What's New: AV Technology

OmniMount's Tria three-shelf system gets flatpanels and electronics off the floor while using an integrated cable management system. Introduced at CEDIA Expo 2006, the Tria's tempered-glass shelves can hold up to 30lbs. and are adjustable and removable. A custom template facilitates installation

What's New: AV Technology

Nov 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon, Jessaca Gutierrez, and Charissa Young

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OmniMount's Tria three-shelf system gets flatpanels and electronics off the floor while using an integrated cable management system. Introduced at CEDIA Expo 2006, the Tria's tempered-glass shelves can hold up to 30lbs. and are adjustable and removable. A custom template facilitates installation.
▪ OmniMount www.omnimount.com


Chief's FHP ceiling mount holds displays from 10in. to 26in., weighing up to 40lbs, and is compatible with all VESA 75mm/100mm displays. The mount features Centris Technology, for easy adjustments, and gravity-centered tilt. It includes all installation hardware, an adjustable column, two snap-on cable management covers, and a pivot/tilt attachment for a variety of screen positioning options. Other features include portrait-and-landscape rotation and side-to-side pivot.
▪ Chief Manufacturing www.chiefmfg.com


Kramer Electronics' four new isolation transformer models are designed to eliminate noise in video and audio signals caused by ground loop problems: the TR-1 for composite video signals, the TR-1A for balanced mono audio signals, the TR-2A for balanced stereo audio signals, and the TR-3 for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals. The transformers are all housed in compact Kramer Tools enclosures and are passive in operation, making them ideal for field use.
▪ Kramer Electronics www.kramerus.com


Analog Way's DVB102 (Dual Versatile Booster) distribution amplifier comes with two buffered output channels for high-resolution computer signal driving. The amplifiers enable long-distance transmission of graphic card signals. Up to three DVBs can be mounted on an optional Analog Way rack shelf for improved integration. The distribution amplifier is ideal for use with large-screen projector, video projection, and conference room applications.
▪ Analog Way | www.analogway.com


JTM Merchandising's AudioSkin cable organizer allows users to collect loose cables and “zipper” them into one snake with a simple twist of the wrist. Individual cables of varying lengths can also be partially pulled out of the snake while still keeping it intact, keeping your home stereo and office equipment cords streamlined and uncluttered.
▪ JTM Merchandising www.audioskin.net


Windy City Wire's Smartwire sound intercom cable comes standard with an alphanumeric coding system, a system-specific print legend, and multiple stripe colors for easy identification of rooms, devices, and applications. Each cable features a ripcord, which helps to strip the jacket, and ascending/descending sequential foot markers, which allow integrators to always know exactly how much wire has been used and how much is left. The cables are available in multiple constructions ranging from 20AWG to 22AWG.
▪ Windy City Wire | www.smartwire.com


Chief's PCS ceiling mount is designed to thread directly into a 1.5in. NPT extension column for a fast and secure installation. No-tool tilt adjustment provides fast screen positioning with lockdown capability. The mount includes Chief's Q-Latch mounting system and cable management through the extension column. Displays can be installed in portrait or landscape position. The mount holds displays measuring from 37in. to 65in. and weighing up to 175lbs.
▪ Chief Manufacturing www.chiefmfg.com


Chief's MCS ceiling mount features G-Force Tilt technology that allows easy fingertip adjustments, and the unit can be tightened down for public applications. Chief's Q-Latch mounting system provides increased security, easy screen attachment, and integrated cable management. Screens can easily be installed in portrait or landscape position. An extension column and ceiling plates are sold separately. The mount holds displays from 26in. to 40in., weighing up to 100lbs.
▪ Chief Manufacturing www.chiefmfg.com


Jeron Electronic Systems' Provider Touchscreen IP is a LAN-based nurse master console that incorporates the power of Ethernet without the need for a PC. Developed for the Provider 680 nurse-call system, the console has an increased number of masters per main and virus immunity. Because LAN interruptions do not disturb its operation, the Touchscreen IP ensures system reliability.
▪ Jeron Electronic Systems www.jeron.com


