What's New: AV Technology

What's new in AV technology from such industry leaders as Parasound, EAW, Aviom, Sabine, Cadac, and Symetrix.
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What's New: AV Technology

Dec 1, 2004 12:00 PM


Infinium Technologies

The Infinium is a contact-free fader for DJ mixers and professional audio and lighting consoles. The Infinium features long life, high-level precision, and a fully adjustable feel. Providing DJs and audio and lighting engineers with fingertip control, the Infinium fader allows for full and simple personalization to suit the user, whatever his or her demands. The fader comes in three travel lengths: 45mm, 60mm, and 100mm.



Release 7.3 of the InfoChannel 3 suite of products for dynamic digital signage networks provides the ability to create, schedule, manage, distribute, and dynamically play distinct content on a single television station or thousands of remote displays, all from a single desktop. New in Release 7.3 is support for Chinese and Korean language from Scala's global partner NEC. This is in addition to English and French user interfaces for the entire InfoChannel product line. Scala NetManager and Publish Server can now be run as service under Windows.

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Conference System

Danish Interpretation Systems

The CM/DM 6560F are fully digital microcomputer-controlled conference units with loudspeaker and illuminated mic mounted on a semi-gooseneck arm. The units support a three-button voting facility and a chip card reader for identifying the user of the system. Units are delivered in chairman or delegate versions. The unit's loudspeaker is automatically switched off when the microphone is activated. The CM/DM 6560F units offer full compatibility with the DCS 6000 digital conference system.



The CableCaster is a gun-like device that allows cable installers to thread cable through hard-to-reach places. The CableCaster is a tool for professional wire and cable installers as well as do-it-yourselfers. It speeds up the installation of lightweight communications cable through hard-to-reach spaces, such as suspended ceilings, rafters, and subfloors. In addition, it improves productivity when installing cables over long distances.

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Test Generator

Extron Electronics

The VTG 400 is an advanced, programmable, and upgradable video and audio test generator. The VTG 400 is a broadcast-quality reference tool for setup, performance evaluation, system calibration, and troubleshooting of video and audio systems. A feature of the VTG 400 is Scope-Trigger (patent pending), which expedites analysis of a specific area within the video image when used with an oscilloscope.

Shelving System

Middle Atlantic Products

The ASR series is a slide-out, rotating shelving system for installation in cabinetry, custom millwork, and home-entertainment centers. The ASR is designed to provide custom residential integrators and their customers with a professional-grade shelving solution that saves time by enabling integrators to access rear equipment connections easily. The ASR series comes fully assembled and is available with four, six, or nine shelves. It has vented shelves and a vented top for optimized passive thermal management, as well as integrated cable tie points that accept included wire ties and Velcro.




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