What's New: AV Technology

The Nexus C-6 multi-zone AV controller supports six independently operated zones
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What's New: AV Technology

Nov 1, 2005 12:00 PM


The Nexus C-6 multi-zone AV controller supports six independently operated zones and is expandable to 18 zones using the X-1 and X-2 expansion controllers. It features five AV source components and a built-in AM/FM tuner module. K-8 and K-22 keypads provide simple, intuitive control of zone power, source selection, source control, volume, treble, and bass. An easy-to-read, backlit LCD displays tuner frequencies, system status, the source selected, and volume.
▪ Nexus Audio Systems


VertigoXmedia's Xpresenter software transforms PowerPoint presentations into broadcast-quality video productions. Version 1.5 features an improved user interface to optimize the authoring workflow. A new wizard allows users to link to RSS data feeds and use them to automatically update PowerPoint slide elements. The tool also offers increased flexibility for using data from databases, Excel spreadsheets, and text files, with data preview capabilities and simple point-and-click linking to sources. The new software also features enhanced streaming support and improved rendering performance for playback of multiple realtime clips in virtually any format, including MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, and Windows Media.
▪ VertigoXmedia | www.vertigo.net


CWAV's USBee AX Test Pod uses a USB connection to a personal computer to provide oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and digital signal generator functions. The system generates a visual representation of analog voltage levels and digital logic and offers a substantial buffer capacity for more elaborate testing. The analyzer comes in Standard, Plus, and Pro packages. The AX-Standard comes with oscilloscope and logic analyzer modules, while the AX-Plus adds a signal generator and USB, 12C, SPI, and Async decoder modules. The AX-Pro adds a data logger, frequency counter, remote controller, PWM controller, frequency generator, pulse counter, and ToolBuilder source code library to the Plus package.
▪ CWAV | www.usbee.com


Crestron Isys i/O TPMC-CH touchpanels provide onboard PC functionality, including 802.11g wireless capabilities. This allows the user to access the Web; view streaming media; manage email; and view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat files securely in a locked-down environment. It also offers easy control of AV distribution, lighting, climate control, and security. The touchpanels are available with a 15in. screen or a 17in. widescreen display. They support HDTV sources, a bi-amplified speaker system, and a built-in microphone over standard Cat-5 cables.
▪ Crestron | www.crestron.com


Lowell's L87 series of surface-mount and recessed cabinet configurations provides vertical, controls-up equipment loading to minimize projection from the wall surface. The cabinets feature adjustable, seven-position mounting rails and hold-down brackets for installing non-rackmount gear such as consumer DVD players and VCRs. In addition, they provide internal and external frame-mounted cutouts to facilitate Decora-style on/off indicators, switches, microphone connectors, phono jacks, and volume controls. Other features include ventilation slots, knockouts for conduit, and twin safety latches for extra support when the unit is opened to its full, 90-degree service position.
▪ Lowell | www.lowellmfg.com


Riedel's Artist intercom system allows all frame sizes to use the same type of controller and client cards, significantly reducing expansion costs and the need for spare pooling. Other enhanced features include a speed boost via a doubled CPU clock; increased memory for complex, multi-node installations; a superior alarm signalization; optimized cooling for quiet operation; compatibility with other Artist frames; and a flexible fiber option enabling the user to easily change from single- to multi-mode or high-power.
▪ Riedel Communications www.riedel.net


The Altinex MultiTasker MT107 Cat-5 matrix switcher cards are designed for matrix switchers from 8×8 to 64×64. The MultiTasker's modular card cage design allows it to control all matrix switcher components, as well as other AV components, through one RS-232 connection. The series consists of a matrix engine card, several video input and output cards, and audio with terminal block connectors with the matrix engine. The video input cards handle resolutions from 640×480 to 1600×1200 and feature ground loop isolation (GLI) to prevent line noise in large installations.
▪ Altinex | www.altinex.com


Middle Atlantic now offers the new PDT series low-profile power strips, which are field-configurable for single or dual circuits with isolated or non-isolated grounding. The power strips measure less than 1in. deep, saving considerable space within cable-intensive enclosures and allowing integrators to install power strips in previously impossible locations. The factory pre-assembled power strips feature a J-Box for easy hardwiring and alternating outlet colors to differentiate circuits. The series also includes 15-amp and 20-amp corded models.
▪ Middle Atlantic


Vaddio's TrackView camera control system is designed to control Sony PTZ cameras and provide hands-free automated camera tracking and preset control for instructor/presenter camera tracking applications. The control system features the Vaddio EZCamera cabling system for easy camera integration using Cat-5 cable for all power, video, and control. Preset trigger devices can be incorporated into the system to activate preset camera locations in designated areas.
▪ Vaddio | www.vaddio.com




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