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Tributaries' Silver series HDMI cables feature high-conductivity OFHC copper signal conductors, which are silver-plated to provide a low-loss path for the digital signal and protection against copper oxidation
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What's New:
AV Technology

Oct 1, 2005 12:00 PM


Tributaries' Silver series HDMI cables feature high-conductivity OFHC copper signal conductors, which are silver-plated to provide a low-loss path for the digital signal and protection against copper oxidation. The cables are engineered with three layers of shielding: two layers of aluminum/Mylar and one layer of braided OFHC copper.
▪ Tributaries | www.tributariescable.com


D-Tools' System Integrator 4.5 unites Visio and AutoCAD in a single application. Users can now create and open native AutoCAD files in the software's plan, elevation, and functional views and take advantage of AutoCAD features including dynamic blocks, an enhanced Sheet Set Manager, precise drawing tools, and efficient drafting. The software also provides access to Visio's intuitive user interface, rich graphic capabilities, scalable vector drawings, and drag-and-drop functionality.
▪ D-Tools | www.d-tools.com


Kramer's TP-120 transmitter and PT-110 receiver use Cat-5 cable to distribute computer graphics video signals with resolutions ranging from VGA through XGA. Only one unit needs to be powered; the other unit will draw its power through the Cat-5 cable. Level (gain) and EQ controls are located on the receiver rather than the transmitter. With these controls on the receiver, which is tucked away near the display, there is significantly less chance of someone erroneously changing the adjustments.
▪ Kramer Electronics www.kramerelectronics.com


Extron's MMX 32 VGA MTP VGA and stereo matrix switcher features three inputs, two outputs, and a built-in, twisted-pair transmitter for RGBHV and summed mono (L+R) audio. The switcher is capable of driving UXGA (1600×1200) computer-video and audio signals 300ft. or more over a single, low-cost UTP cable to enable easy switching of PCs, document cameras, and other sources to local and remote displays. The system is compatible with high-resolution RGBHV computer video and component HDTV signals and can also switch standard-definition component, S-Video, and composite video signals.
▪ Extron Electronics | www.extron.com

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The Brahler EPD35 conference headphone features a single earphone and automatic audio switch-off that the user can activate simply by removing the earphone and placing it on the desk. This ensures no audio can be heard from the earphone when it is not in use. Picking up the earphone again immediately reactivates the audio. The new headphone also replaces traditional mercury switches with a 100 percent mercury-free automatic switch to allow for environmentally safe disposal.
▪ Brahler ICS | www.brahler.com


Furman's AR-15 series II voltage regulator delivers a constant 120V (±5V) of AC power at 15 amps to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by line voltage irregularities. It accepts any input voltage from 97V to 141V and features over-voltage circuitry that protects against accidental connections to 208VAC or 240VAC by shutting off the incoming power until the over-voltage condition is corrected. The regulator also filters and purifies AC power to reduce line noise.
▪ Furman Sound

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Lava Cable's Power I (pictured) AC power distribution system comes in lengths of 25ft. and 50ft. and interconnects with Lava Power II in lengths of 5ft., 10ft., and 15ft. via Hubbell Twist Lock connectors. Users can hook up as many Lava Power IIs as they need to power their setup. The Lava Power I uses SAD surge suppression technology to protect equipment from lightning, ground faults, and transient voltage spikes. It features 200,000 amps of interrupt protection; a near-infinite joules rating; an isolated ground; a Green Pilot Light power indicator; and a Teflon-jacketed, 20 amp, silver-tinned copper hook-up wire.
▪ Lava Cable | www.lavacable.com


Autopatch's new APControl 3 control software is designed for use with all AutoPatch matrix switchers. It features customizable views for executing and disconnecting switches, defining and executing macros, and scheduling tasks. Systems are available in standard and custom configurations from 2×2 through 512×512. The software's intuitive “matrix view” interface provides simple breakaway or audio-follow-video switching. An event scheduler makes it simple to execute scheduled switches for one-time or repeating events. A floating, programmable, macro-button toolbar provides quick one-click recall of specific crosspoint configurations and commands.
▪ AutoPatch | www.autopatch.com


Digital content creators without CD/DVD burners can connect their computer by FireWire or USB to a ProCon CD/DVD duplication system. The computer will automatically recognize the system as a mass storage device. The DVD duplication systems feature 16X drives to support DVD formats including DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD-R Dual Layer. CD duplication systems feature 52X drives. Both systems also feature an easy-to-use interface, attractive enclosures, superior ventilation for high-duty-cycle performance, and a 110/220V selectable power supply.
▪ ProCon | www.proconusa.com


3M Touch Systems' 40in. MicroTouch is available as part of an integrated NEC MultiSyncLCD 4010 40in. TFT touchscreen monitor solution offered by Richardson Electronics' Pixelink Division. The touchscreen, which incorporates the company's Dispersive Signal Technology (DST), is the first in a planned product range of large-format (more than 30in.) touchscreens for conference rooms, education, financial exchange, retail signage and billboard, transportation, and other indoor venues. Unlike solutions that recognize touch by the interruption of electrical fields, acoustic waves, optical fields, or infrared light, DST recognizes touch by interpreting bending waves created in the overlay substrate by the impact of a touch.
▪ 3M Touch Systems


Sencore's ACP6500 Auto CalPro display calibration system provides automated PC calibration ease on video displays equipped with external serial interface control capabilities, including ISF C3 systems. The system incorporates a Sencore color analyzer, a VideoPro generator, and a profiled video display, providing fully automatic, one-button white balance calibration on profiled displays and easy guided adjustments on all other displays. The software automatically creates pre-calibration and post-calibration white balance tracking reports for both profiled and non-profiled displays, and captures each display's gamma curve. Easy-to-follow software instructions guide users through semi-automatic user control adjustments.
▪ Sencore | www.sencore.com




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