ProCon's PC-D-5160RM rackmount DVD/CD duplicator is built with a Pioneer 111 drive and includes a 160GB hard drive. Recording speeds of 16X/48X for DVD/CD provide high-volume throughput capability. The system supports all DVD and CD formats, including DVD Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD+R9 Dual Layer.
▪ ProCon | www.proconusa.com


The Thinklogical VIS-34 fiber-optic KVM extension system is comprised of a transmitter device, which is co-located with the computer or source machine, and a receiver device, which is co-located with as many as four DVI displays and desktop KVM devices. Five dedicated, multimode fiber strands connect the transmitter to the receiver at distances up to 3,300ft. The extender is a complete solution for quad-head video applications. The receiver may be used with any combination of transmitters from Thinklogical.
▪ Thinklogical | www.thinklogical.com


Peerless' MM860 motorized wall mount provides for flexible viewing of flatpanel screens. Designed for commercial applications, the MM860 allows viewers to extend the screen up to 12in. from the wall, swivel left or right from 20 degrees to 32 degrees, or tilt 25 degrees down and 7 degrees up to avoid glare or reflections. The remote-controlled mount accommodates screens up to 60in. and 180lbs.
▪ Peerless | www.peerlessmounts.com


Video Mount Products' ER-LCD1017 equipment mount is compatible for flatpanel displays from 10in. to 17in. Available with both VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting holes, it can also be used to mount displays larger than 17in. when used in the reverse direction. The ER-LCD1017 mounts the display flush with the side rails of a 19in. equipment rack and includes both M4 and M5 screws for installation.
▪ Video Mount Products www.videomount.com


Chief's PWC and MWC are all-in-one tilt mounting solutions equipped with built-in CPU adapters. Designed to provide a one-SKU solution for both flatpanels and CPUs, they provide lockable tilt at 0 degrees, 5 degrees, 10 degrees, and 15 degrees with integrated lateral shift for easy positioning. The PWC accommodates large flatpanels from 37in. to 65in., weighing up to 200lbs., while the MWC accommodates medium flatpanels from 26in. to 40in., weighing up to 100lbs.
▪ Chief | www.chiefmfg.com


Chief's DGI enclosures are ideal for protecting flatpanels from theft, vandalism, and display damage in both indoor and outdoor installations. The gas strut-assisted doors feature removable slip hinges and a wall mount and universal bracket for easy installation. Split-panel cable access allows multiple video and speaker connections within the system. Available in 42in. and 50in. sizes, the enclosures fit a variety of displays.
▪ Chief | www.chiefmfg.com


Altinex's TP115-111 receives computer video and audio signals over twisted-pair (UTP) cable when used with an Altinex twisted-pair video transmitter such as the TP115-110. As with the TP115-110, the TP115-111 is streamlined and lightweight to accommodate space limitations. The unit offers video equalization for up to 400ft., and signal detect shows when a signal is present. Output connectors may be substituted for use with composite or S-Video signals.
▪ Altinex | www.altinex.com


Cooper B-Line's Flip Clip securely hangs and levels wire basket trays in commercial facilities using 1/4in. and 3/8in. threaded rods, eliminating the need for multiple clip sizes. The Flip Clip requires only one nut and one tool for installation, reducing material costs. Similar methods require at least two nuts, two tools, and sometimes even two washers to secure a hanger.
▪ Cooper B-Line | www.cooperbline.com


Peerless' new UL-tested One Mount flatpanel modular mount can accommodate screens from 23in. to 84in., weighing up to 250lbs. It is comprised of three interlocking wall plates that can be used together or separately, depending on screen size. The plates fit easily into position and can be held together using a minimum of two screws in a two-plate configuration or a maximum of four screws in a three-plate configuration for quick and easy installation.
▪ Peerless | www.peerlessmounts.com




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