What's New: AV Technology

Data Destroyer Norazza www.norazza.com The Office Pro applies thousands of tiny imprints to both sides of a CD or DVD disc to ensure that no data is recoverable,
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What's New: AV Technology

Jan 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Sound-Blocking Barrier

Gretch-Ken Industries

The SoundBlocker3 is a sound-blocking barrier with an STC rating of 30. The material is a rigid mass loaded vinyl. You can install it in the same way as SoundBlocker1 or SoundBlocker2 flexible sound-blocking vinyl barriers, but because the Sound Blocker3 is rigid, it makes the job of installation a little easier, especially for ceilings. Also, for those who cannot do much construction or cannot install dry wall over the flexible SoundBlocker materials, it can be applied directly to any wall or be used as a sound isolation partitioning wall by itself.

Data Destroyer


The Office Pro applies thousands of tiny imprints to both sides of a CD or DVD disc to ensure that no data is recoverable, preventing identity theft and corporate espionage. You load the spindle and press the button, and the product's built-in motor feeds each disc into a special destruction slot on a timed basis. As each disc is processed, the next one is automatically retrieved from the gravity-fed input bin without the need for manual intervention. Each disc is destroyed in less than seven seconds, which allows 50 discs to be processed in roughly five minutes.

LCD/Keyboard/Touch Pad

Middle Atlantic Products

The RM-KB-LCD15 combines state-of-the-art integration technology with a dual-slide rack system, allowing users to effortlessly monitor the system while minimizing the space used. The 1RU RM-KB-LCD15 consists of a 101-, 102-key PS/2 keyboard with integrated touchpad and a 15in. LCD active matrix monitor that can remain in the open position for system monitoring even while the keyboard is closed. This dual-slide feature saves space without compromising control or functionality. The RM-KB-LCD15 also features integrated rear-articulating cable carriers to provide cable strain relief.


Planar Systems

Planar has launched an expanded, comprehensive suite of touchscreen monitors designed for OEMs, integrators, and value-added resellers targeting retail, hospitality, and gaming applications. Through an alliance with 3M, the PT touchscreen and LA open-frame monitor lines provide improved touch accuracy, optical performance, and improved surface wear against scratching. With either resistive or capacitive touchscreens, the PT and LA monitors support touch applications in attended and unattended environments. In addition, the displays' human interface device-compliant drivers provide easy integration with programs running on any Windows 98 or newer operating system, shortening the time to market for integrators and OEMs developing or installing touchscreen solutions.




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