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What’s New: A/V Technology/Products

Software Crestron When using Media Manager, SystemBuilder software does what its name indicates: it builds a Media Manager

What’s New: A/V Technology/Products

Dec 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Crestron Electronics

When using Media Manager, SystemBuilder software does what its name indicates: it builds a Media Manager system. Through the use of an intuitive room design wizard, SystemBuilder prompts the programmer through a step-by-step process by asking questions about the system, the room, sources, signal routing, and displays. As the questions are being answered, SystemBuilder designs a system that includes configuring inputs and outputs for your Media Manager system, selects input and output routing paths, and determines room devices (for example, screens, blinds, and speaker placement). It also compiles a complete equipment list, not only for the necessary components but also for the other items required in the meeting room — such as your VCR, PCs, or DVD player — as well as compiles the program code, which is loaded into the Media Manager with a command within SystemBuilder.

Distribution Amplifier

Marshall Electronics

The BD-0314 SDI distribution amplifier can be configured for use in desktop, studio, or standalone applications. The unit features a single SDI input to four relocked outputs for data rates up to 540 Mbps. Packaged in a durable metal case, this module can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack, stacked, or individually used on the desktop with the optional V-CB1 holder. All connections are located in the back of the module for ease of installation.

Cable Kit

SoundTube Entertainment

With the use of the Combi-Cable Kit, wires and cables are organized to illustrate a clean, tight, and professional installation. The kit includes hanging cable, safety cable, combi cover, and speed clamps. Each fully adjustable kit is available in black or white and 8- or 20-feet lengths.

Tape Measure

Klein Tools

Double-sided power-return tape measures are designed with easy-to-read numbers on both sides of the blade to enable easy measurements on elevated and flat surfaces. The tape measures are available in four sizes: 16 feet, 25 feet, 30 feet, and a metric size of 7½ mm. The tape measures feature an impact-absorbing rubber jacket that protects the case. The nonslip jacket is also designed for a sure, comfortable grip. The tape measure’s hardened-steel 1-inch-wide blade is nylon coated for abrasion resistance and long life. The blade has oversize, bold black numbers on the first 11 inches for easy reading.


Nigel B. Design

The Traveler wireless lectern is an easy-to-carry, self-contained, battery-powered unit that weighs about 30 pounds. When folded the unit measures 21-by-12-by-16 inches, and the exterior is made of high-impact molded ABS. Each unit has all the functionality of a full-size, fully equipped lectern. The specification includes multiple microphone inputs and a 160W amplifier driving three speakers.


Panamax Corp.

The Pro Series is a family of signature installation solutions designed to address power and signal challenges faced by custom installers. The Pro Series provides a discrete wiring solution for properly protecting and grounding any system and its remotely placed and powered components like flat-panel displays or ceilingmounted video projectors. The Pro Series will come to market as a solution for complete protection of high-performance electronic systems, whether standalone or interconnected. The In-Wall Module Series is the first family of products being introduced as part of the Pro Series line.

Fiber Transmission System

Opticomm Corp.

The RGB-4000 for high-resolution digital video — created for plasma screens, projectors, theaters, and stadiums — combines VGA H/V video, audio, keyboard/mouse, and data over one fiber, providing high-resolution video up to 1,600 by 1,200 and eliminating the need for multiple fiber handling. The RGB-4000 single-fiber system is more efficient than video solutions that require as many as six fibers to carry color, sync, audio, keyboard, mouse, and data information. The RGB-4000 carries all of that over a single fiber and is compatible with all common RGB techniques. The RGB-4000 transmits video, audio, and data across single-mode or multimode fiber at wavelengths of 850/1,300 and 1,300/1,550 respectively.

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