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Digital Foci's 5.3"×3.1"×1.1" Picture Porter Elite features a 3.6in. LCD screen for easy viewing and a built-in hard drive, microphone, and memory
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What's New:
AV Technology

Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Charissa Young


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Digital Foci's 5.3"×3.1"×1.1" Picture Porter Elite features a 3.6in. LCD screen for easy viewing and a built-in hard drive, microphone, and memory card for added functionality. The line of portable digital photo albums is available in 40GB and 80GB and can be used as a photo, video, or MP3 player. Moreover, bidirectional data transfer via a high-speed USB 2.0 connection allows users to copy files directly from any memory card to the Picture Porter Elite hard drive and vice versa.
▪ Digital Foci | www.digitalfoci.com


Multidyne's DTV-4000 fiber-optic link supports four SDI, 16 audio, or eight AES/SPDIF channels. The 1RU link has a modular tray that can house up to three DVM-4200, DVM-8200, or DIM-8200 cards. The DTV-4000 also features built-in SDI frame synchronizers.
▪ Multidyne | www.multidyne.com


Introduced at NAB 2006, Harris' DL-860 serial digital legalizer expands upon the features of the DL-850HD model, providing support for SD as well as HD input signals. CRC values are monitored and recalculated to ensure proper output values, while the DL-860 output format tracks the input format. The signal can be legalized to HD, SD, RGB, and/or encoded color space.
▪ Harris | www.harris.com

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StereoStone's rackmountable 250W subwoofer amplifier and 1000W Sunfire Sub Rock provide two more 110V/220V power sources for its outdoor Sub Rock speaker systems. The 250W sub amp includes a removable 19in. rackmount adapter and dual speaker outputs, and it is primary power switchable (115V/230V 50Hz/60Hz). The Sunfire Sub Rock is a complete audio system with a single 10in. outdoor subwoofer and integrated 1000W Sunfire D10 amplifier fitted into a StereoStone rock enclosure.
▪ StereoStone | www.stereostone.com


Advanced Media Design has released version 2.0 of its software, which can be applied across its DMR, DNP, and MediaPointe DVC product lines. The new version improves the DMR line with greater folder security options, SMTP support, and CopyMe technology. For DNPs and DVCs, the upgrade creates a watermark option for greater security, attaching source information, and content titling on the DMRs for a consistent, uniform look.
▪ Advanced Media Design www.mediapointe.com


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Gepco's LSK series of ultra-low-skew UTP cables is designed for the transmission of component analog video in a twisted-pair format without hardware delay compensation. Different from category-grade networking cables, the LSK cables have a consistent pair lay with a maximum time delay differential of 2ns (per 100m) between any two pairs. Each pair within the LSK series is constructed from 23-gauge solid copper and a precision 100Ω, data-grade PVC or plenum TPE dielectric.
▪ Gepco | www.gepco.com


Based on American Power Conversion's S15 power conditioner, the new S20 model with battery backup features network manageability, temperature/humidity monitoring, and a 28 percent larger power train than the S15. The S20's built-in web server and RS-232 serial port provide system administrators multiple ways to control and monitor the unit and the components plugged into it. Administrators are also able to turn on/off all four outlet banks (a total of 12 outlets) independently of each other and remotely via the serial port.
▪ American Power Conversion www.apcav.com


Making its debut at CEDIA Expo 2006, OmniMount's EAR-S and EAR-C mounting solutions allow flatpanel speakers to be attached to cantilevers so that the speakers stay uniform with the mounted screens. With the EAR-S, the left and right speakers can be attached directly to a universal adapter plate. The EAR-C is for the installation of center-channel speakers, to provide a full L, C, R array for the flatpanel, and it can be used by itself to mount 5-channel speaker bars for an integrated surround system.
▪ OmniMount | www.omnimount.com


Extron Electronics' HDMI 201 Tx/Rx HDMI extender sends digital video, multichannel audio, and control signals from HDMI-equipped devices over long distances using conventional twisted-pair cabling such as Cat-5e, Cat-6, and Cat-7. It is capable of transmitting HDTV signals over 200ft. and computer video signals over 100ft. at UXGA (1600×1200) resolution. The extender also supports long-distance transmission of high-bandwidth digital content protection signals and RS-232 for remote display control.
▪ Extron | www.extron.com


Lowell's rackmount sequential power panel (model ACSPR-SCS4-1509) with surge suppression and alarm interface features six switched and three unswitched outlets. The sequencer is engineered to provide time-delayed four-step activation and deactivation of equipment that is plugged directly into it. The unit is also available without surge suppression.
▪ Lowell | www.lowellmfg.com




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