What's New: AV Technology

Extron Electronics' Data Logger asset management application allows administrators to automatically gather up-to-date lamp hour
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What's New: AV Technology

Jan 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon


Extron Electronics' Data Logger asset management application allows administrators to automatically gather up-to-date lamp hour and usage statistics for AV equipment located facilitywide. The application works in conjunction with Extron's MLC 104 IP and MLC 226 IP MediaLink controllers, which feature IP Link technology to collect critical system information such as frequency of usage for each front-panel button and current lamp hours of connected projectors. Data can be collected periodically and archived as a file, allowing resource usage to be monitored over time. The program is available for free download from Extron's website.
▪ Extron Electronics


SurgeX's SX series 1RU surge protectors and power conditioners now feature new Advanced Series Mode surge suppression and proprietary power-conditioning technologies such as Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI filtering, SurgeX ICE inrush current elimination, and COUVS catastrophic over/under-voltage shutdown. Unlike other approaches, the technology does not use sacrificial metal-oxide varistors (MOVs). It provides reliable protection and stops multiple surges of up to 6,000V and unlimited surge current without producing ground contamination or common mode disturbances. All models have eight grounded AC receptacles on the rear panel: six switched and two always on.
▪ SurgeX | www.surgex.com

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Furman Sound's IT-20 II balanced isolation transformer includes proprietary Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), which reduces transverse noise and can supply 20 amps of balanced AC power with more than 80dB of common-mode noise reduction from a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. This is important because low-level signals define harmonics, instrument timbre, high-frequency extension, spatial cues, fast transient attacks, and other signals that provide resolution and depth to high-resolution audio and video. When AC noise is introduced into audio processors, preamps, microphones, powered monitors, computers, and mixing consoles, these low-level signals are distorted or masked and, as a result, irretrievably lost.
▪ Furman Sound


Falcon Electric's ED series rackmount frequency converters provide reliable AC power ranging from 3kVA to 5kVA. The products accept 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz inputs, yielding a fixed 50Hz or 60Hz output. The compact 4RU units provide precise voltage regulation and line conditioning, as well as an internal battery backup system providing true regenerative online UPS functionality. The converters allow connected equipment to continue operation during extended brownouts to 88VAC and are designed to start up loads that exhibit high inrush when started from the utility.
▪ Falcon Electric | www.falconups.com


Peerless Industries' LCS-KLA LCD flat-panel articulating wall arm includes a VESA 75/100 mounting plate for compatibility with a wide range of 10in. to 22in. LCD screens. The 2lb. mount features a sturdy two-link arm that can extend from the wall up to 15.25in. and fold flat to a slim 2in. depth. To ensure optimal screen positioning and an extensive range of viewing angles, the new mount features an adjustable three-hinge pivot system with tension control, a one-touch tilting mechanism that ranges ±35 degrees, and up to 180 degrees of swivel. It comes pre-assembled, with all the necessary hardware for quick setup.
▪ Peerless Industries

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Neutrik's OpticalCon improves the standard optical LC-Duplex connection design to ensure a safe and rugged connection. The connector enables up to four copper wires for power or data connections. For simplified installation, users can connect a conventional LC-Duplex connector on the rear, which causes the chassis connector to act as a “feed-through.” The cable connector comes pre-assembled with a choice of three mobile field cables, which can be ordered at almost any length. It also features a rugged connection, all-metal housing, and heavy-duty cable retention.
▪ Neutrik | www.neutrikusa.com


The pdaPanel touchpanel development environment from A/V By Design enables control system developers to program layouts and system commands on a PC platform and then transfer the information to a customer's PDA. Each panel provides up to 900 buttons on up to 25 pages. The software does not inhibit or disable any current feature or application on the PDA, and does not require line of sight with the receiver. The user simply brings the panel within range of the control system or device's wireless access point, starts the program, and begins controlling the system.
▪ A/V By Design | www.avbydesign.us


The Aurora A/V version 5 driver for Aurora Fuse-X and Pipe-family capture cards supports popular compression formats including DV25, DV50, MotionJPEG-A, PhotoJPEG, Sorenson3, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264, as well as various uncompressed codecs. It enables users to switch quickly between NTSC and PAL standards and between different field and bandwidth modes without restarting. Interceptor mode can also be enabled or disabled without a reboot.
▪ Aurora Video Systems


Alera Technologies' Aleratec 1:4 DVD/CD Tower Publisher LS supports the creation of up to four simultaneous DVD/CD copies or recordings, or the production of up to four silkscreen-quality LightScribe-labeled discs. The duplicator features LightScribe technology that simultaneously makes recordings and burns custom labels directly on DVD/CD discs, making it the first LightScribe desktop production disc publishing system. Users can create custom labels with text and graphics using the unique Aleratec Disc Publishing Software Suite, powered by Droppix.
▪ Alera Technologies


Disc Makers' new Elite2, ElitePro2, Elite4, and ElitePro4 systems feature the new FlexWare software suite — which integrates disc creation, on-disc design, disc duplication, and printing into one easy-to-use application — and the latest 16X DVD±R/48X CD-R drives from Plextor for fast, reliable throughput. The two-drive Elite2 ($2,490) and the four-drive Elite4 ($4,290) both can now be upgraded to an ElitePro version (featuring a built-in PC with preloaded software, keyboard, and mouse) for $500 more. All systems are available with Disc Makers' Autograph7 4800 dpi color inkjet printer.
▪ Disc Makers | www.discmakers.com


Active Thermal Management's Cool-stick fan array is designed to mount behind wall-recessed 42in. and 50in. plasma or LCD panels. The array measures 36"×75"×2.5" and is equipped with flexible mounting brackets. It can be mounted behind, below, or above the enclosed display for greater installation flexibility. Air enters below the display, flows up behind the display, and exits at the top, carrying heat away from the display. The array moves more than 80CFM in free air and more than 20CFM in typical installations, and features 100 percent redundancy.
▪ Active Thermal Management


Calypso Control's CW-1000 wall-mount control panel fits easily into a standard single-gang box. It applies a familiar user interface to AV control in small-room control applications. It can be used as a standalone controller with one or two IR outputs or integrated with Calypso Pro I/O or ION controllers to add relay and serial control. The unit is dealer-configurable in two distinct modes: Directional mode, for gradient control of volume and lighting; and Button mode, which provides six discrete, programmable buttons. The control panel also features built-in IR learning, one-touch cloning, audible button clicks (selectable), and rotating commands.
▪ Calypso Control Systems




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