What's New: AV Technology

Control Tool Audace The FL-INT control tool is based on Macromedia Flash and XML technologies. The tool provides simple drop-down menus system integrators
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What's New: AV Technology

Apr 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Control Tool


The FL-INT control tool is based on Macromedia Flash and XML technologies. The tool provides simple drop-down menus system integrators can use to create sophisticated Flash front-end control surfaces by identifying connected third-party equipment and selecting functions to be controlled. The resulting control surfaces can control multiple devices from each button. The tool supports function-specific external plug-ins and can immediately control systems via a networked SuperHub.

In-cabinet Speakers

PSB Speakers

The 17"×11.5××9.5" CHS40 in-cabinet speakers will fit in virtually all equipment cabinets. The midrange and tweeter are mounted on an 8in. circular plate that turns 90 degrees for optimal systems response across the seating area whether the main cabinet is placed horizontally or vertically. The tweeter is mounted on a pivot and aimed at the listening area for the flattest high-frequency response. It also includes a two-position boundary compensation switch for the best low-frequency response in an equipment cabinet or behind a perforated screen.


Silicon Optix

The Cinema AnyPlace scaler/switcher supports Panamorph's anamorphic lenses and comes bundled with a universal Panamorph lens. The device extracts and scales letterbox 2.35:1 content into a fullscreen 16:9 presentation, and then the Panamorph lens optically stretches the image to the 2.35:1 format. The process increases resolution by 33 percent and net brightness by 20 percent, compresses pixel structures for a more film-like effect, and eliminates annoying halos of unused light above and below 2.35:1 content.

Enterprise Switch

SMC Networks

The TigerStack IV 24-port managed switch provides additional bandwidth in workgroup environments with growth potential and/or high-bandwidth requirements. The switch can operate in a stack of up to eight units with two Gigabit uplinks each. Where bandwidth is a greater concern, the stacking ports can be converted to additional Gigabit uplink ports. The EliteView management utility is included to facilitate installation.

Storage Media

Advanced Media

The 80X CompactFlash card, an addition to the Pro II series of RIDATA electronic storage products, uses an advanced interface system to provide read speeds of up to 12MBps and write speeds up to 10MBps. The solid-state, unformatted Type I card is available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB, with a low-power design to prolong battery life. The card may be safely used with both 5V and 3.3V devices, as well as with other mass storage-compliant card readers, including USB 2.0, USB 1.1, and FireWire units.

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Control Software

Altinex and Simtrol

The MultiTasker Friendly control software combines Altinex's MultiTasker modular AV design system and Simtrol's AV control software to give integrators a single platform for the development of signal management and device control systems. Also available is Simtrol's first library for Altinex's AVSnap, a free, professional AV system integration tool for consultants, sales engineers, designers, installers, and other AV professionals. The new control library brings rich graphical elements to users of the integration tool.
www.altinex.com and www.simtrol.com

Media Converter Module

Network Electronics

The ETH1000-MC Gigabit Ethernet media converter has been added to the flashlink optical transport platform. The converter module provides media conversion of twisted-pair 1000Mbps Ethernet to optical fiber. The unit allows transport of 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1000Mbps Ethernet in long-haul applications and comes with 1310nm, 1550nm, or CWDM transmitters for use in both dual- and single-fiber applications. The converter can be controlled via TCP/IP.

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Hard-disc Recorder


The BonsaiDrive portable hard disc recorder allows users to capture 4:2:2 PAL or NTSC video signals and 10 audio channels simultaneously. A standard IDE drive can be inserted to allow the device to serve as a portable media storage device. Input formats include composite, S-Video, and component, while audio I/O is configured as an analog stereo pair and a 24-bit, 48kHz ADAT eight-channel digital stream.

Software Development Kit


The HD Development Kit (HDDK) allows integrators to create custom interfaces for desktop and group IP video deployments such as banking kiosks, telemedicine, and airport videoconferencing stations. For desktop applications, version 6.5 enhancements include support for G.722.1 and G.729 audio standards and the H.239 video standard. For group applications, enhancements include H.264 video support up to 4Mbps, 20kHz audio (AAC-LC), interlaced CIF, and H.263++ video resolution (up to 60fps).

