octane audio suitable for touring sound, houses of worship, broadcast, stage productions, and a variety of other applications. Operable between 55 Hz and 18 kHz, the two-way, bass-ported system houses a 12-inch ferro fluid — cooled woofer and a 2-inch, wide-band compression driver coupled with an asymmetrical horn providing full-range output up close or at a distance. Offered in biamp or switchable biamp/passive configurations, the performer additionally sports dual NL4 connectors, which are tucked out of harm’s way in a pocket found at the bottom of the enclosure.



The Rotomix professional modular mixer is designed for remixer DJs and installation in clubs and restaurants. The Rotomix 6-channel mixer uses a modular design, so like professional recording mixers, each channel has its own independent circuit board, reducing interference between the channels for clear pure sound. The Rotomix features aluminum rotary knobs, a high-performance preamp section, and a rugged metal casing. It is a complete console with numerous signal control features and a clean layout for easy use in studios and clubs, with a high dynamics threshold on its input section for easily processing both high- and low-level signals with clarity and frequency separation.

Portable Sound System

Paso Sound Products

The Model WPSS100 AC/DC 100W, UHF true-diversity portable sound system covers audiences of 2,000 or more, indoor and outdoor. The sound system has been specifically engineered to provide clean, uniform sound dispersion with power and clarity thanks to a 10-inch high-performance, triaxial speaker system. Acoustic feedback is eliminated by the use of a unidirectional dynamic microphone (handheld transmitter) and variable speech filter equalization. The technologically advanced UHF wireless is a true-diversity, 16-channel system with rotary selector and internal dual-diversity antennas.

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