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Wall Cabinet Lowell The new L83-5S tilt-out wall cabinet measures 24"32" and mounts to the wall with a 6in.-deep projection for vertical surface installation. The unit features gas-lift cylinders for smooth
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What's New: AV Technology

May 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Wall Cabinet


The new L83-5S tilt-out wall cabinet measures 24"×32" and mounts to the wall with a 6in.-deep projection for vertical surface installation. The unit features gas-lift cylinders for smooth, open access to equipment in a horizontal/service position, 3RU EIA mounting rails, a built-in/removable writing surface, and a separate top compartment with an additional 5.25"×4.3" mounting area hidden behind a pocket door. The top compartment facilitates field installation of controls such as mic connectors, phono jacks, switches, or volume controls into a 3RU panel. A single lock secures the contents of both compartments.
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Data Logging Multimeter/Software


The data-logging package includes the Fluke 189 logging digital multimeter and the new FlukeView Forms 3.0 software. The meter delivers 0.025 percent basic DCV accuracy and is able to perform diode tests. It offers more than 20 different measurement functions, including measuring and logging AC and DC voltage and current, resistance and continuity, temperature, and dB. An included battery pack provides more than 400 hours of data logging. The FlukeView Forms software displays and overlays data from up to six DMMs on a single chart to show cause-and-effect relationships or for predictive maintenance.

Cable Reel


The AVC 20-14-16 is a strong, portable reel for storing higher capacities of cable for applications with long cable runs or large-diameter cable. The reel features direct crank rewind for easy pick-up, an adjustable friction brake, and an optional spring drag device to brake the reel. The durable reel is small and lightweight for easy transport. The AVC 20-14-16 is coated with a non-reflective black matte finish.

Power Conditioners

Furman Sound

The P-8 Pro and PL-8 Pro Series II units offer superior AC line noise filtering and advanced protection in a cost-effective 1RU package. The 20A P-8 Pro includes Furman's Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) filtration and protection circuitry. The PL-8 Pro Series II adds Furman's pullout light tubes with long-lasting LED lamps for front-rack illumination.
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Bomar Interconnect Products

The space-saving new X-2 dual-BNC metal body connector is panel-grounded for use on high-density PCBs. It provides 100 percent shielding when used with its optional metal back cover. The device features a low VSWR to 500MHz, with an impedance of either 50Ω or 75Ω. The connector can be used in vertical or right-angle stacked configurations or ganged together for design flexibility and enhanced efficiency. The X-2 is made of nickel-plated zinc with gold-plated contacts.
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Liberty Wire & Cable

EZLinx bulk cable is now available with a Plenum CL2P/CMP rating in standard lengths. The recommended maximum length for bulk cable is 100ft. without an amplifier. Plenum EZLinx termination options with a CL2P/CMP rating are in development to allow for full plenum installations, from device to device.
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Cable Test Device


The compact, portable Cable Checker allows technicians and crews to verify the optic and power signals of hybrid fiber-optic camera cables onsite. Users can simply connect the main unit to one end of a cable and the loopback unit to the other end, press the measure button, and read the results on a large backlit display.
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Document Camera/Slide-show Producer


The P30 document camera permits full manipulation and control of images saved to its SD memory card for the creation of video/film slide shows. The device can store more than 2,048 XGA images, which can be downloaded to a PC via USB port as JPEGs. Slide shows can be produced from documents or 3D objects, or 35mm slides/film strips can be merged into productions with effects such as fades or wipes. The P30 features a high-resolution 850,000-pixel progressive-scan CCD, 20fps scan rate, 15X power zoom with 4X digital extender/auto-manual focus, and a standard 35mm slide/film strip viewer/adapter.
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