Acoustic Analyzer Add-on


The easy-to-use RT-60 software add-on for the IE-33 handheld acoustic analyzer provides for external impulse excitation or the sudden removal of an internal IE-33 broadband source. The add-on calculates ISO (20), ISO (30), and early decay times and easily synchronizes data to a PC. The full-color software offers user-selectable start/stop slope cursors.

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RAID Storage Drive

DR Group

The DRaid serial ATA RAID storage drive offers fast access for rich media storage and nonlinear editing. It is available in four- and eight-drive configurations that can store up to 3.2TB of data for SD and HD applications. A reinforced aluminum chassis with rubber, shock-mounted drive mounts houses the custom-built drives. An LCD display shows individual drive activity time and temperature readout.

Firewire Cable


The Firewire Extender 800 system transmits computer-generated video and data from a local computer to a remote device over multimode fiber-optic cables at rates of up to 800MBps. Using the system, equipment can operate as if connected locally when anywhere within 300ft. of the source.

Control Software


Version 1.5 of NetControl Starter supports the Eiki NPC-1 TCP/IP network interface and gives users LAN/WAN control of more than 70 Eiki projector models. The software offers basic control features including power on/off, change inputs, lens focus and zoom, and volume control.

MPEG Player

Digit Professional

The easy-to-use, solid-state PRO DVX F100 MPEG player can display DVD-quality video (MPEG-2) or video CD-quality (MPEG-1) video and audio without any authoring software: Users simply drag and drop content onto a CompactFlash card. The player can be connected to any existing video source, including CRT televisions, LCD monitors, and plasma TVs.

Sound-level Meter Add-on


An add-on module turns the CESVA SC-310 sound-level meter into a human vibration analyzer. It can measure NC and one-third octave-band spectra over the audible range. The meter offers three new screens: one-third octave-band realtime spectrum from 1Hz to 80Hz in linear or logarithmic units, a graphical version of the spectrum, and the acceleration evaluations.

Electro-optical Switch


The 4RU EOS-4000 electro-optical switch provides high-speed switching between ports with minimal effect on overall network latency. The device can switch digital fiber-optic signals up to 4.25Gbps on any of its 144 ports, from one point to multiple points. The system provides point-to-point, multiple loops, and multicast topologies simultaneously. All optical ports are hot-pluggable SFP transceivers. GUI software allows users to build configurations by dragging and dropping ports.

CD/DVD Creation Software


The Droppix Recorder 1.2 lets users easily capture, organize, and edit digital media files and burn them to CD or DVD. The software offers an easy-to-use interface and advanced functions including the ability to extract audio tracks from music CDs, multi-session disc recording and periodic backup with advanced file synchronization, and the ability to automatically download and upgrade drive firmware. Native support of CD-Text, CDDB, and ID3 tags, as well as support for most common video formats, is included.

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Display Enclosure

Digital Factory

The new Fast-Assembly Kiosk System (FAKS) fingerprint-resistant stainless steel powder-coated kiosk enclosures come in an array of color and finish options to match any décor and accommodate current and future LCD and plasma displays — regardless of manufacturer or size. The kiosks' lightweight, slide-together paneling includes optional speaker grill openings, laser-cut or silkscreen logos, and power and signal inlets. FAKS can be ordered in single or dual back-to-back display configurations. They offer bolt-down floor mounting or flat-plate standalone installation.

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The Mighty Light rack series includes 13.25in. ML racks, 18.75in. MLD amp racks, and 10-space MLT top-loading racks, all available in sizes up to 12 spaces. Dealers can order an assembled MLT top-loading rack or MLT kits that can be easily attached to an assortment of MLD amp rack sizes. The lightweight racks feature stackable corners, a rear ported lid for easy cable access, a cap-style front lid to accommodate amplifiers with large front handles, and either a steel-reinforced strap handle or a spring-loaded rubber grip handle.

Data Tester Option

DNF Controls

A new data logging option for the Analyst RS-422/RS-232 tester provides nonvolatile storage of bidirectional data communication with time stamping. The tester allows users to quickly and easily isolate, identify, and resolve RS-422 and RS-232 interface problems in testing cable, whether it runs betweens floors or between buildings. With this new data logging option, users can upload the log files into a PC for review and analysis.




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